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Fred and Julia’s perfectly plummy jam …

"plum jam"Over 100 years ago, fred and julia bought themselves a little plot of land in birmingham.

on the plot they built a lovely house for their family. just a modest little 3 up 3 down … it’s the house that we now call our home.

Fred (a landscape gardener) planted a little orchard of apple trees, pear trees and plum trees at the top of the garden. each year these trees give us baskets and baskets of wonderful fruit.

(Last summer, i weaned the baby bird just on fruit from our little orchard. organic, delicious and free. thank you fred & julia)
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Elephants & escalators: Size matters

Size, as a concept, baffles The B.
You see, he cannot comprehend how big something is unless he has something to compare it to first.
Everything is relative, it’s true, the notion of scale proving a complicated business for a four-year-old.
Until recently, he had two benchmarks to help him compute.
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Love In The Nest

My biggest pet peeve! ~ Brit Mums blog prompt!

It really grates me when the motorway is empty all but one little car pootling along at 60 mph in the middle lane! So I go over 2 lanes, over take and switch back to lane 1 but that doesn’t even get their brain cogs working. What is it about the middle lane that you love so much? It makes no sense to spend your whole motorway journey in that lane. Lanes 2 & 3 are for overtaking not for hogging. Grrr good grief.
"road hog"
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Dear Beautiful Boy

A Mummy Blogger’s Milestone

I’ve passed a milestone and I hadn’t even realised.

But I can’t allow this particular milestone to go by uncelebrated.

On Tuesday I posted another weekly update for my beautiful boy,

. . .and it was my hundredth post.

When I started this blog back in mid June

with a post about first seeing the little guy

I thought it would take me forever to get to one hundred posts.

I only planned on writing one post every week,

maybe two if something really exciting happened one week.

And on those kind of estimations

it should have taken me the best part of two years

to reach one hundred posts.
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Mum 2 Baby Insomniac

Sock Washing – Whose Job Is It Anyway?!

Dad2babyinsomniac sees being a mum and being a housewife as one job, I see it as two. I love being a mum and am good at it but I hate being a housewife and am rubbish at it. I don’t mind all the essential stuff like washing-up, hoovering and bathroom cleaning but I draw the line at picking up cups that have been left all over the house and washing his dirty underwear. Especially socks.

I don’t think it is out of order to ask him to do one thing around the house and that one thing is his washing. I hate having to pick up his dirty, crusty socks and pull them out of the ball that they end up in after he has taken them off his feet and dumped them in a pile on the bathroom floor. I have written about my hatred of socks before but the problem was never really resolved – I must have just forgotten about it for a couple of weeks.
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We are wild things

So Judge Me!

Rightly or wrongly one of the common concerns of parents is the how we are judged by other Mums. The disapproving looks of others can be upsetting to even the strongest of Mums. But then, sometimes, you just look back and think, seriously!?!
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Minibreak Mummy

Listography – Top 5 Worst Jobs I’ve done

"greggs marple"This week’s Listography theme from Kate Takes 5 is ‘Top 5 Worst Jobs I’ve Done‘.

So here, in reverse chronological order, are 5 jobs I’m really glad were only temporary:

Sales Assistant at Greggs, Marple

There were some good bits. I could eat lots of half-price cheese and onion pasties and I developed fantastic prowess with the 39 times table (pasties cost 39p each at the time). But I hated scrubbing baking trays with a passion and the uniform was a flowery turquoise printed tabbard with a matching hairnet. When they put me on the 10-2 lunchtime shift with no break I found I got too hungry and quit.
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Yellow Days

What I learnt at Blog Camp

"Yellow days BlogCamp"Ever the dedicated student I arrived at Blog Camp yesterday with a sharpened pencil and an apple for the teacher. Well, actually I found a biro in the bottom of my bag and nicked one of E’s bags of mini jammy dodgers but you get the idea. I’m sure other attendees will fill you in on what we learnt about the finer points of Search Engine Optimisation, ethical blogging and dealing with PRs but here is what I picked up.
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Jellybeans Music

Sing love me

"Sing Me Love"Jellybeans HQ has not been it’s usual noisy, happy place recently. Our youngest son, Tobi bean, is poorly with earache. He has been suffering since thursday when we went swimming and he got ‘water in his ear’. We’ve been giving him the painkillers every two hours for what feels like years already and the nights have been awful for all of us – bringing back all those memories of having a small baby/toddler in the house who wouldn’t sleep and as he is now 8, these are not memories we like revisiting very much! We’ve been to see the emergency Doctor but nothing is helping and every time he accidentally touches his ear, he demonstrates that he has inherited his mother’s ability to ‘belt it out’
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Flying With Family

“Oh no,” said DorkyDad. “What a terrible start to a holiday.” We had just been treated to the sight of Alex Salmond, recently off a flight from London, strutting through Edinburgh airport. For a man in a crumpled suit, he exuded an extraordinary air of arrogance. As it turned out, DorkyDad was right. Our holiday did not get off to a great start. A security alert at Edinburgh meant that we missed our connection at Heathrow. Despite arriving with 25 minutes to spare, we were discouraged from even attempting to catch it, and had already been re-booked onto another flight the next morning.
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Team Fanny or Team Vagina ?

Fanny or vagina ? Girly bits or vajaja ? At some point, usually when you least expect it you have to give your childs ‘private parts’ a name. But how do you chose ? An imaginative title maybe or are you a stickler for using the correct anatomical name ?! It’s an important decision – after all it won’t be long before they can talk and no one wants to hear their darling daughter yell ‘ MUMMY! WEE WEE COMES OUT OF MY FANJITA!’ proudly in public – hell hath no fury like an honest,matter-of-fact pre-schooler.
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Fun As A Gran

Egg, gluten, wheat and dairy free brioche

"Brioche"Well Monday nights one was left for 1 hr covered in the green house as the sun was sort of shining some of the time, and then for 1hr on a warm radiator, it made no attempt to rise what so ever, but I popped it in the oven and cooked it anyway. It stuck to the tin and broke coming out, and I tried a broken piece….and promptly (sorry) spat it back out into my hand, it was bogging beyond believe, I think my problem was the yeast had not activated. When I had bought yeast during the week I had been in a rush and just picked up yeast, its years since I have made my own bread, and did not realise it needed to be activated, it was not easy stuff. I had placed it in with sugar and warm water but used flax seed as egg replacer and had popped it all in one cup, and I guess the flax seed held back the yeast. It was all yeasty and horrible tasting, even some of the sultanas I picked out once it was cold tasted horrible as well.
But I got a laugh out of it, oh went into the kitchen when he came back from fishing, and helped himself to a bit, his face went the same as mine and he spat it out as well!! Such a polite couple that we are. Fifi said to granddad…grandma did that as well.
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Living It Little

Party Season

It’s party season amongst M’s friends. Basically she’s one of the older children in her class and forms part of a group of girls who have their birthdays between September and December. Now, this is all well and good and lovely, but it means that I’ve become a sort of social secretary (like I wasn’t already). We currently have three invitations on the pinboard plus M’s own party at the end of this month. It’s hard to keep up…
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The Aspie Side Of Life

The Bet is On!

Texting while driving is a horribly bad habit that has caused many fatal accidents. Yes I know that but that #$@$ iPhone calls to me from the other seat. There is an email or a text or something that I probably need to answer. Thank God I have never clicked on Twitter while driving because that for sure would cause a wreck.

I have been trying very hard to break this habit and I have it down to only when I am at a stop light. This way I don’t wreck I just annoy the crap out of the person behind me when the light turns green and I don’t go anywhere. Sorry!
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The Princess And The Pickle

The Pickle is One!

"Birthday cake"This month I learnt what the word ‘NO!’ means. It basically means ‘bite’. I worked this out when I bit Mummy’s arm and she said ‘NO!’ so I put 2 and 2 together and I’m pretty sure that makes 5, right? I decided to test my theory on Daddy, he said ‘NO!’ too, so I must be right…

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The Diary Of A Lagos Mum

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Vinay was born with a fabulous head of hair. When he was a teeny tiny baby, people would stop me in the middle of the street to comment on how much hair he had.
His curls are gorgeous (if slightly out of control). When his hair is wet, it goes down past his shoulders. It’s longer than mine! I have a whole array of clips and rubber bands to keep his hair neat. And my sister says he looks like Krusty the Clown when we tie it up. But I love it. I love the curls. I love burying my face in them and smelling his baby scent.

He’s (obviously) very attached to his hair as well. When he’s looking at books, drinking his milk, thinking or falling asleep – he often strokes his own hair. I think he finds it very soothing.

And that’s why I’m so upset.
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Older Mum

Befuddlement and Poo

So this morning as my brain was on hyper worry mode with all of the above unbeknownst to me Little A called forth a landslide filler into her nappy. This happened while we were both pottering in the kitchen after breakfast. I can’t believe I didn’t notice but then I was too busy unravelling the spaghetti mess of thoughts busying my head. I then vacated the kitchen leaving Little A to follow behind me. She was due a change anyway and as I awaited Little A’s reluctant arrival in the bathroom for her ‘go to the park nappy’ I had no idea of the poo masterpiece taking place behind me.
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Toothpaste On Your T-shirt

My biggest pet peeve is…

My biggest pet peeve is…..when a mobile phone goes off on the TV and you know, for sure, that phone doesn’t make that noise. Does anyone else know what I mean here? E.G Someone on the tele gets a text on their mobile, the noise that indicates said text is from an old style Nokia phone *BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP*, however the phone their holding is categorically NOT a Nokia phone. Do your homework, continuity people.
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The Singing Mummy

Has anyone seen my daughter???

I always lived in hope that the terrible twos did not actually exist……and hoped (actually assumed) that if they did exist that my child would not go through it!! But they have arrived and at the moment I am totally tearing my hair out as each day goes on! 😦

If one more person tells me “it’s just a phase” I think I will scream – is that supposed to make it better or easier? How long exactly is a phase supposed to last? Everyone claims that “They all go through it” as there toddlers sit/stand perfectly well-behaved as I am trying to contain a hysterical two-year old and juggle Alfie too!!
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Ready for a sleep over!

Once again Pinterest inspired me! And lucky for me a week later my MIL(mom in law) dropped off a load of old bedding and fabric for me put in my scraps bin!

For those of you who remember Jenna-May is enjoying sleeping on the floor – which made this a perfect project for her!

The ol’ sewing machine was once again unpacked (thanks again to the MIL for the loan)! Such a simple little project and Jenna absolutely loves it! Now choosing to sleep on it during “nap time”. She has also had it on top of her bed!! Seriously that little girl is a funny one!
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Love Being Mummy To Two

Annabelle has become a fussy eater! ahhhh!!!!

Annabelle has always been a great little eater until the last week!!! I don’t know whats happened, whether she is coming down with something or she has seen fussy eaters at preschool as she has started having lunch club. I have her lunch box sent home showing what she has left and its a lot of its still there!! he last few days I have just left her alone just incase its a bug, shes still picking and eats what she wants which is bread and butter,toast, yogurts and fruit!! So i’m going to have to be Clever about this!! Ok so time to do some research into fussy eaters……
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Here Come The Girls

My biggest pet peeve – toddler footwear

What is going on with toddler feet? They drive me absolutely crazy. There is some design flaw somewhere. I can walk around all day and by the end of it my shoes and socks are where I put them: on the bottom of my feet. I leave the house with my twin toddlers’ four little feet clothed in four frilly socks and four shiny shoes. Yet I get to the end of the road, look around and see a trail of socks and shoes, like Hansel and Gretel have been behind me. Then I see my cheeky twins smiling up at me or trying to stuff their toes into their mouths as if they’re sweets.
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4 comments on “The Weekly showcase 10-10-11 4-7 months

  1. older mum says:

    I really enjoyed Dorky Mum this week! She has a great way with words.

  2. Liked Older Mum. A shitty story if ever there was one!

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