The Weekly Showcase 03-10-11 4-7 months

Older Single Mum


And they say Romance is dead.

Standing in my towel, I said to the Lodger cum Boyfriend / whatever you call someone you are seeing / bonking / love at our age ‘I need you. Come here, please.’ He dutifully came up the stairs and in my semi-nakedness, I led him to the bathroom, ignoring his glee. ‘Darling,’ I urged, pointing right down the loo where Aiden had just done a no. 2, ‘I need your opinion. Do you think he’s got worms?’ And there we stared and decided not.
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12 hours to bedtime

Laughter is the best medicine

Nothing sucks more than wasting a whole weekend being sick. And being sick, or rather trying not to get any sicker, was how I spent most of my weekend.
I woke up on Friday morning with a pounding head, a sore throat, a tender boob and the shivers. I diagnosed myself immediately. It’s a lot less hassle than wasting a morning in the doctor’s office. Seemed to me that I had caught Lance’s cold with a hint of mastitis looming over the horizon. To sum it up, I was overly tired and totally run down. Having a baby boy waking you up twice a night because of growth spurts/teething/snotty nose/developmental milestones (in other words we don’t have a clue what’s going on) will do that to you. Eventually.
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Moors Mummy

“Blogging Blues”

As a ‘newbie’ you write but you have no idea of how well you are doing as a blogger. You think you are doing well, but….no-one is following you. Or are they?
Yor stats say otherwise, people are obviously visiting and reading what you write, some people even come back again and again, but no-one seems to click the ‘follow’ on GFC. Your pageviews, day by day, show consistency, people visit, so why don’t they click follow?

Maybe my blog is just pants…. and no-one wants to follow it, but people comment, so what is it all about. Is it, as The Real Supermum says, just a popularity contest. So I am a ‘newbie’ and I am just not up there with them yet. (Will I ever be?)

That’s when it starts, what I am calling the “Blogging Blues”. Days when I feel what’s the point if no-one is following. Days when I fell like I can’t be asked, should I continue? But I love writing, I am loving blogging…Dilemma!
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Pie And Bear

Facing The ULTIMATE Fear

Well, I thought I may as well make it a trilogy!! If you have read Facing The Fear and Facing The Fear, Take Two, you will realise that public swimming pools, and swimming in general, aren’t my thing. So, you can imagine my horror when I was invited to a ‘swimming play date’, at a public swimming pool, with NURSERY PARENTS.
The first thing that swam (‘scuse the pun) through my mind was “ooh, they must like me!”, quickly followed by “swimming, with baby, with nursery mums. NURSERY MUMS.”

However, continuing to follow my new *grab every opportunity, life’s too short* mantra, I text back saying I’d be “delighted to” …
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Minibreak Mummy

Taking a break from online shopping

I’m trying to do without Ocado, eBay or Amazon or any form of online shopping for at least the next two months. It is just too easy for me to spend money online without thinking and lots of small purchases on eBay and Amazon all add up.

This means that if I want to buy something I will have to hand over money or my bank card in person in an actual shop or market. I will also have to carry whatever I buy back into the house myself instead of having things magically appear through the post. Hopefully I will spend significantly less money this way.

It’s so tempting to think, ‘I work really hard earning this money, I’m entitled to a few treats’ but I’ve decided I have to cut back on my spending. This is necessary because my credit card bill is consistently higher than it should be and over the last 3 years I’ve been chipping into our savings when actually I should be building them back up again.

So why am I telling you this? Two reasons:

1. I want to be upfront about the fact that I am trying to be less of a shopaholic, as this will hopefully help me maintain my willpower in the face of lots of temptation. I don’t want to have to write a blogpost admitting that I bought something else online before my two months is up!
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Mummy vs Work

That scream, any parents worse nightmare!

You know the one, the one that’s different from any other, the one that makes you realise instantly that something isn’t quiet right. It makes you feel sick to the stomach.

Well I had that scream on 17th July this year.

It was just your usual Sunday morning pottering around, the kids had just woken their dad up and we’re playing like normal. We wandered into the kids room to examine their broken blind when we heard it, I felt my stomach drop.

We both ran into the master bedroom where they were last seen playing and I found Kayleigh knelt over by my bed. Instantly I’ve picked her up and she had her hand over her mouth crying hysterically. Placing my hand over her’s, I realised just how bad this was when the blood started to drip through my fingers too.
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Love In The Nest

If I wouldn’t be judged harshly I would say…

I’m braving it and saying, if I wouldn’t be judged harshly I would say outloud that I am an imperfect housewife and SAHM…. It’s true, infact I’m really quite far from being a good housewife let alone perfect and I hate it…. ! I Always imagined I’d be like my Nan. She was always on the go, kept everything up together and looking great, she always looked beautiful and well presented, she always made sure the family had 3 meals a day, of course prepared and cooked by herself, she never had a back log of washing and the cupboards were never on the empty side.
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Romantic Faux Pas Confessions Of An Overworked Housewife and Mother

It was late one night and we’d headed up to bed. Being a married couple of nearly 4 years this didn’t involve ripping each others clothes off as we went up the staircase, oh no, Papasaurus had clambered into bed and I returned from my nightly teeth cleaning to join him. It’s fair to be said that I had ‘jiggy intentions’ at this point. I removed my PJs and tried to fling my fluffy bedsocks off seductively before sliding into bed to join him. As I wriggled up close I was met with ‘IT’ – no you smutty minded party people not that, ‘IT’ being intense onion breath !
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Five Go Blogging

Book Title Poetry

You know when you happen to come across something on the interwebulator but can’t for the life of you remember how on earth you got there? Well, that happened to me a week or 2 ago and I happened to fall upon (not literally I hasten to add) Janet Reid, Lierary Agent.

She was running a little contest where you had to create a poem from the titles of books and then take a photo of the books you’d used. It really caught my attention and I quite literally dropped what I was doing and started scouring the shelves of my library (er, couple of book shelves actually).
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Here Come The Girls

How to clutter your home

Are you tired of living in minimalist hell with clean kitchen work surfaces, cream coloured floors and soft buttermilk sofas? Do you find yourself yearning for the homely clutter or her next door? Well look no further, this handy five part guide will give you the lived in house you always dreamed of.
1. Make sure you have more children to adults. Preferably three of the children should be under the age of four, past this age and they begin to lose the desire to throw everything wantonly all over the floor. The ratio of people to bedrooms should also be high, the smaller the house the better.
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The Diary Of A Lagos Mum

All The Things I Said I’d Never Do

Before I had a baby (or was even pregnant) I think I may have been one of those women that was quite ‘judgy’… How could she take their baby to her bed at night? And how could she give her child a pacifier? I had decided that when I had a baby (and ohhh, how I wanted one), I would do things quite differently to others. Below is the list of things I said I would or wouldn’t do when I had a baby. Did I stick to it? And has it affected him in any way?
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We are wild things

Make Your Own Play Food: Felt Pasta

My son loves playing chef. He cooks me strange concoptions of wooden and material play food almost every day. I was treated to a biscuit with an eggy middle (apparently) and garlic on toast today. I’m sitting writing this post surrounded by plates of lettuce on toast. I always see things about making your own play food and I really want to make Kit some. He has quite a bit already but there are some things that are missing. One of the things that you don’t often see in the shops is pasta, and yet that is one of most childrens favourite foods. Here is how I made some …
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The first rule of Ferrari Club…..

Just bought a car.
It’s a Ferrari.
If I’m being honest, it’s not mine.
To be 100% accurate, it’s not a real Ferrari either.
It goes fast, though, reaching high speeds in the hall, although it can prove a touch lethargic on the playroom rug.
The car in question is radio-controlled and it belongs to The B, acquired using the cash he received for his birthday, funds that have been burning a hole in his pocket for almost a fortnight.
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Party of Five

I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately

If I wouldn’t be judged harshly, I would say I’m a good mum out loud.

Because I am a good mum.

I’m not one of those people who berates myself for not being good enough, not doing enough, not having everything perfect. I will not aspire to be something that does not exist, setting myself impossible tasks and having unrealistic expectations. I do my best, and while it isn’t perfect, it is perfect for me.

My children are clean, fed, well dressed and neat & tidy (when they leave the house, what happens after is mostly out of my control particularly where school is concerned, and they come home looking like they have been dragging each other through the mud), polite & well mannered (most of the time…) and well behaved (again, most of the time, they’re children not robots and we’re not immune to fights, bickering and being called fartface or bumhead) and they are happy, healthy and LOVED.
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The Wonderful Adventures Of Spud and Spike

No Two Babies Are the Same

We’ve all been there, stood with other mothers with children of similar ages competing for the best/most advanced child. Competitive parents are what put me off most baby groups. With Spud I would leave a baby group and get straight on to the health visitor because he wasn’t talking like the other babies or sleeping like them. I was constantly reassured that he was fine and that because he was so advanced physically, I couldn’t expect him to excel in all areas – he wasn’t super-baby and “no two babies are the same.
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Confessions of a SAHM

Depressions a B!tch and I refuse to be its friend….

When I was 17 I was diagnosed as a “Manic Depressive”. I self harmed and was put on at “at risk of suicide” register with my local Mental Health Team.

My upbringing was OK. I wouldn’t say it was great. My mother wasn’t very nurturing. I don’t remember being told “I love you” by either of my parents. I don’t remember being told that I was pretty either, and for a little girl growing up, that’s kinda a big deal!
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Dear Beautiful Boy

“The best blog advice I have ever received is…”

I am genuinely really proud of my blog.
I love that it's given me a passion for photography,
something that I only ever toyed with before.
I love that it means I'm learning new things.
I love that it has given me a way of recording
all the precious moments and milestones of my little guy's life
and my life as a new mummy.

So if I were to share one piece of advice with newer bloggers,
and I'm still really new to this myself,
it would be to write
what you want to write
how you want to write it
when you want to write it.
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Actually Mummy

“We are not getting a Puppy!”

Dear The Bug’s Teacher….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A. Puppy. End of. Don’t believe him when he says it is really cute, and that he will be bringing it in for ‘show and tell’ soon, because it does not exist. Love, Mrs Bugged.

Dear Schoolmums….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. You can stop texting me now asking when you and your children can come and visit our new puppy. It does not exist. Love, the harrassed one on the playground.
Dear The Bug…….
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Mum 2 Baby Insomniac

“Episiotomy Done – Now For A Painkiller Up The Bumhole?!”

WARNING – To any of my friends (especially male ones) or family (especially parents) who are reading this – I am about to write about childbirth, private parts, piles, stitches and sex so if you think you will be disturbed by any of the above then do not read any further! If you do choose to continue then don’t say I didn’t warn you!
When I found out I was pregnant, I watched the entire series of One Born Every Minute on 4od. I knew what type of birth I wanted and I had a picture in my mind of what it would be like. Birthing pool, drug-free, natural, me like some kind of wild cave woman getting into weird positions to ‘channel’ the pain.
I didn’t however base it on what kind of birth would be suitable for someone with my pain threshold, ie none. I stupidly thought that because I have two tattoos and had managed to get my tongue and nipple pierced I was the human equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. God knows why – I cry when I have a cold. When I was in early labour I can actually remember telling Dad2babyinsomniac that I didn’t think I was going to need any drugs.
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Emmys Mummy

Things you are not told – behind the scenes of a Private Day Nursery

The final straw came when our Nursery Cook was repeatedly off sick, now you would expect a temporary cook to be brought in wouldn’t you – well no, the Nursery Nurses were made to go into the kitchen for the day to cook. Most of us had been through college so had Food Hygiene Certificates but not all of us, there were unqualified members of staff too. However none of us were trained Cooks, none of us knew what we were doing 100% in that kitchen and none of us should have been there in the first place let alone find ourselves having to cook for 60 Children from ages 6 months – 5 years with varying dietary requirements from Gluten Free, Vegetarian to Children with Nut allergies – that’s before you think of the different portion sizes for the different ages and blending food for weaning babies, chopping for 1 year olds etc.

The turn over of staff in my particular nursery was really high as we were on minimum wage, straight out of College or some straight our of School and generally knew no better.
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L-Plate Mummy

The day I realised I’m boring.

I saw a post over on Suburban Mummy’s blog yesterday about our children’s imaginations (to see it click here), and it’s funny as I had been thinking along those lines myself. You see last night I had a realisation. I’m boring. It’s true, I really am. We’ve just bought Little miss a couple of new books called ‘Silly Magnetic Faces’ each page has a different face such as an alien, scarecrow, monster, you get the idea. Perfectionist that I am insisted on doing it ‘right’ and giving the faces the features I deemed appropriate for that character. I was dismayed when Little miss dismissed my efforts and gave the fairy some monster fangs. “A fairy can’t have monster fangs,” I said. “Yes she can.” Little miss replied simply.
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Mummy Daddy and me makes three

We have a new Friend.

At the weekend I was doing my dutiful wife duties and letting Mr E have a lie in. He is always very kind and lets me lie in most weekends, so I felt it was only right to return the favour. Mads and I reluctantly went downstairs and happily sat together in front of Peppa Pig while sharing a pot of natural yoghurt. More like Mads had eaten her own porridge and was now eating all Mummy’s breakfast. When she opened her little gummy mouth to get another spoonful in as quick as possible (why do babies always assume that they are never going to get fed again between each mouthful?) I noticed something spectacular. She didn’t have a little gummy mouth anymore. In fact she was now sporting a rather lovely, very cute, pearly white on her bottom lower gum. Ok so it was so tiny that you practically needed a microscope to see it but that’s besides the point! This is a serious milestone in the baby world. Isn’t it?
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A Mother in France

Help, medical emergency with kids on board!

On the way back to SW France, we decided to pay a visit to our cousins in Brittany. After all, it’s sort of on the way home isn’t it? WRONG! It was actually more than 600km detour. Still, my parents were traveling with us with my brother and cousin – it would be fun.
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