The Weekly Showcase 03-10-11 1-3 months

Older Mum

Kiss and Make UpKiss and Make Up

Dear Sorry,
I have to be honest I’m not mightily impressed at how you came to graffiti my lower abdomen. You aren’t even an artistic masterpiece. You’re just this scrawny red line. You’ve ruined my tummy. Go away. Oh this isn’t going very well. Deep breath. You are a constant reminder of the birth that wasn’t to be. A birth that was invasive, painful and ended in the compromising of my stomach to rescue a baby in distress. A reminder of how vulnerable and frightened I felt on being rushed into the operating theatre.
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Yes We Do Have a TV!!!!!!

No Judgement Needed

Following on from this today, I found a book while cleaning out my cupboard under the stairs ‘The Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide’. I’d been given this as a present when pregnant with my second child and never really got around to reading it. I felt that as this was my second baby, I knew a lot about being a mum (albeit, NOT a yummy mum by any stretch of the imagination) already. So today, with Frankie having a nap, I sat down with a cup of coffee and flicked through.
I was enjoying skimming through the pages until, dan dan daaaaan. I came to the chapter on choosing your method of childbirth………..
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Mums Guide To Insanity

Can we keep teenage girls as little girls?

I love the idea of going along to a spa with my girls, I will also state now I am all for keeping children, children, but in today’s world we have to accept they seem to grow up quicker.
I don’t dress my children older than they are, but already at almost four my oldest daughter has her own mind, she knows what she likes and doesn’t like.
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Mum Of One

Listography: Celebrities you would like to have a beer with

Brucey!Really tough one from Kate this week. Who are the top 5 celebrities you would like to have a beer with. It has taken me 48 hours, strange dreams and everything, to come up with this little lot…

1. Top of my list would always be the lovely, the talented, the beautiful…………BRUCE!
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Pictorial Mum


At the moment one of my wee ones favourite things to do is to play Peek-a-Boo. What I find is astounding is how long she hides for – I would have thought that her limit would be 5 or 10 seconds, but she lasts so much longer than that! This is how it generally goes:

She hides.

Me: ‘Where’s my wee girl? Oh, I wonder where she is? Where can she have gone? I’ve lost my wee girl. This is funny, where can my wee girl have gone…’
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Sign and The City

Baby Signing with Stories: Encouraging a love of books

I am passionate about children’s books and I am particularly passionate about using Baby Signing with books and stories.

I am also passionate that my own children love books, and that they grow up understanding how wonderful it is to enjoy them.

Our house is brimming with books, too many really. So many, in fact, that we recently culled a few hundred from the loft! But that’s fine. If there is one thing I am happy for the house to be cluttered with, it’s books.

I believe the best way to engage children in books and reading is to firstly introduce them to books at a very young age, and secondly ensure that reading is the norm in your home. It doesn’t matter what you read and it doesn’t have to be a book; it can be a newspaper, a magazine, something on the internet, or a diary or journal. If your children see how reading is a key part of your day to day life then they will want a part of that. I firmly believe this.
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Let's Go Life

The choices we make

Radio phone-in shows are I guess by there very nature designed to provoke debate and provide a forum to voice opinions. I’m fully aware of this and yet I found myself on two consecutive days recently screaming at the radio as I drove along. Although the topic’s were quite different, on each occasion the reasons for my annoyance were essentially the same – the unwillingness of many callers to accept that everyone has to be held responsible for their own behaviour. The topics up for discussion were the UK’s obesity problem and the punishments dealt out to people who rioted in cities across England in August. In both cases caller after caller phoned in looking to blame other people and organisations. If people were fat it was the fault of McDonald’s who, if it were to be believed, dragged people kicking and screaming into their stores and forced them to eat happy meal after happy meal. If people were organising riots on their Blackberries and smashing shop windows to steal designer clothes it was because of the greedy banks and corrupt politicians!
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BlackButterfly Bookworm

If I wouldnt be judged harshly…

I’ve decided to go for a different sort of post today and ask for all of YOUR opinions on this snippet of a story. This is only an opening prologue and I want you to review it for me and let us know your honest opinions! I would also love it if you can share what you think this sort of story is by looking at the prologue and what sort of story line you believe it will follow in the rest of the piece. I look forward to hearing from you!
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...And PND Makes Three


I don’t deserve my child. I am a total, utter waste of space. My son’s not eating or sleeping because I’m doing something wrong. He cries because I don’t know how to comfort him. Everyone knows I’m a crap mum, they’re just too afraid to tell me. Anyone could do a better job than I’m doing. My son would be better off without me. I’m not fit to be a mother.
This delightful set of thoughts has popped in uninvited to see me more times than I care to remember over the past 18 months. If I’m feeling vulnerable, I let them sit down and make them a cup of tea, ask them to tell me more. If I’m feeling stronger, I’m able to make an excuse and scarper before they have a chance to put a foot in the door. You see, now that I’m getting a bit more sleep and the fog of hormones has cleared, I’ve recognised that I suffer from Motherexia – a syndrome which makes you view yourself and your mothering skills in an entirely unrealistic light. Like her evil cousin Anor, Mother Exia revels in distorting what we see when we look in the mirror. Mother Exia, though, enjoys not only messing with how we see ourselves physically, but also how we regard every aspect of our personalities. BUT.. Ahaaaaa, Mrs Exia, the game is up! I have discovered your weak spot, the chink in your armour – the simple, powerful reality that thoughts are not facts.
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The Aspie Side Of Life

The quest for PopTarts

My son is an extremely picky eater and gets fixated on different foods. Not sure how much of this is sensory and how much of it is related to rigid thinking or routines. Doesn’t matter, I just know I have to jump through hoops sometimes in order for him to eat something. Currently he is on a fixation with wildberry PopTarts. We couldn’t find them for a long time but recently I found them and now he wants to eat them morning noon and night. I literally bought every box on the shelf at the discount store last week.
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Dazed But Enthused

Red lippy to the rescue

There are endless options for helpful ways to start the day. But for me, I miss those days where I took a bit of time putting an outfit together, and spent five, quiet minutes applying some make up. In front of the mirror was where I connected with myself. It was my way of deliberately engaging and preparing for the day ahead of me.
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Mish Mash Mum

I am Mum

I had a peculiar moment the other day. I’d just picked my eldest up from school and we were walking through the school gates, on the way to the car. I was asking the usual, obligatory ‘good mum showing interest’ questions: “How was your day?”; “Did you eat all of your packed lunch?”; “Learn about anything exciting?”; “What is that stain on your jumper?”. My son was responding in his usual mono-syllabic, ‘please mum, I’ve just finished school and I’m all talked out’, way: “Fine”; “Yes”; “No”; “Huh?”. Similar conversations, I’m sure, are played out up and down the country every day at 3pm. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

As we were getting into the car (my son, as usual, not waiting for me to pull back the front seat and instead traipsing all over where I was about to sit with his shoes), I suddenly had this dawning realisation of how much my life had changed over the last five years….
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Purple Mum

It all ended in sick.

My second child Milo was born a determined chap. When he was a baby, he had the loudest scream you have ever heard. He literally sounded like he was communicating with marine mammals. If things did not go the way he wanted, he would scream so loudly that you would find yourself jumping to attention and fulfilling his needs. Anything to make the brain hurting reverberating noise stop!
These days,to be honest not a lot has changed.
As you know last week we were camping. On our return you can only imagine the mountain of washing I have piling up in every room of my home. I have spent the last couple of days in a post christmas style denial that things must return to normality. I have washed very little and cooked about the same.
So today,I realised I needed to face reality and create some order in our home. Beds needed changing. Floors needed hoovering. Most of all washing mountains needed tackling. Unfortunately with a preschooler and a baby at home this was never going to be a particularly easy task.
Just to make my life a little easier, the Annoying Pixies had visited our home and sprinkled their magic dust on Milo.
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