The Weekly Showcase 07-11-11 1-3 months

A Mummy Too

Pumpkin carving when you’re too young to wield a knife

A Mummy Too

Joel wanted to design his own pumpkin. Now as much as we try to encourage creativity and independence, we weren’t about to let Joel loose with a massive carving knife, so we came up with a compromise.

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Yes! We do have a TV!

Today, I have a question…..

Am I the only evil and selfish mother out there?

Or to be more specific, am I the only horrid mother who doesn’t take (and who has never taken) her children to play group???

I’ll give you a second, while most of you recoil from your computer screen in disgust….

And I’ll continue, yesterday I was informed by a family member that my son is clingy and has a penchant for wearing girls dressing up shoes because I never take him to play group and he only socialises with girls – his sisters.

(Is this a warning that he’ll grow up to be a cross dressing mummy’s boy? Hmmm. *scratches chin*)

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A Baby on Board

Pregnancy week 26: an unexpected medical mini break

A Baby on Board

I’ve always been pretty lucky health-wise, and the last time I was made to stay in any kind of medical facility was when my tonsils were taken out at the grand old age of five (I got to eat ice cream and was given a Care Bear, so it wasn’t at all bad). It was therefore a bit of surprise this week to find myself having a two-night stay in hospital, following a late evening trip to the labour ward…

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The Bling Buoy

A Reptilian Road-trip

The Bling Buoy

It was achingly close to wine-o-clock on a Friday evening when my four little moppets bounded up to me shrieking that they couldn’t possibly brush their teeth … because there was a ginourmous, child-eating skink in the bathroom. I inhaled deeply, closed my eyes and disappeared into the happy place in my head. Today, the happy place was an idyllic, lush rainforest. A rainforest where the vibrant call of the whip bird lifts flagging spirits, while the zen-like hum of the evening crickets sooth away the angst ridden thoughts that crowd a busy mind. I opened my eyes, refreshed, and ready to tackle the ginourmous, child-eating skink.

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Coffee, Cake and Tantrums

A day in the life of me!

I awoke this morning to my youngest, adorable child sitting on my head with a fully-loaded nappy. My eldest had a ‘pre-teen’ strop and my middle daughter was sent to school looking like Worzel Gummidge – usually acceptable for a busy working mum of 3, but today was her first ever school photo. You know it’s bad when the teacher does their hair when they get to school!

First Stop….. REDUNDANCY!

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London Moonwalk 2012

Walk Number 4, Bum bags and Jackets!

Planned distance six miles, actual distance covered 7.7 miles! We seem to have a habit of deviating slightly and adding miles without realising lol

So 7.7 miles took us 1 hour 50 with a rough minute per mile of 14.15 seconds.

It did feel really hard work today. Maybe it is because we added nearly two miles more on than planned, but those two miles seemed to take forever. Think this is the first real “wall” we have hit.

So anyway, the plan is now to concentrate on 8 mile routes and nail them before moving on again. 8 does feel like it is my limit at the moment! Shame I have to add another 18 miles on top of that lol!

I know it will get easier, but I do think I am beginning to understand what people say about hitting walls in long distance events or training. The last mile was hell, my thighs were burning, my shins were aching and I did feel like I had done enough. I know Clare felt the same way too.

It can only get easier though….can’t it?

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Three Little Flowers

Two Feed or Not Two Feed

Three Little Flowers

A few of our friends have had twins and one of the things they have told us about is feeding both of the girls at the same time. Even the sound of this sounds fraught with difficulties. After a couple of attempts it’s proving to be just as difficult as it sounds.

The level of concentration required is probably beyond most blokes. So far it’s certainly beyond me! Ayrton Senna winning the Brazil Grand Prix in torrential rain stuck in sixth gear levels of concentration is what I’m talking about. My concentration span on a nice day with a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast can stretch as far as 4 minutes. This seems to be someway short of what’s required particularly as most of the time I have missed breakfast and not slept.

Believe it or not thats not even the trickiest bit. It appears to require 20 minutes of intense concentration on TWO things at once. Yep thats right two things at the same time. What’s that I hear you say? Surely it can’t be done! At the moment I’m inclined to agree.

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Mum of One

Me-time, Schmee-time!

Recently the awesome Mother Venting posted about her me-time, or more accurately, the lack of it. You can check it out HERE. I sympathised whole-heartedly. So imagine my joy when several days ago I discovered that, due to the pre-Christmas drop in folks wanting surgery, I have a work-day cancelled AND a child in nursery FOR THE WHOLE DAY.

A year or so ago my plan for such a day would probably have consisted of the following.

Have a lie in.
Get up, shower, dress, apply make-up, dry AND straighten hair.
Go for leg-wax, hair-cut or manicure, or possibly all three.
Arrange to meet friends ‘in-town’ for lunch.
Go shopping.
Meet Mr B from work and stop for cheeky drink on the way home.
Grab take-away, watch film and retire.
My actual plan for today was as follows.
Have a lie in. Do not EVEN CONTEMPLATE getting out of bed until at least 9am.
Have a lazy breakfast watching Jeremy Kyle. (I KNOW, it is my now not-so-secret-shame. My brain ACTUALLY MELTED on maternity leave and now I am hooked on this show.)

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Babies, Boys and Beaches.

We are visiting family in Cyprus at the moment. So far we have been very lucky with the weather and have been spending plenty of time at the beach.

Before I became a mum my favourite way to spend a holiday involved a sun lounger, a good book, and a rum cocktail (which btw is the best drink for a bikini body.Drink some,and I promise you won’t be able to focus on your bikini body much less care about it).

These days with two children and a baby I have to admit I still hanker after those lazy days on the beach. So, it was with this idyllic picture in mind that we all set off for the beach yesterday.

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Rollercoaster Mum

Nov 3rd – #NaBloPoMo – post no 3 – Listography – Top 5 Toys for Christmas

3/ A Teddy Bear. I know, I know we have hundreds of soft toys that I curse regularly (but so did I when I was a child) but get it right and a teddy can be the best present that will be cuddled, kissed, fed, sat on, cried on and generally loved for a very long time. I still have some of my favourite teddies and they are very, very old now.

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A Mummy Too

Campfire treats: catherine wheels, fireworks and Parkin

A Mummy Too

Joel and I spent all lunchtime baking vegan puff pastry savoury catherine wheels, chocolate marshmallow fireworks, and a traditional Parkin ginger cake. Perfect campfire food.

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