The Weekly showcase 17-10-11 4-7 months

Jennifer's Little World

Can a little girl wear her big brother’s old clothes?

"Jennifers Little World"When Harry was born, we had some good friends that passed on their outgrown boys’ clothing to us. He had more clothes than he could ever wear, and they were all good quality and in great shape. Being the first, he was also given lots of lovely new clothes as gifts. As a result, we hardly ever had to buy him clothes, and felt rather indulgent when we did.

As he grew out of his clothes, I kept them all, even the ones that he never wore, all bagged up in the loft. You never know whether the future might bring you twin boys!

Mia as a baby wore the same vests and sleepsuits that Harry had. She didn’t even need to wear the blue ones, we had enough neutrals to last. We received a few lovely pieces as gifts too. When she got to the age where she couldn’t just wear a sleepsuit all day, I went through all the bags to pick out clothes to pass on to her.
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Five Go Blogging

The Mystery Of The Missing Vowel

"Sperman"In the summer holidays the Big One discovered the Cbeebies Jackanory game where you chose your character and then told a story about it. You could then print it out and make it into a little book. He made a few of these stories over the holidays and was very proud of them. Especially this one about a superhero who rescues a dog.
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You're not from round here

Breastfeeding is best.

"bottle feeding"Really? I had no idea. Haven’t heard anyone mention it before.

So, formula is rubbish and we are lesser parents if we decide to go down this route, that much seems to be clear.

However, as I have previously mentioned in my post about breastfeeding struggles, it is not always possible to breastfeed your baby. I recently read a blog which suggested that it was an old wives tale that your nipples can become chapped and sore. Trust me, this is not an old wives tale. If you don’t believe me, I have pictures to prove it. I took them to remind me why I stopped attempting to breastfeed my daughter. My nipples were cracked, sore and bleeding. The milk my daughter was drinking was pink with blood.
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My Life,My Son,My Way

Bad Hair Day?… More Like Bad Hair Year!!

"bad hair day"Have you ever woken up and felt like crap within just one look in the mirror?

Me… prob the last time I was natural

I have!! I have had this every day for a good… year!… or more I reckon… That isn’t even an exaggeration!!

Naturally I have hideous mousey brown boring hair with a hint of red thrown in from my ginger daddy… It is THE most boring colour hair on the planet… FACT

…but I have had Bleach Blonde hair for as long as I can remember. Although I stupidly agreed to dye it dark brown once and instantly regretted it. Not only was it done under the control of a freak of an ex but it was done practically against my will. Yes it was my hair and how can someone force me, but if someone says something that often then it sort of just becomes your idea… but not, if you get what I mean?…. and yes my hair was on the brink of falling out and had seen more bleach than an OCD woman’s loo, but I loved it that colour and I didn’t want to change it! I cried everyday for a good month after and hated it, I still hate looking at photo’s of it now! Not long after I dyed my hair dark, I split up from him/escaped from him… Go Figure!!….
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Yellow Days

Breast or Bottle: I just don’t care!

"Breast or Bottle"Breast Feeding Mums were painted as elitist parenting snobs bolstering their egos by reducing poor Formula Feeders to tears with tales of how their baby will inevitably develop life limiting health problems. Formula Feeders are both selfish and guilt ridden (an interesting combo) and so distraught about their choice to give formula (obviously just to allow them to party all night) that the sight of a baby being breast-fed can send them over the edge.
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Confessions of a SAHM

"SAHM"I can’t accept my baby is growing up…

OK, so this post is more of a ‘write things down to get them off my chest’ post.

On the 21st October 2011 my baby, A, will be turning 1 and I cannot accept it. I have brought her a few gifts, but I really cannot bring myself to be happy that she is going to be a year old.

A lot of people probably think I am being stupid, and comments have been made about how I should be happy she’s turning 1, how she’s growing blah blah blah…I really don’t want to hear it!

I am distraught, devastated, upset about her growing up. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t expect it to be this quick!
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Dear Beautiful Boy

My Best Day

When I was pregnant
everybody said that having my baby
would be the best day of my life.
And I can definitely think of a lot of different ways to describe that day.

The day that he was born
was without doubt one of the best days of my life.
It was also
the most exhausting day of my life,
the most emotional day of my life,
the most physically painful day of my life,
and the most life-changing day of my life.

I think that my husband and I both have some negative feelings
about how things went over the 6th and 7th of February 2011.
It was without doubt the scariest thing we have been through as a couple.
And it didn’t really go the way that either of us expected it to.
The Best Day
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Mum 2 Baby Insomniac

Electronic Messaging Etiquette – 1 Kiss (x), 2 Kisses (xx) Or Maybe 3 Three (xxx)?!

KissThe electronic kiss or ‘X’ as it is better known. Before the days of texts, email and social networking sites, there was never any queston of how you would end a message that was going to be sent through the air but now I find myself wondering about electronic messaging etiquette on a regular basis – should I add one kiss, two kisses or maybe even three.
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Older Mum

Older Mum Is Selfish

"Dr Walters"Well I don’t disagree with you, of course pregnancy comes with more potential risk the older we get; miscarriage, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, longer labours, downs syndrome….. the list goes on. But when I finally pulled my socks up and announced ’yes! I am finally ready for a baby’ at the tender age of 38, there was nothing more off putting than constantly reading all the dire warnings about age, fertility, health complications blah blah blah broadcast by doctors, obstetricians and journalists jumping on the latest medical research.
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Boo And Me

Things I Can’t Say

"Boo and Me"Yesterday, needing to walk off some frustration, we went for a wonder around the park. Technically the abbey gardens, it is one of my favourite places ever. And Boos, because it has swings.

When it’s not rammed full of teenagers/hyper kids it’s lovely to spend time there. Boo antagonised some budgies for a while before we headed to the swings. As I turned around a squirrel sat so close to me he I was practically wearing him as a shoe.

‘Ooooh, look Boo!’ I exclaimed, before stopping dead in my tracks. You see, the thing is, just don’t laugh ok…I can’t say squirrel. She looked at me quizzically and then distracted herself by trying to poke the as yet unidentified creature in front of her.
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Not Another Mummy Blog?

Your work wardrobe – sorted!

"Not another mummy blog"Since returning to work after maternity leave, I’ve become that person who has a ‘work wardrobe’. Although now I have a new worry – how should I be dressing for the office now that I’m making the effort to buy smarter ‘work clothes’? The thought of buying anything from the office-wear collection in Next makes me feel a bit queasy, but I’m realistic about my inability to pull off cocktail-dress-in-the-office-chic.

Polly Vernon has some good tips in her Grazia column:

Dress with women colleagues in mind. Make impressing/intimidating/bedazzling/charming the girls your end game. Life’s too short to second guess a male response to any outfit.
A sharp blazer is the answer to lots of your problems. Good blazers are as cool and chic as they are eternally appropriate.
Wear excellent shoes. Make your feet the focus of your desire to self-express, to rage against the corporate machine.
To hell with skirt-suits. Unless you’re cabin crew, that’s a matching two-piece too far in the name of professional advancement.

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Melksham Mum

Beards! Yes or No?!

beard or no beardIf you follow me closely on Twitter, or have read the previous post on this blog, you may have picked up on my secret rather obvious love of beards. Now don’t all go bleurghhhhhh – just because a man has a beard does not mean I am going to pounce on him. I still have my standards and the rest of the package has to work for me too. It’s just the men I currently like have beards, and, yes, that includes the husband! This has been a recent development though – maybe my hormones are going craaaaazy with mid-life crisis-ness. Who knows? But for now I like beards.

Let’s examine this more closely.

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Here Come The Girls

School Run Chic – (sort of)

"School Run Chic"Before this year I hadn’t heard the phrase School Run Chic. Last year it was all about celebrities with their baby bumps and then their seemingly miraculous weight loss post baby. Now it seems we can’t get enough of looking at celebrities taking their children to school, or so the tabloids tell us. This week I was lucky enough to get a much needed night out at a blogging event for tinyme. As it was my first such event as a mummy blogger, I approached it with a little trepidation. I made sure I had a rather blissful uninterrupted hour getting ready to go out. As I was about to leave, my daughter arrived home from school. She looked at me rather quizzically and said “mummy, you don’t normally wear a dress in the house.” Hmmmm… no.
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Life As I Know It


Sharing some pics, a video and some randomness …. read & see more!
"ladybird on a leaf"
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12 hours to bedtime

Extreme Parenting

Today, I witnessed what can only be described as Extreme Parenting. Or perhaps it was less of the parenting and just an example of an Extreme Parent.

There I was puttering along, thinking that on a scale of 0-10, I was probably up there as an 8, occasionally 9, in terms of being an involved parent. I try to engage my kids in activities, in conversations, in helping about the house. I try to be involved. Honestly, I do. It’s just that when I go to playgroups, to the park, to gymnastics, it’s as much (if not more) for me than my kids. I go, because I have to get out of the house. I go, because I need to talk to another human being who does not suck a dummy or poo their pants while smiling at me, pointing at their bottom, saying “Poo, Poo”.
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The Diary Of A Lagos Mum

Anti-Social Baby?

Three weeks ago we went to a birthday party. We spent one hour in
traffic getting there. Baby was not happy. He was, I think, still getting over the shock of his own birthday party. This was a joint party – so there were 50 kids ranging from 6 months to about 9 years, it was outdoors, the music was loud, it was chaos and my baby was not happy.
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Older Single Mum

Is Life Like a Sat. Nav. Drive?

"night sky"Are we guided – spiritually or otherwise – when we go off our course? I think so.

We all have feelings inside that guide us. They start of as little messages – or ‘intuitions,’ even ‘inner-tuitions’ it could be suggested, like whispers. Then they become louder as we veer further and even vastly off our course.

It is the hardest thing in the world to be true to yourself. People fear what they don’t know and nobody knows how we truly feel.

I agree that our outlook is, or can be, heavily influenced by our upbringing, that we can inherit fears and phobias and attitudes, small or worldly minds and loves and hates, but those little inklings inside, perhaps aspiring to better / different things, our individual loathings and passions that we might be afraid to voice and things that just don’t feel right or, indeed, draw us to them, belong to us alone and we should own them…
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The Princess And The Pickle

Half Term Crafty Bits

With the half term holiday fast approaching (I’m sorry but yes, already!) I thought I’d share a few crafty ideas to keep the little ones entertained for 5 minutes (the rest of the 23 hours and 55 minutes of each day are up to you though. Sorry!)

We all know how much young children enjoy making noise! I’m sure most of you will have, at some point, filled an empty bottle with some dry pasta or rice to make a shaker, but have you made a Super Shaker…?

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Suddenly Mum

Are you there God? I could do with some help with ‘The Talk’

"robot sex"Sunflower (11) was in tears. Daddy didn’t know why and she didn’t want to tell. They both looked at me. Perhaps this was a time for step-mum to step in. Oh boy. I sensed ‘The Talk’ might be looming.
After gulping down the tears Sunflower told me that the health teacher would be coming in to school to talk to all the girls soon and she didn’t know whether she should go or not. Was it something she should know too? I sensed a hint of conservative African attitude coming through, residue of her past perhaps. We don’t like to have taboos in our new family and I tell the girls we can talk about anything. Anything? Gulp.
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Actually Mummy

Gary Barlow Followed Me On Twitter!* Updated!

Within 2 minutes of making his first tweet live on the Xtra Factor, he had 2,400 followers. After 4 minutes that number doubled, and since I have been composing this post, another 83,796 have signed up. Is this the fastest Twitter growth ever? And does it really matter, given that X Factor’s newest idol isn’t actually tweeting anything much? Mummy’s friends (and by this I mean the ‘normal’ ones, who don’t blog or tweet) are scathing about Twitter. ‘Who wants to know what you are having for tea, or that your dog just peed indoors?’ they whine. Surely unless you have a consumer product to sell, Twitter is just a waste of time? Isn’t it…? ….
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All Sweetness and Life

It’s not me it’s you.

"it's not me it's you"A couple of nights ago I went for a drink with some girlfriends. We are a fun bunch there’s no denying it. Intelligent, attractive and up for a laugh, I don’t mind saying it because it’s true. We are a catch. Of the 4 of us 2 were single and 2 had recently been dumped. Dumped I ask you! What a nasty little word, discarded like a pair of ripped 15 deniers after a boozy night in Manchester town centre, how very dare they. Fortunately for us these days it takes a little more than some prick getting cold feet to put us off our Sauvignon Blanc and after a 45 minute bitching session we spent the rest of the night flirting poor bewildered Italian tourists in skinny jeans en route to have their pictures taken outside Amy Winehouse’s house. Nothing like a good dose of harassment to lift one’s spirits.

However the situation as it was did get me thinking about the techniques men use when it comes to calling time on relationships. Friend A. received the following after a 7-month relationship –

“Hiya, you are a beautiful, witty, fantastic person, you make me laugh constantly and of course the sex is amazing ; ) I have been totally blessed to have you in my life. Who’d have thought when we met that we would have the memories that we do now! But, I’m sorry and there’s no easy way to say it but I’m not the man for you. Somewhere out there is some lucky man who’s going to spend his life with you. Your are an amazing girl don’t ever forget it.”

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Feisty Tapas

The Changing Bag

"feisty tapas"Does your partner love bags? Then chances are that she dreams of a changing bag (or two) to add to her collection. If that’s the case, a very nice touch would be to buy her one while she is pregnant or, if you have young children, one to replace the one she already has or just one to surprise her at any time. She will probably have looked at what is on offer and will have set her heart on one (or two), so you could quiz her and/or help her choose. The information below will help you.

Perhaps she actually hates bags and the idea of having to carry one all the time. The fact is that she won’t have a choice (babies come with a lot of stuff) and the market is full of bags to suit all personalities, you know your partner well so make sure you have a good look and, if you don’t find anything by way of a so-called changing bag, you could look for a bag with lots of different pockets, it could even be a backpack.
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Ten Grimy Fingers and Ten Cheesy Toes

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Growing & the make-your-own Health Visitor kit

"tape measure"I have a confession to make.
I don’t do the whole Health Visitor thing.
I did at the start, for a short time, at least. But no longer. Enough is enough.

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Moors Mummy

You and Me, Me and You!

stressedSometimes I think you have to take time out.

Time out as a mummy, as a wife and as a teacher.

There are always days when life seems too much.

Too much stress, noise, taxiing, telling off, all the things we do everyday but sometimes don’t think about enough to realise exactly what it is that we do!

Our ‘jobs’, take it out of us.

There are days when I go to work at 7:15am, having had 3 hours sleep. I know I am not the only one. Some weeks I have two or three days like that and I wonder how I function.

At times I know I need a break……
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Poorly baby… get well soon!

My poor little sausage, she is not well at all! I think now Seren is back in school she is probably bringing all sorts home to us. My immune system is pretty good, and from workIng in schools it’s built itself up pretty well. But, bless her, Ffreya is only 12 months and now the cold weather is kicking in and I think she is going to have quite a bit more to come. The winter coats and hats have been pulled out of the cupboard and washed as well as the fleecy footmuffs and I am just DESPERATE for my new snunkie which is currently stating ‘Ready to Cut’ just to keep me on my toes! The heating went on today as well, for the first time since I turned it off for the summer, it official… winter is on its way!!!
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What I didn’t know when having children

There are some things you expect when you have kids. You expect that you might have some interrupted sleep… what you don’t expect is that you get used to it; that you and 1am, 3am and 4am get to be best friends!

You expect that sleep ins are a thing of the past… what I didn’t know is that 7am becomes the new sleep in!

You know that will be nappies… what I didn’t know is that sometimes those nappies, they don’t work! Sometimes there is more poo outside of the nappy than in! Or that sometimes you hands become the nappy!

You know there will be snot and colds… what I don’t know is that your newest fashion accessory will become the snot smear, strategically placed directly over the left boob! AND that a cold doesn’t just mean feeling under the weather; it means not being able to breathe or take a dummy or drink a bottle or leave mommy’s lap for more than 5 minutes without a whinge!
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The Blunt Truth

When is it the right time to stop?

Mothers MilkAm I planning on continuing to feed for myself (as suggested by a certain someone very close to me)? Ollie could be my last baby so maybe I don’t want to give up the attachment? He is still very much my baby, and I don’t think it’s because I don’t want to lose the attachment, more that I know he really wants to breastfeed and I don’t want to deny him. Is that so wrong?

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5 comments on “The Weekly showcase 17-10-11 4-7 months

  1. I’m voting for Botha Bunch for writing a superb post that should be given out as a pamphlet at famiy planning clinics.
    And also for Five Go Blogging for having the funniest entry to Wot So Funee? last week!

  2. oldermum says:

    Really enjoyed Suddenly Mum, the Blunt Truth and when are you going to take centre stage Mammasaurus – you deserve too!

  3. catparrott says:

    I’m going to vote for @homedad this week. I couldn’t agree more with his post but he has said much more nicely than I would have done.

  4. Another great week! Yellow Days was my fav this week, a good thought provoking post,

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