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Dads Cooking Tonight

Thirst for Knowledge – Doctor Carrot and Potato Pete

‘Carrots keep you healthy and help you see in the blackout’

"Carrot Lolly courtesy of Carrot Museum"This was one of the many slogans used by the Ministry of Food during the Second World War to encourage the population to make use of foodstuffs that were still plentiful. Rationing had been introduced in 1939 for some foods and more joined the list during the 1940’s in response to further shortages which were exaberated by the disruption to normal supply routes.

There were several side effects of these measures including a thriving Black Market, leading to profiteering by ordinary people and professional criminals, the use of entrapment schemes by the Ministry of Food and advertising campaigns to raise morale amongst the general public. All of these have been the subject of in depth studies, some of which are on going, but I thought it would be interesting to show a few of the more amusing food related adverts today.
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Denture wish your teethies were wooden like mine?

This morning I was half expecting to rub my peepers wearily, put my piggy slippers on the wrong feet, take my breath of ten arses and schlep downstairs to find my disgruntled wee billabong’s porky pinkies a-blur, tapping furiously on my laptop in the grip of an eBay bidding war with GummyBear2011 and Molardisco31 during the nail-biting last few seconds of the auction for Queen Elizabeth I’s mangy wooden teeth.
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Chatty Baby

Get Out Of The Pushchair And Get Some Exercise!

"Baby doing press ups"Is it me, or are we getting completely obsessed with weight and exercise? It seems everyone has an opinion on what we should eat, how much, how frequently. My friends and I have all had our 12 month checks relatively recently and while you’d expect us to get weighed and have diet discussed in some detail, we each had contradictory advice. Weird.

Now, according to several of the national newspapers, we have to do at least 3 hours of exercise a day, too! I am genuinely amazed that there are official guidelines for how much activity babies and toddlers should be doing.
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The Modern Family

Having A Favourite Child

Recently I went to a special birthday party, you know, the kind with a ‘0’ on the end. The birthday girl was pretty smashed, but we were a bit stunned when she announced in her speech that a particular child is her favourite. Everybody laughed, until she said “no, seriously, he is my favourite”. It was mostly stunning as she only has two children.
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Aspie In The Family

The stay at home mother

I used to be a working mother but after spending a number of years balancing work with looking after my children, I finally gave up work in 2001 after the birth of my third baby. The cost of childcare for three children hardly made it worthwhile returning to work and the demands of a special needs son made things even more complicated. I therefore decided to become a stay at home mother (SAHM) though I always had the intention to return to work when my children were older.

It was at this point that I started to encounter negative attitudes towards me. Whenever I stated my occupation as a SAHM I often encountered patronizing responses to the effect that I must spend all my days watching daytime telly or gossiping over a cup of coffee with other mums.
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Bod For Tea

Babysitting or parenting?

"question mark"So I came downstairs yesterday morning, dripping with sweat (and rather smelly actually, but that’s probably tmi) after finishing a particularly boring but still knackering half-hour cycle on our Ebay purchased spinning bike. As usual I automatically thanked OH for watching DD while I was away. I’m lucky I suppose, every week I manage to get a spin session, manicure or whatever, some precious me-time to unwind and recharge, while he plays with DD and generally ensures she doesn’t stick the nearest metal instrument into a socket or pour squash onto our new carpet.
And then I got to thinking…
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Trouble Doubled

How I came to terms with my SAHMness

SAHMnessGrowing up, I was always the girl in class who was going to leave town, get a fantastic career and never be seen again, until I reached the House of Commons en route to being PM. I was never going to be a Stay-At-Home-Mum with four kids, dependent on a man for money and completely out of the loop of the job market. My decision to have
children was based on not wanting to be the one who denied my other-half the privilege of having the big family he’d always wanted.
So two children was to be the compromise. Or at least, that was the plan.

Four children later and I am the one stuck at home, doing the menial stuff like loading the dishwasher, the grotty, like cleaning the bog,and the emotional, like sticking plasters onto grazes and wiping away the tears. And do you know what? I don’t really mind.
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How my 2 year old learned about deer and death.

"dead deer"Not that it’s likely that many of you will encounter a dead deer in your garden, but would you know what to do if you did? Probably not, well neither did I and it took about 2 hours to find the answer. First port of call the vets – I thought they might be able to point me in the right direction. They gave me the number of the RSPCA and the local council. According to the council a wild animal can only be collected from the roadside or public place, if it is on private property then the disposal is your own responsibility. If I couldn’t find anyone to collect it then it became an environmental health issue and they would come and collect it. The RSPCA suggested I contact DEFRA . They said that they would normally advise people to dispose of animals in normal refuse, but that a deer probably wouldn’t fit! Their advice was to call the council again. The senior staff at the council finally authorised collection free of charge.
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 The Perfect Bad Mummy

When you lose a life line.

When it came to upgrade I opted for the Blackberry Bold – it seemed the obvious choice. I wanted to stand out from the crowd, not be a sheep and follow the iPhone clan! He didn’t even last long enough to get a name. Battery failure and constant chugging meant a new battery and ebay for him, buying out the contract and I gave in, and got Ivan.
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 Coombe Mill Blog

The Great Wallaby Adventure – An intrepid Journey

After a quick victorious picture we loaded the wallabies, all 3 in total carefully into the back of Farmer Nick’s stock trailer for the short but bumpy drive back to Jurassic Park.
The rest of us took the scenic route back cross the meadows and through the wood and arrived to meet Nick and the wallabies just climbing the slope to Jurassic Park. Here their intrepid journey ends and their life in Coombe Mill begins:
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6 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 10-10-11 8-12 months

  1. Emma Jones says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sproglet Bloglet! It makes my day of cleaning up shitty bums and fighting constant knackeredness that little bit brighter. We all need a giggle every so often and this doesn’t half make me laugh! Give it whirl, it’ll put a smile on your face. E x

  2. Liz Hazard says:

    I adore the Sproglet Bloglet – it is genuine, honest, funny and informative. I truly empathise with everything that is written and think it is great source of positive information as well as a little light relief for all the stressed out moms out there!! A great read! cannot recommend it highly enough! xxxx

  3. Helen Gammon says:

    Wow just about to give birth, and cant wait to keep reading such honest funny accounts of having a baby …… Amazing wit and intelligence …. love the Sproglet Bloglet – Helen xxxxxx

  4. Louisa Lindsey-Clark says:

    Loving the Sproglet Bloglet, brings back all the memories like a milky burp, absolutely spot on and hilarious observations of life in the bubble of babydom. Well done and keep writing!

  5. Awww shucks, thanks you lot! If you each give me your address I’ll come and kiss you all repeatedly on the face in gratitude of your lovely scribblings. What do you mean ‘no’?! Big fat poopy smeared wuv coming at ya, you wonderful sparkly yum yums you. x

  6. Yvonne Hitchcock says:

    This article Brings back memories of countless sleepless nights and endless tubes of Dentinox. Much funnier reading about it as an older mum. Great blog, keep it coming.

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