The Weekly Showcase – 17-10-11 1 to 3 months

The Bling Buoy

Pets. Pointless?

"sleeping kitten"Seriously, what is the point of pets? You provide them with food & shelter, you worm them, walk them, clean up their stinky litter… and what do you get in return? Love? Is that it? Don’t we get enough love from the human beings in our life? I am lucky to have an abundance of love from my friends and family and yet my home does not feel complete without pets. Why?
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The Singing Mummy

Dear so and so…

Dear Husband

the singing mummyI know things are a bit mad at the moment, I can’t remember the last
time we actually had a proper conversation, and I really am sorry for
this! Things are so hectic, 2 babies, you working silly hours and me
trying fit in working around you and the kids leaves me NO time at
all. I don’t mean to totally ignore you most evenings, but my head is
so full of lists at the moment of things that need doing that most of
the time I can’t remember my name let alone be able to hold an adult
conversation. I will let you into a little secret – working with two
babies is hard!!

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Wag Doll

Re-Fashionista! Silk Top Revamp

"WagDoll"I have a love/hate relationship with revamping old clothes

On the one hand I feel a sense of achievement in turning a hideous garment into something wearable, and it’s certainly ‘greener’ than throwing it away. But, it just doesn’t ring my bell like sewing and creating from scratch. You can’t bask in the glory of “Oh this? I made it myself!” when there’s a dirty great label sticking out of your neckline.

I’ve always altered clothes to improve the fit, and done repairs…(urgh, necessary but so boring). But I don’t often revamp. However, here’s one I did this weekend.
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Sign and The City

Taking your Baby to Work: What’s it really like?

"Sign and the city"As many of you probably know by now, I run a baby signing business where parents and carers bring their little ones to my classes to learn how to use baby sign language to communicate before speech happens. I’ve been doing this now for over 4 years, and recently decided to share my experiences of running a business alongside a family, through this blog. What you may not know is, I started the business when my second daughter was only 5 months old and she came with me when I went out and ran the classes. For the first 3 months I ran 2 classes but this increased very quickly to 3, and then 5 per week. I certainly learned a lot about juggling motherhood alongside a new business in a very short space of time!
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A mummy too


child playing guitarI don’t hate children’s TV…I just hate the music. Ever had a children’s TV theme in your head that just won’t go away? This one’s for you. A video made in response to the BritMums vlogging prompt, “Children’s Television: Love it? Hate it? WHY???”
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Mum Of One

This week baby I promise…

this week baby i promiseIt is Monday again so time for my very own meme. I learnt this week, at Bristol Blogcamp from the beautiful @MotherVenting, that this is pronounced ‘meem’ not ‘me-me’. Shame really. I preferred ‘me-me’.

Anyway, I digress….
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A Working Mum

Getting the balance right

"child with a cold"This week has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. Our little lad has been a bit poorly. He was sick quite a few times over night on Monday, and again on Tuesday morning. The poor wee soul didn’t know what was happening to him and couldn’t understand why we kept changing his pj’s and the bedding in his cot.
It took a while to settle him every time after we’ve changed him, and once we’d managed to settle him it was time to change him all over again!

I should have been at work on Tuesday but I just couldn’t leave him. I really wanted to stay home all day with him but I had to go in to work for a bit in the afternoon. I felt awful having to leave him, I should have been there to look after and comfort my son. Fortunately my mother-in-law was able to take over the nursing duties.

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Three Little Flowers

Cuddle not Cudgel!

"Dolls Face"We are into the last fortnight. 12 days to go before the arrival of the twins and we have been trying to introduce L to the idea that she will have 2 little sister to share her life with. I’m not sure how successfully you can do this with a one year old but I wonder if her recent determination to learn how to walk is a response to the threat of the imminent competition!

K has been spending the last couple of weeks introducing L to a doll and teaching her to care for her and most importantly to be gentle with her. It’s very cute when she strokes her head, gives her a kiss, goes aahhh and puts a blanket protectively over her. It was all going so well.

Then the incident with the spider.
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Musings of a stressy mummy

What do you call your lady bits?

An interesting question, I know and one I have had to consider a lot recently, thanks to two of my lovely sons. Until just under two years ago, life was simple. I had three boys and with all of them, it was simple. We fondly called the “bits down there” a “winky” and all was fairly clear (apart from my husband introducing Herbie the Hamster who needed to come out of his hole for a wash). Then I had a beautiful little girl and things suddenly changed.

It soon became evident to my sons that everything was a bit different “down there” with little girls and they suddenly became more than a little bit obsessed with the topic, to the point when I got out of the shower in the morning, I would usually find one of them having a good look up at me from all sorts of strange angles.
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Purple Mum

Coping with Depression

When I started this blog I was unsure whether I would blog about depression.

It has been a big part of my life for the last ten years. Having said that, I don’t define myself as a depressed person. If I did, I’m not sure I would be able to enjoy the bits in between. These are the times when I am a confident, happy person with a good sense of humour.

The first time I understood that the feelings washing over me had a name, I was around 22. That said I think I’ve had depression since I was a young teenager. I just didn’t recognise its face.

At that time I was grieving. My dad had died, it was extremely painful. Months went by and I couldn’t lift myself out of the hole I was residing in. I went to see a doctor. He prescribed antidepressants which I decided to try. They made me feel drugged/high. It wasn’t a pleasant sensation, my pupils where huge and I talked way too much.
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Nearly Perfect Mother

ENGLAND: Nil Points

A very good friend of mine and I have just returned from a weekend in Paris. I should point out this is absolutely NOT usual behaviour. It is precisely BECAUSE of usual behaviour (mainly on the part of our four under fours) that we got drunk one night and spontaneously booked an Easyjet flight and a tiny cupboard in Le Marais, before we could sober up and return to being vaguely sensible.

Keen to make the most of Vin Rouge time and the least of baggage claim boredom, we decided to take hand luggage only. A bonne idée until both bags set off the infrared scanners at security due to the sheer volume of vanity products. It’s a rude awakening to be given a small see-through bag and politely told you can only take what fits into it. Having to publically prioritise your beauty products is quite a challenge I can tell you, especially when you’re off to Paris of all places and will require at least an inch of foundation to get from bleak to chic. I could see the panic in my friend’s face as she had to question on the spot whether Touché Éclat should outrank Beauty Flash Balm.
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...And PND Makes Three

Raisins Can Talk

The key to mental well being is the top secret fact that raisins squeak when you squeeze them. Try it. Perform this operation in public for maximum effect: Take a raisin and place it veeerrrry close to your ear. Squeeze it veeerrrry gently between your fingers…..Listen veeerrry carefully……Did you hear it?….Try it again…..Hear it this time?…..You did, didn’t you? That little dried morsel whispered a teeny tiny squeak at you, didn’t he? Now, chuckle smugly to yourself as you observe ignorant onlookers gaze in awe and confusion. Welcome thee to a brand new era, for your life has irrevocably altered.
That’ll be £350, please.
Let me explain.
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Mish Mash Mum

The List

“Mummy, mummy, look at what I’ve done… I’ve finished the list… it’s got everything I want on it… I’ve written it all down for you here… here… Look, look… LOOOOk!”

It has begun.

Today I was awoken from a (brief) nap on the sofa to find a glaringly white piece of paper, with smudgy-finger border, being forced into close proximity of my face by my excitable 5 year old son. I could just make out the painstaking detail copied from the newest Tesco Direct catalogue. If it had been anything other than what it was, I would have been extremely pleased with the effort involved: finger spacing; correct spelling; numbers round the right way. But, no, I was slowly filled with dread as I realised what this piece of paper contained. It was a list. THE list. The no escaping, all encompassing (drum roll):

‘Christmas Present List 2011’
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 DisABLEd Positive Parents

I got on that thing called floor today!

diaAbledparentsI know that some things in animals are innate like a duckling taking to water but I thought I would take matters of child development into my own hands,head for the dreaded floor and teach crawling!

So I slid off the bed in my sons room onto the floor. My husband popped Christopher onto the floor. I then stated to slither around like a badly co-ordinated snake in my smart work dress!

I had at least struggled onto the floor so I was going to make the most of it. I rolled my son onto his tummy and rolled onto mine and we both just lay there like stranded slugs really, all be it petite slugs! I had a toy car on the floor so I pushed the car ,with my nose, towards my son. We laughed, we both collapsed with exhaustion at one point, heads in the carpet but both he and I put our heads up,looked at each other and a great big semi toothless grin came over his face,I felt I had gotten a grip of one of my fears and was being the best mummy I could be.
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 This Is Life

Soft soft bread

I love Chinese/ Japanese buns. They are sweeter, softer, and much more versatile than what people are used to in the UK (pardon me 😉 ). Our local friends and neighbours loved it and were amazed at how soft the bread is, and found it interesting that there are fillings inside and on top of the bread. Give this recipe a go and let me know what you think!
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Are you scared of spiders mummy?

spider cartoonOne of the constant dilemmas I face as a single-mum to my 2 year-old bear-cub is how much negative emotion to try to ‘hide’ from him. The other day we found a huge spider in his bedroom and I tried to calmly explain that we needed to take him outside so he could ‘be with his spider friends’. When bear cub questioned why I was putting the spider in a glass and not picking it up with my hands I answered, through gritted teeth and with shaky hands, that I simply didn’t want to accidently squash him! From the look on his face I don’t think bear cub was convinced for a minute. I however, was actually quite proud of myself for managing to get that close to a big spider even if there was a glass between it and me. Dealing with spiders is yet another new territory for me since becoming a single parent.
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Emmys Mummy

Miscarriage 😦

This is something I have briefly mentioned in a post called 10 things you didn’t know about me, it is something I am very open about and quite happy to talk about – to friends, family and even strangers! I believe that Miscarriage should NOT be a Taboo subject.
So here is my story:
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