The Weekly Showcase 17-10-11 8-12 months

Water Birth Please


"wassat"Next on the agenda is the “Wassat?” game. Since learning to ask what things are, there’s no stopping her. Out she runs from the bedroom and re-appears back through the door having selected an object of choice and demanding immediate identification with the word of the moment “Wassat?” On the plus side, she’s always happy with the first answer given. On the minus side, she does not return the object to its proper home, but dumps it unceremoniously onto the bed with us before going to select the next mystery item. It goes like this:
“It’s a shoe, Grace. Mummy’s shoe. Oh thank you”
(Runs out the room. 30 seconds peace. Runs back in)
“Book. That is a book Grace. Ta.”
(Exit once again. 60 seconds peace. Enter Giblet stage left.)
“That is the special stand for holding the toilet rolls Grace. Oh, you’re passing Mummy ALL the toilet rolls from it are you? Ta. Ta. Thank you. Ta Goodness me what a lot of toilet rolls. AND the stand too? THANK you Grace.”
(Objects on bed now beginning to obscure view of the telly)
“Daddy’s pants.”
“A sponge.”
“That’s a hammer. OO SH**, GIVE TO MUMMY GRACE! QUICKLY! TA!”
You get the idea.
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Beautiful Things By Claire

How to be Superwoman

"white wine"So many of you have commented on my blog in the past with the words “I don’t know how you do it”, “You must be Superwoman”, “How to you manage to fit in everything and look after a baby and a toddler”?

If I’m honest I ‘just do’ it’s the way I am, I don’t like to sit still and I have to be doing something. But if I step back and look at how I manage, I guess there are a few things I do on a daily basis that make my life a little easier, so I’ll share a few with you.

First things first, lists. I am the eternal list maker. Having had 2 children I am now suffering with terrible baby brain. It is bad after 1 child, but I swear when they had me under sedation following the birth of Little Miss Mack, they surgically removed most of my brain
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Bod For Tea

I keep her in a a box

A collection of cupsI got excited when I saw this week’s prompt over at Sleep Is For The Weak. Josie is such a talented writer that I’m enticed to join in with her weekly writing prompt just for the pleasure of basking in her writerly halo as it casts a faint glow over my forlorn page. (Errrr… I digress. In a particularly stalkerly fashion. Sorry ’bout that. I blame the drugs.) This week’s prompt is collections. ‘Great!’ I thought. I collect all sorts of things. But when I actually got down to it and wracked my brain to figure out what those ‘all sorts of things’ were I realised that I don’t collect anything at all. If anything I’m an un-collector.
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The Help

The HelpThe second thing I thought when best blogging buddy, Richmond Mummy, invited me to be her plus one to a special mummy blogger screening of ‘The Help’ at the swanky Covent Garden Hotel was ‘WOW, yes please RM!’.
The first thing was ‘Why wasn’t I invited?! Humph’

But I got over myself and promptly typed back ‘would love to RM, count me in!’

We arranged to meet opposite Covent Garden tube at 6.30pm. I had spent all day sitting at work in a grey silk dress with smoky eyes and poker straight hair, which I may or may not have ironed out at my desk.
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Multiple Mummy

A little boy confused! Baby or big boy?

We have hit a troublesome spot in the Multiple Mummy household. It serves me right, as we breezed through the so-called terrible two’s without a tantrum that sustained longer than 3 minutes and that very rarely occurred but being three has been a whole new ball game for both me and for Noah. My little boy is very confused as he doesn’t know whether to be a baby or a big boy but what’s more, according to the nursery he is using this to his advantage to get what he wants and manipulating the whole affair.
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