The Weekly Showcase – 17-10-11 Brand New! (under 1 month)


New Hobby

Today, I am pleased to announce, I have a new hobby; it’s only slightly different to my old adrenaline junkie type hobbies, I have the drive, the passion, the competiveness, my heart races when I put finger tips to keyboard and every (mundane) thing I now do gets a Title and a Paragraph… have you guessed yet?
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Mama's Little Baby Loves...

Listen very carefully… I shall say this only once…

"listen very carefully I shall say this only once"Well ok, it’s so exciting I’ll more than likely tell you again whether you want me to or not! Some of you may know me as a mild mannered law abiding citizen (well, I’m a citizen anyway!) but little do you know I am actually a secret agent and have recently been involved in a top secret mission. I know, I know – all the signs were there right? The late nights? The mysterious bump under my coat? The frequent trips to the ‘toilet’? What can I say; they were all part of my disguise (well, either that or I’m an exhausted, pregnant mother of one… you decide).
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How does it feel to be in Negative Equity?

My home is in negative equity to the tune of about 50%. To be honest, this is really what prompted me to start this blog.
It’s not that it happened recently-it was obvious when we bought the house in 2007 that this was the case-almost immediately I had that sick feeling in my stomach.
But it has taken me 4 years to acknowlege and accept the fact that this may be my home for the rest of my life-and not to feel terribly sad about that fact.

I mean, it’s not like its a box but its hardly a dream home. Like many people, it was bought as a stepping stone to something better-the dream house. It was also, like many people, bought in a hurry with cheap money and easy credit. I look around and get annoyed at the obvious short cuts the builder took-the cheap and nasty finish-clearly the estate was built in a hurry with little regard for longevity. There are many bugbears that I used to fret about, but now I just don’t-it’s time for me to move on from being bitter and angry.
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Let's Go Make

Draw a cartoon dog

This week see how to draw a cartoon dog. You’ll notice that it starts off in a similar way to the monkey before the details start to change. I’ve tried to go at a pace in the video that makes it easy to keep up for anyone who wants to have a go. You could add your own details like a big bushy tail or some teeth to make your dog different.
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One comment on “The Weekly Showcase – 17-10-11 Brand New! (under 1 month)

  1. I’m so excited to feature on here, thank you so much… I feel a bit lost in this scary new blogging world but I think I’m going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of pals! Right… only a million and one things to do before I can sit down and check out everyone else on here 🙂

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