The Weekly Showcase – 10-10-11 Brand New! (under 1 month)


TGI Friday

C’mon kids eat your breakfast, you have school and crèche, can you eat your breakfast whilst watching the telly, are you eating, c’mon you’ve nearly finished, you’ve got 5 mins to get dressed, who’s first to get dressed, ok then go and have a wee, yes I’ll put the light on for you, son:, stop giving your breakfast to the dogs, Noooooo, don’t pee on the floor, look there’s the potty
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 That’s the baby game…

A bit about me – By Mya

Hi everyone, Mya here!

I thought, seeing as this whole blog is about me, that I would formally introduce myself.
So, this is me. I am 17 months old and totally cool.

I live with my mum, who is not cool. I mean for starters she thinks that every time I am busting out some moves to the Weekend Song on CBeebies, that its okay to join in, shaking what can only be described as the-giant-bum-of-doom! Its like she totally thinks shes Beyonce or something.

I also live with my dad. He’s totally bald. Seriously, there is not a single hair on that head! Weird.

Anyways, moving swiftly on…
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Let's Go Make

Make a Hook a Duck Game

Hello and welcome to the first official Let’s Go Make blog post. The previous entries you can see have just been to test things out and to give you a few more projects to look at while your here. Each week I’ll be adding a new creative project to this blog. This week, as you can see, I’ve created a smaller version of that old fairground classic – hook a duck. The ducks all have numbers underneath. You need to mix them up and then take it in turns to try and hook them, which is harder than it looks. You then add the numbers on the bottom of all your ducks together. The person with the highest total is the winner!
"hook and duck game"
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2 comments on “The Weekly Showcase – 10-10-11 Brand New! (under 1 month)

  1. SAHDandproud says:

    Excellent! Some more to subscribe to. Look forward to reading them over the course of the week!

  2. older mum says:

    Really great blogging. Really enjoying the read so far. Mondays have now become the ‘big read’.

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