The Weekly Showcase 14-11-11 Brand New!

A mums internal monologue


A mums internal monologueThere were two things I wanted to avoid when I had children, they were to not lose socks in the supermarket and to not leave my baby smelling of poo. I have now done both these things…

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent

You know you’re watching too much Cbeebies when…

Adventures of an Ordinary ParentSomeone asks you which band you like and, without even thinking about it, you reply, “Zingzillas”.

You see Justin Fletcher everywhere.

You only know when spring / summer / autumn / winter is officially over because Cbeebies changes its season song.

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from fun to mum

Dear Santa

from fun to mumI know Santa knows it all and he has magic powers so my list is one of those whereby money is no object and superpowers are allowed.

1. An exact clone of myself. Not because I am all that, but because I could finally be a mum and enjoy Little Miss G who, at 13 months yesterday, is the most adorable she has ever been, but also be a woman who works for a living and has the time to earn and spend money as well as interact with adults. I want my playful Saturday mornings with the baby and I also want my lazy Saturday mornings with Vogue.
2. A job that I enjoy. The magazine for which I worked nearly 6 years has made me redundant at the end of my maternity leave and I would love for you, Santa, to knock on my door and tell me what to do next. As I cannot cook, iron, clean, bake, look after plants or animals, I have a pretty good inkling that I am not really cut out to be a Stay At Home Mum.

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Dales84It is now 8 days into the month formally known as November, for those of you questioning what has happened to November, it’s name has changed to Movember. You may have thought the world has gone crazy if you’ve stepped out your house and noticed many men sporting a furry upper lip. This is what Movember has done, it’s a way for men to help make more men aware of male illness’s and cancers such as prostate and testicular, cancers which kill so many men, yet in most cases are easily curable.

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One comment on “The Weekly Showcase 14-11-11 Brand New!

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Seriously this has Santa, C-Beebies, Poo and a moustache this week – What a great category !!!

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