The Weekly Showcase 03-10-11 8-12 months

Mrs Shorties Mind

I Hope

At the moment my children are still young and need me and NJ around, TJ needs everything doing, but the older two are starting to be able to do more and more for themselves. They do however still need and want us when they are ill, hurt themselves, had a fall out or just want a cuddle.
AJ is starting to call on friends without me taking her and is spending more time playing in her room (I am hoping this is to stop TJ from wrecking her toys and not an avoidance of me!), and FJ is starting school in September so will no longer need me during the day.
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The Modern Family

Public Scrutiny of the Good Mother

Apart from impossibility of achieving balance between expectations of whether the good mother should stay-at-home or be employed in paid work, there are expectations of how a good mother should act both in private and public. In response to my interview question about community expectations and where they come from, most women in my study expressed that there was an expectation placed on them on how they were supposed to act as good mothers, particularly in the public environment.
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Chatty Baby
Is Immaculate Always Necessary?

I’m a messy eater. I think we’ve established that over recent months. Mummy does her best to keep me clean, but let’s face it, she’s not going to win that battle. Short of stripping me to my nappy at every meal, there is no bib or other clothing protection on the market to keep my whites white.
It seems there are clean babies and there are dirty babies. I am a dirty baby. What can I say? It’s standard practice for me to need a couple of changes before I even leave the house. I understand that if there’s a leaky nappy, I have to have clean clothes straight away, but if it’s just a bit of milk, is it really worth it? I’ve seen Mummy just rub it in on her own trousers, so why subject me to the inconvenience of another change?
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Bod For Tea

Parenting around the planet

…I realised that we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that sometimes we forget that there are other perspectives out there. I wanted to hear those perspectives. To read them, learn from them, laugh (and cry) along with them. To celebrate our differences and our similarities. So I’m going to be hosting some occasional guest posts from Mummy and Daddy bloggers who live outside the UK, bringing you their take on parenting in their corner of the world.

Parenting around the planet. It’ll be a fun ride so jump on board and strap yourself in. You never know, there might even be biscuits…
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Dads Cooking Tonight

Chocolate Marble Cake recommended by Squirt, he’s an elephant.

I was joined yesterday in my regular routine of cooking and writing by Squirt, a mischievous cuddly elephant belonging to one of my daughters. Having been reliably informed that he would want to bake a cake the two of us rustled through a few of the recipes on my desk and decided that a chocolate marble cake would be fun to make together.

It is quite a straight forward recipe to make, even when your helper has a long trunk that he insists on sticking into bowl of cake mixture, and the result is a nice looking, elephant sized snack, although he was eventually persuaded to share.

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A Big Fat Griwi Christening

As a non-Greek/non-church-going/by-marriage-only kind of Greek person, it was an incredible honour to be asked to be one of four Godmothers to the Griwi twins in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony.

I have also quite enjoyed lording it up over the Greek God(zilla) for the past few months.

‘The Griwi GODMOTHERS are going for dinner and karaoke, can you babysit?’

‘All the other Griwi GODMOTHERS are buying new outfits for the CHRISTENING’

‘I am off out to get my hair done now FOR THE CHRISTENING’

‘Can you get up with Zachy in the morning as I am to be GODMOTHER and need to put my face on spiritually prepare myself for the THE CHRISTENING.’

And my personal favourite… ’See how much I have embraced your culture and thrown myself into the Greek family way of life and you can’t even make me a cup of tea/let me watch The X-Factor/pass the wine?’ 
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Frankie Parker

I just don’t understand…

I have been living in this fair country for going on 10 ½ years and in all that time there is one thing I can’t quite understand. I would even go as far as to say it’s a downright bloody mystery to me. That mystery is the jacket (or baked, depending on side of the Atlantic you are on), potato!

In all seriousness I just don’t get whey they are everywhere, doesn’t matter what eating establishment you are in there is bound to be a jacket potato on the menu somewhere. Okay, perhaps Jamie or Gordon don’t have them in their restaurants. I have even been aboard and see baked potato stands in English touristy hotspots. As if you can’t leave old Blighty for a week or so without getting your potato fix.
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To Maternity and Beyond!!!

Update of a boob!

In an previous post I did called “WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU” I wrote about what happened when I got mastitis in my left breast from breast feeding. I ended up having lots of hospital appointments and 2 packs of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. It left me feeling like I had the flu and spent a lot of time crying in pain.
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Handbag horrors

Motherhood changes us all in so many ways, however nothing prepared me for the changes it has made to my beloved & sacred handbag. I’m Actually overjoyed with being able to carry a handbag again, no more changing bag with formula, bottles, teethers, toys, nappies wipes, kitchen sink. Ok I still carry snack, nappies & wipes but now I can just store the changing mat bag on the bottom of the buggy and away we go!! My handbag is a beautiful Kath Kidston bag that quite frankly has been over run & destroyed!!!! I went out to the cinema last night, Friends with benefits with Justin Timberlake…… YUM is all I’m going to say. Had a lovely evening, at the end of the night I rooted around in my bag for the car keys…………….. gross……….my bag is where raisins go to die along with half eaten liga cookies….. which LPV has so kindly suck & dribbled on and put it back in my bag for later. Here is a list of what I found while searching for my keys…
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The Crazy Kitchen

Days Like This…

This morning I heard the faint and distant cries of ‘Sammy, Sammy, open my door’…. It wasn’t ‘Mummy, Mummy’ so I didn’t need to go, right? Wrong!

The next thing I heard was ‘oh my God, what have you done to the baby? Mum, Mum come quick Jack’s tried to do something to the baby’
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