The Halloween Weekly Showcase! Brand New!

Me.He & Them

A Slice Of Heaven

For me it’s a shower.

It’s 8:15 am. We’ve all had breakfast and The Girls are all dressed up and ready to go. So I ask them if they will wait for me while I take…A SHOWER.

The. Best. Place. On. Earth. This little slice of Heaven is actually less than 1 square meter big. Only one thing to do: just take care of my good self. No kids around (they are safe in their bedrooms). No telephone. No worries. Just me. I am enjoying the slow massage of the (very) hot water on my body. I feel I could stay there forever. So much happiness.


Blondie is screaming after me. ARGH! Back to reality. We’re running late anyway.

Me & The Girls

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from fun to mum

My Debut as a Blogger

A-Z of me

Letter D for DEBUT …Tell us about your first ever blog post. What made you start blogging?

Well, I remember my first post very well as I only wrote it a couple of weeks ago. It all started when I was psyching myself up about going back to work after my maternity leave. I started to reach out to the internet to see what others mums did and how. When I finally found a good nanny and some form of belief that I was going to be able to juggle it all…Bang! I was made redundant! I am not sure what I am going to do next and I had a lot of angst so I felt that it might be liberating to write it all down. Also, I am ultimately hoping to connect with other women and mums and to find inspiration from them and hopefully answers.

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My Life As A Strife Survivor

The Beginning – Part 1

This blog is about some of the tough times in my life… and how I survived. Warning: Some of these blog posts will contain real life content that may shock or confront some readers, or trigger PTSD.

By the time I was in Grade 1, in 1981, my life felt normal. I didn’t know any different. Dad got to visit me every second weekend (when he actually turned up) and we would go to my grandparents house…

Then, something happened….

One morning, I jumped into bed with my mother and my stepfather. I don’t remember if there were other kids in the bed.

As I was kicking about a bit, under the covers, I felt something soft with my feet. It felt weird. I didn’t know what it was so I tried to touch it with my foot again. I began gently prodding this soft thing with my foot. Suddenly my stepfather grabbed my hand.

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Hello or merhaba?

All mums would agree that no day with a baby is dull. They do, learn and experience something new everyday, which brings you a very different joy that you were not familiar with before. With Sean everyday is a joy. He is growing up at an alarming rate (and I am getting old at the same rate ) and we are looking forward to each milestone he is reaching. He has recently started crawling! yay?? And he has also started making different sounds other than the usual dadadada which I interpret as him trying to talk and say actual words. Don’t get me wrong, he does get his point across just by saying dadadada. You can easily tell which one is an angry dadada and which one is a happy dadada. But still…

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The benefits of wooden toys


Hello all!

This week I thought I’d take a closer look at some of our toys and you’ll notice that many are wooden toys. This isn’t just because the they look good (though they do!) but because there are many benefits to playing with wooden toys.

Firstly, wooden toys are beautifully crafted and durable – the very best can be handed down from generation to generation. And as they are much harder to break than plastic toys, their playing shelf life happily extends through several children (and their friends!)

There is also something wonderfully warm about wood, being an organic, tactile, natural material…

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4 comments on “The Halloween Weekly Showcase! Brand New!

  1. I am so happy to see even more new bloggers! I thought I knew them all. Must make a point of coming back every week to find new people to follow – some really great reads here this week

  2. Thank you for this. I don’t know how you do it all, but thanks for introducing us newbies.

  3. […] we are really excited to share that Me.He.&Them has been showcased on the fantastic blog site, Love New Blogs, for our inaugural post: A Slice of Heaven. We’ve received some lovely comments and […]

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