The Weekly Showcase 19-09-11 4-7 months

The One Where We Move to London

So DorkyDad has accepted an exciting new job with an international charity based in London. I’m incredibly proud of him for taking on such a big challenge, and trying to use the knowledge and experience he has from working in higher education to benefit another sector. But now that we’ve had a few days to absorb the news, pop the champagne and wave our pompoms, the reality is starting to sink in that Clan Dawkins is moving to Englandshire. Oh my.Like this? Read more…

Snip, snip

I’ve been bugging him about his ‘procedure’ for the past year. Ever since, we had a ‘surprise’ ourselves. Ironically, our ‘surprise’ was created the evening we were celebrating Lola (almost 5 months old at the time) finally sleeping through the night. I had a bottle of white wine. Downloaded some eighties tunes. A bit of Raze (Break for Love), a bit of Luther Vandross (Never Too Much) and I felt like I was eighteen again. Minus the perm and electric blue mascara, of course. And the sense to use some form of contraception too, it would seem. Apparently, an advancing maternal age is not always reliable. Like this? Read more…

I’ve taken a big step……..

So, Zac and Ethan have been so naughty since they’ve gone back to school that I’ve started withdrawing privileges. And not just threatening it like I used to. I’m actually going through with it (even though it makes me feel like a very mean mummy sometimes). But I really feel like I need a bit of control. The boys are wild sometimes. Individually, they’re great. They listen, play nicely, and are as well behaved as I can expect them to be. But put them together and they turn into whirlwinds of destruction. They fight, everything gets thrown around, the noise level goes up about 20 notches, and they are completely uncontrollable. I try talking calmly, shouting at the top of my voice, sending one of them to their room to separate them, but they don’t take a blind bit of notice of anything I say. They seem lost in their own world of naughtiness. So it was time to change tact. It was time for Meanie Mum! Like this? Read more…

Mummy Moment

Hello everyone.I hope you are all well and enjoying the so-called Summer we are apparently having. I’m not a sun-worshiper but enjoy it best when the weather is warm and dry. I have never been one to be able to sit and sunbathe,I’m more likely to be found sat in the shade or indoors during the hottest part of the day. I wanted to add some photo’s showing how quickly the children are growing up and changing; Especially my youngest son,who is soon to be 8 months old. It has flown by so quickly and he doesn’t seem to want to stay a baby. He was crawling by 6 months,not long after he started pulling himself into a standing position either using furniture or whilst in his Travel cot. He is now the proud owner of 5 teeth, definitely the quickest cutting teeth but has seemed to suffer the most with it unfortunately. Thank goodness for teething necklaces,teething granules and teething gels. Like this? Read more…

Weekend Dads

So as I’m sitting there at 2am this morning, when Olivia was having a break from her bottle, concentrating on squeezing my finger with her whole hand, I realised how awful it must be for dads in my working position who are not able to help out with the feeds. I totally understand why you hear about guys who feel totally left out, surplus to requirement or even depressed. Without my feed time at night, I wonder if she’d remember who I was, other than a weekend dad. Like this? Read more…

Pump me up

It is normally around this time of year I start I have a slight crisis of confidence. My tan has all but gone, I’m a touch weightier than I would like to be thanks to a recent holiday in the Costa del carb and a little reddened and blotchy in colouration down to a number of booze filled months, weddings, birthdays, christenings, you name it I’ve abused the bar at it. Winter is setting in however and I refuse to spend the next six months in an old Gap Parker coat and pair of Uggs. I am all about the autumn renovation.Yesterday, to kick-start my health regime I thought I’d have some toxic poison injected into my face, I have never looked so fresh. Added to that I have replacing my evening meal with a packet of Parma ham, 35 prawns and 4 chipolatas, should I stick to this I am anticipating that by Christmas I will be totally expressionless, have Aitkin’s induced halitosis, brittle bones and a dowdy layer of hair covering my entire body. but….. I will be thin my friends I will be thin!I was advised by my ‘Doctor’, who encouragingly was without total movement in the upper part of her visage. (35? 50? 79? Who knows! Who cares!) that I might want to think about some vitamin injections and a chemical peel. Sounds painful? Apparently not, ‘slight discomfort, like an itchy hot acidy sting for 5 minutes. And the beauty of it is you can return to work that same afternoon with minimum inflammation, as if you have been running up and down stairs for 40 minutes after a harsh exfoliation.’ And all for a measly 17 hundred pounds! How have I not discovered this before? Like this? Read more…

The Gallery – A Happy Memory

Walking down the aisle with my daddy

still ranks right up there with one of the proudest moments of my life.

Although at the time I think the two of us were so worried about crying

that we tried not to think about it too much.

Once we got to the top of the aisle

I was desperately looking for my hubby-to-be’s face.

But he wasn’t looking at me.

Turns out he’d had a sneaky peek and was now busy trying not to cry himself.

Like this? Read more…

A baby’s first holiday

Christine and I love to travel and we have seen some beautiful parts of the world and we hoped that the travelling would simply be scaled back once BB joined our little travel group.Well last weekend, we took what some would consider was our first holiday as a family. Like this? Read more…

Do birds have allergies grandma? 

Just a short posting here, but it makes me realise just what an impact having a child like Bob in the family has on Fifi, and that a child truly learns what they live

On Thursday morning I went out to top up the bird feeder whilst the kids were sat at the table eating their breakfast. On my way back in

Fifi says to me “what are you feeing them?”

Me – bird food

Fifi – but what sort of bird food?

Me – I dont know just bird food

Fifi – but there is no list of ingredients, how do the birds know if they are allergic to it? Like this? Read more…

What a Nightmare! Top tip for dealing with bad dreams

Last night I had a nightmare. I was in the final of Strictly Come Dancing (yes, of course I’m that good). For some reason we had drawn the short straw and instead of being in a glitzy ballroom we were in the school hall. Not only that, but the head judge was a sorcerer, whose modus operandi was to throw dirt in the loser’s face….Keep reading for a great tip on solving the problem of bad dreams… Like this? Read more…

Fashion Daaaaarhling

All I know about Fashion Week is what I’ve seen on Sex & the City, The Devil Wears Prada and The Rachel Zoe Project, where everyone who attends is perfectly tall, perfectly proportioned and perfectly groomed and/or appears in a reality tv show.  I have learned that the most important people are always front row at the shows and that you do not EVER sit in one of Kelly Cutrone’s seats.  Like, EVER.  Just don’t ok.

But, as to when this event occurs in the year or what designers will be there, well that detail just passes me by.  I do not have a clue.  I am not a fashionista.  I wear leggings almost every day because my old jeans fit my old body and I cannot bear do not wish to size up.

My only criteria when shopping for clothes these days is: Does it fit? and Does it go with leggings? Like this? Read more…

Dear So and So….. venturing out

“Dear Mums Who Didn’t Talk….
Hello! I’m the one that stood looking awkward, smiling and nodding while listening in on your conversation with the well put together ladies… Thanks for making me realise I’m not really missing out when I’m sat at home watching Ratatouille with my babies while you are here drinking tea.
I won’t see you next week.
Who??”Like this? Read more…

Captain, she can’t take much more

I can’t bear it. Emotional overload has hit and my systems are crashing. My eyes leak tears, constantly. The smallest kindness causes me to hiccup and fumble for a tissue. I love my daughter so much that it has rendered me incapable and thick-headed.I have things to do. This must stop. The last time I burst into tears in a supermarket it proved to be the final confirmation of a six-month-long depression. This is not that. Granted, I am back in a supermarket — Sainsburys seems to trigger crises for me — but this time I have just waved Grace off on a three-day school trip and I am so apprehensive for her that I can feel the fault lines cracking along my heart. Like this? Read more…

Never Stopping, Full of Nothing

At the moment my mind and mybody are on two different axis. My mind is whirling at a million miles an hour, never stopping yet full of nothing. My body however is running in slow motion.It’s hard to explain so this is the closest I can get; you know when you’ve had too much to drink and you’re trying to explain something that makes perfect sense in your head but the words misbehave before they reach your lips and everything comes out as a bit of a confused jumble? I feel a bit like that when I’m saying the most basic sentence.I hope this is just my mind going through the darkness to come out the other side in a day or two. Until then, there’s not much I can do. Like this? Read more…

Brotherly Love

Naively, when I was pregnant with Spike I thought that my very easy going, 21 month old toddler would be ecstatic to have a baby brother.For the first 18 months of his life the Hubby worked away so Spud was constantly being left with just his Mummy and we had (still have) a cracking relationship. Taking that into account it makes me really proud to say that I can easily leave him for two weeks with the Grandparents and that he runs into Creche knowing that I don’t stay. I have a Mummy’s boy who is also strong, independent and secure. When I was 20 weeks pregnant we moved and started living with the Hubby full time. Spud thought it was great and he has so much fun with his Daddy, it also meant that he was a lot less clingy to me when he hurt himself and at times where he wanted cuddles, like when he was tired. We were a lot closer to extended family so saw them more often which Spud thought was great because Nana and Pops are the bees knees! We had a great thing going on…Like this? Read more…

Ill Fated Love Affair

It was the summer of 2010 and although I had seen you about and thought “yeah I could have that” nothing more had crossed my mind. But that summer it all changed. I knew that I wanted, no needed you, that my life would be complete with you. The more I saw you when I was out and about that desire for you grew more and more. I decided my husband need not know who or what you were.Then a chance meeting on Marylebone High Street, I grabbed you and we disappeared into our own private room. We got close, I began to undress and then the realisation struck me… Like this? Read more…

Other Peoples Kids

It was raining on Tuesday and Iyla had not stopped moaning for about three hours so as Dad2babyinsomniac was home and I was very desperate, I convinced him that it would be a good idea to take her to our local indoor play centre. Or ‘hell’ as he likes to call it. I told him that it would be empty at this time of day (I used to work there) and promised him that it wouldn’t be a ‘warehouse full of screaming brats’. Like this? Read more…

Back to School and a New Season of Rugby

All of our children are now back into the swing of a new school term, getting acquainted with new teachers and generally settling back into some sort of routine after the long summer holiday. For the two boys we have at senior school this means the return of regular homework to help fill out their evenings, but most importantly to them is the start of a new school rugby season.Never having really played rugby myself, I don’t have the build or inclination, my knowledge of the sport was limited to catching the odd match on television until the boys started to play. Their involvement with the sport started with the local club, which is well organised and supported. This involved plenty of opportunities for me to stand around in freezing weather cheering them on, while they burnt off some energy in the muddy atmosphere that tends to surround rugby pitches throughout the winter months. Like this? Read more…

Baby Signing, Help or Hindrance?

Once you’ve had your bundleof joy, and recovered from the experience, you may find that you’re overwhelmed with the volume of courses that are on offer to new mums. Some of them are free and your health visitor should be able to give you more details on the local ones for your area. But there’s a whole world of private courses, some are specifically for your baby whilst some are for both mother and baby.One of the popular courses around is baby signing.  From as early as six months your baby will know what he wants to do and what he doesn’t want to do and the idea behind baby signing is to make it easier to communicate with your baby, as he won’t be able to effectively communicate with you through speech for a considerable time yet.Baby signing is not a new phenomenon; it’s been around for decades. In an article in the British Psychological Society‘s “The Psychologist” , clinicians and researchers have highlighted the association between communicative difficulties and behavioural problems. Like this? Read more…

Children’s Party Planning – The Things I’ve Learnt

I’m sorry. I am so, so, *so* sorry that this is yet another birthday post! However, you have to admit, this has been a pretty important birthday. First child turns one, etc. By the time we have our next baby, I’m sure there won’t be *this* many posts about his/her first birthday!Anyway – I’m sure you will all (apart from those of you that have extensive experience in this area) benefit from this post.So, if you don’t have experience in planning and organising a children’s birthday party – please continue reading. I have drawn up a list of things I have learnt about having a children’s party. Like this? Read more…

Have I got Klout? Good Tots100 placement? Should I care?!

Then there’s Klout and Blog Grader – again 2 things I signed up to and I guess that for ‘those in the know’ these are good things. If you’ve worked really hard and gone up in the rankings or earned ‘extra points’ then it’s nice to have some recognition for that – though it’s not something I’d broadcast at playgroup over a dry pile of Playdough – “Oh darling – my Klouts shot right up this week!”So here I am wondering if I actually need these things in my blogging life ? There’s something fundamental about being ‘graded’ and ‘scored’ by some faceless computer programme that narks me a bit. To cap it all off today Klout told me that I am influential about ‘handbags, weddingd and photography’ . For someone who doesn’t own a handbag, has been married 3 times and takes crap photos which I then pimp in picnik to desperatly try to improve I find that a bit of a silly observation ! Like this? Read more…

Writing Dreams 

I’ve always had a dream of being a writer. Now I think I have worked out why I just didn’t dig up that passion and drive and put my head down and arse up (so to speak!). I was scared of failure. I thought, what if I put all this effort and time into a fancy dream of writing and publishing a book, put my career (ha!) on hold and neglected my family and then FAILED! Like this? Read more…

Pretty Harmful

By telling your daughter she looks beautiful, or that she’s wearing a pretty dress, are we really encouraging an obsession with appearance? Perhaps if you only ever comment on how she looks, but not as part of balanced positive feedback. Mummy tells me that I’m beautiful every day. She tells me that I look sensational, but she also comments on how clever I am and praises me for working things out or doing things myself. Like this? Read more…

Unwrinkle Me

There have been a couple of significant events this week:

1. I had a haircut. This is an infrequent event. I am happy with the results.

2. While sat in front of the mirror at the hairdressers, I had plenty of (too much) time to look at myself. This is a aspect of hairdressing I do not like. In so doing I was able to assess that I am ageing. I have wrinkles.

3. I am writing.

Two of these things excite me.

One does not. Like this? Read more…
Little Legacy #4: Keeping a diary (*ahem* blog)

As a teenager my mum would nag and nag me to keep my diary up to date.

We were living in Armenia where my parents were aid workers and my mum had got it into her head that I could be the next Anne Frank, (minus the Nazis and the posthumous publishing, obviously. Ooh, bad taste?) if only I would keep up with my diary.

Unfortunately for her my lack lustre diary consisted merely of lists of what I had done during the day interspersed with the usual teenage angst and gossip. So, all in all, not really the inspiring, poetic memoir that my mum was hoping for!Like this? Read more…


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