The Weekly Showcase 03-10-11 BRAND NEW! (under 1 month old)

The Potty Years

Can I trump in these?

However, I almost had a little accident of my own (the pelvic floor isn’t what it was before the two girls) and Florrie did make me laugh with her perfectly reasonable question: “Mummy, am I allowed to trump in my big girl pants?”

But it was what came out of my mouth without thinking that nearly did for my big girl pants.
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Three Little Flowers

An amusing list . . .

Worrying is interest on troubles not yet due” Oscar Wilde.
During a particular bout of anxiety before L was born this time last year I wrote on a scrap piece of paper an extensive list of all that was worrying me about the impending arrival. Not so much a “to do” list but a “scared of” list. It’s an amusing list to look back on as most if not all of the things keeping me awake back then were filed in the “sorted” or “What was I thinking” tray within the first few days!

This is a list I suspect only an expectant dad could possibly write!

What temperature should a bath be? – Warm!
Will I gag when changing a nappy? – Only sometimes!
How often do they feed? – A lot at first then less later on! Simples!
How will I know when she is hungry? – No doubt on that one!
What happens when we get home? – A lot!
Will the Moses basket be to small? – They have been used for centuries for a reason!
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A mummy too


So, what do you think? Is a birth plan essential prep or wishful thinking? Have you written / did you write yours?
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Caught Writing

What Happened to Autumn?

We seem to be having something of an Indian Summer, and I feel a little cheated. With temperatures predicted to be in the 80s at the very end of September, I wonder what on earth is happening to our weather. I love sunshine as much as anyone but we’ve had a reasonable Summer, at least here in the south east of England, and I’m now keen for a change in the scenery. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. While others may develop Seasonal Affective Disorder and begin to think of hibernating, I find renewed energy and enthusiasm. Autumn always seems to be rich with new choices, possibilities and promise.
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Wag Doll

Jersey Mini Skirt – My First Clothing Project and Tutorial

I’ve overcome my fear of dressmaking, the demons are banished!

Since I started sewing at the beginning of the year I’ve stuck to craft projects….no pressure there, if they look wonky and misshapen then it all adds to the charm.
But wonky and misshapen isn’t really the look I’m aiming for when I get dressed…… Enter the easy jersey skirt!
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Britmums Prompt: If I wouldn’t be judged harshly I would say…

I hate to admit it but there have been a few times in her six years that we may have laughed when perhaps we should have kept straight, I’m a caring and considerate parent faces. But sometimes, when that certain six year old is ranting and raving and having another one of her huge tantrums over something really insignificant, you just want to laugh, and the more you tell yourself you shouldn’t laugh, the more you want to laugh, and then you catch your partner’s eyes and you share a joint “I really want to laugh” look and that’s it, my caring and considerate face has gone and the laugh comes out.
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