The Weekly Showcase – 10-10-11 1 to 3 months

Coffee, Cake and Tantrums

The Cafe is Ours!

Coffee, Cake and Tantrums

hursday 1st July 2010 and it’s exchange day for the café. Myself and brother headed into Lymington with my 11 month old son in tow. Our mission was to get the keys and open our Café. Simples!

After weeks of liaising between solicitors, estate agents and landladies we are eager to get in, the place was at deaths door and we were ready to breathe some much needed life into it. However, when we arrived the current owner had his bum cemented to a seat in OUR open café, and was going nowhere.

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Mummy Plum

My Pet Peeve…

You. Yes, YOU; on the train to Waterloo,

I know EXACTLY what you’re about to do.

There you go, opening up your brown paper bag,

Ooooh, now I’m feeling slightly mad.

Unwrapping paper, you lift the burger to your chin,

Oh, whoops! Watch out! There’s a falling gherkin.

Won’t that be nice for someone later on,

They’ll find themselves sat on it after you’ve gone.

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Musings of a stressy mummy


I am a woman who needs her sleep. Technically, I know we all do, but some people can manage with less than others. I need sleep and several hours of it, without it, I am irritable and generally bad-tempered. Sleep deprivation really should be used as a form of torture. When I signed up for this whole child rearing malarkey, I was told by many people that you didn’t get much sleep for the first few months after having a baby. More like the first few years.

My mother often uses that term “rod for your own back” which always makes me feel so much better! We have never left our children to cry as babies. I take my hat off to people who manage the controlled crying successfully, I really do. We did try it, but it just wasn’t for us. So all of our children have co-slept with us for the first year or so and then moved into a toddler bed around eighteen months. Once in a bed, the bedtime routine is story and cuddles and we stay with them until they fall asleep.
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DisABLEd Positive Parents

Independent,positive disabled parents, a journey through being parents and living with arthritis

Another blog written by parents, yep but this is different….it really is! Sure we are a happy,fun and loving family consisting of one son,one husband (Mark) and one wife (me), no difference there you say. However both myself and Mark have severe arthritis and not of the old biddy type which is average wear and tear on joints over time, but where the immune system attacks itself and declares war on all joints and organs. I have had arthritis since 15 months old and I have bionic knees, hips, elbow, ankle, wrist.I will be having my knees re-replaced as a result of carrying more weight during pregnancy.I have to be honest I do have limitations (something I don’t like to admit in public often),I have zero reach,weak muscles and a walking distant of an ageing snail !
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A mummy too


Rejoice, rejoice! I’m now officially on maternity leave! I’m glad I made it – it wasn’t easy. I didn’t realise that working up to 38 weeks is considered madness by many. It probably is. Anyway, I’m no expert, but I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned from the experience. Here are my survival tips for working late into pregnancy.
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Mum Of One

Today my baby crawled forwards….at last.

"Crawling Baby"After what feels like months, but in reality may have only been weeks, of backwards and crab-like sideways crawling, today my son W, 9 months old, finally found forwards! And I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief….briefly.
I have been getting myself in a real state about these baby milestones. The fact that I signed up to lots of online baby clubs during pregnancy hasn’t helped. Almost daily I seem to receive a mail from one of them helpfully informing me of what I can expect my child to be doing this week. IT IS FREAKING ME OUT. Especially as W is not doing most of them. Is there something wrong with him? With me? Am I not feeding him right or playing with him enough? The questions and anxiety are seemingly endless.
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Feisty Tapas

Refresher driving lessons

"Feisty tapas"As I mentioned recently in my post Feisty Fear, I have a “slight” fear of driving due to being run over by a car in a pedestrian crossing 20 years ago, my confidence in driving is a bit moody and so it comes and goes. The word confidence in Spanish (confianza) is feminine, did you know that nouns have gender in Spanish? I digress, the fact is that confidence, being female, can be hormonal and so I go through driving and non-driving phases.
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Purple Mum

About Vanity and My Face.

"Purple Mum"When I was in my late teens and early twenties I rather liked my reflection in the mirror. I don’t mean that I imagined I was hot stuff. More that I had a nice smile, a petite elf like face and good skin.

Recently I had a bad haircut. This haircut has become like an avalanche taking down my confidence with it.
Let me start from the beginning. I was 35 weeks pregnant with Sicily and I decided a nice shiny new haircut would be a good idea. I felt rather whale like and as the only bit of me even close to normal size was my head, it seemed sensible to focus on my hair.

The first mistake I made was letting a local mum, who works as a hairdresser from home, cut it. I asked for a shoulder length bob. I got a razored cut of many different lengths. The back looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.
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Yes We Do Have a TV!!!!!!

Self Confidence: Where does it come from?


(Warning: this is pretty long.)

So today i am pondering the question ‘where does self confidence come from?”

After some responses from a few lovely ladies about my swimming post and their reluctance to go, I realised I am one of many with low self esteem. What can we do about it and more importantly, what can we do to ensure our children don’t grow up with confidence issues?
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Three Little Flowers

The Perils of being a Google Doctor

"google doctor"Its been an interesting 24 hours. After pushing the consultant to confirm a date for the C-Section back in June a big red circle was put around the 28th October. The thickness of the calendar has been slowly diminishing since then as we tear off the pages of the months as they crept by. We are now on the last page.

So it’s with impeccable timing that NICE (That’s the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) published CG129 containing new guidance on multiple pregnancies. We are in no way shape or form health professionals and so this sort of thing is new to us.

The seemingly never ending stream of government and NHS proclamations on health issues is bewildering at the best of times but like all parents we now have to contend with the fact that our decisions are not about ourselves! This is taking some getting used to.
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Alive and Blogging


Picture this: Daddy and I are snuggled up on the couch, the windows and doors are all open, the outside air is still warm, a gentle breeze causes the leaves to rustle, the street is quiet as it nears 10pm, the only lights on in the room are that of the Christmas tree we had put up the previous day. Exhausted from a long day of car shopping in the 37 degree heat, we decide that we will head to bed after one more episode of the box set we had been watching. Well, today was your EDD and I’d had many people calling and texting to see how I was feeling – but it seems you’re not quite ready. I headed to the bathroom for a last toilet stop and to brush my teeth while your Dadda put on the next disc. But something was different about this toilet visit. I’ve read something about this mucous plug thingy. And that seems to be very similar! Hang on a second, what’s this funny cramp thing I’m experiencing?!
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Hart Of The Munchkin Patch

The Trials of Training …? I WILL NOT sit!! … Or will I …?

This week, I received a parcel. Once again, mummy put the box in the middle of the floor and told me it was mine. Now, you probably know by now, I love receiving parcels! After all … parcels mean boxes … and we all know what boxes mean …
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Caught Writing

Parents are Human Beings too

I was sitting outside a coffee shop this morning with my husband and son, and I happened to overhear the following snippet of conversation:

1st woman: “I saw x last week, she was complaining about the children.”

2nd woman: “What was she saying?”

1st woman: “She said she would do anything for a lie-in, and I thought, well you did choose to have them!”

2nd woman: “What can she expect?!”

I don’t know if these women have children of their own but they didn’t have any with them. Abundantly clear, however, was the assumption that because the woman under discussion had chosen to have children, she had automatically abdicated the right to desire anything for herself. The tacit agreement between the two women seemed to be that, because we have chosen to have children, we are automatically forbidden from embracing in life anything other than childcare and domesticity.
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  2. Mum of One summed up all our first time parenting anxieties. Well, she did mine anyway.

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