The Weekly Showcase 19-09-11 8-12 months

Hating Motherhood

So, you’ve given birth to your bundle of joy, or you’ve adopted, or you’re a step-mother. This child might be planned or unplanned. Conception might have been natural or assisted, or the adoption might have been a long wait, or the children came with your new partner. Whatever. You’re now a mother. And you’re going to love motherhood, right? Hold that thought. Because one of the biggest secrets of motherhood is that, actually, you might not like it. That’s not to say you dislike your children; you just might not like the role of mother. And the reason it’s such a secret is that hardly anyone will admit to it… because that might mean you’re a (whisper) bad mother. Like this? Read more…

Why I’m in training for nursery school

There are many firsts to contend with in the life of a toddler. You’re born, (hello world, which b**gger switched off the heating?) then there’s your first tooth (who put that there?), your first birthday (ooo shiny paper!), your first walk (wheeeeee!) and your first word (daddy, of course). All momentous occasions in our little DD’s life. And now another one is just around the corner – her first day at nursery. Like this? Read more…

What being a mum means to me

Everything I do revolves around them, from thinking about what food we need for everyone’s likes and dislikes to making sure I get up on time in the morning to get everyone dressed, breakfast and out of the house in time for school.I no longer go out partying, although in the early days after AJ was born I still did, but after the arrival of FJ and most recently TJ I can’t remember the last time I went out with the other half and forgot about being a mummy. Like this? Read more…


Many thanks to Claire for sharing her yummy cous cous recipe
150g of cous cous
200ml boiling water
1 tablespoon of curry paste
Juice of 1 lime (Faith likes to ‘help’ juice the lime, now meaning we end up using 2 limes )
10-15 cherry tomatoes – cut in half
First grill the chicken breasts – I use my Geroge Forman grill here. Now mix together the lime juice, curry paste and the boiling water and add to the dry cous cous. Cover the cous cous with clingfilm and leave for 5 mins… Like this? Read more…

My blog is carbon neutral and your’s can be too!

I found out how I can make my blog carbon neutral by participating in the ‘My Blog is Carbon Neutral Initiative’. The initiative was created in Germany by the Go Green programme and has now been extended to the USA. The concept is simple; for each blog a tree is planted to neutralize the emissions created from internet usage including the mainframe computers, servers and their cooling systems. The programme is currently planting trees in the Plumas National Forest situated in the Sierra Nevada between California and Nevada in the USA. The forest suffered devastating fires and this initiatives is part of it’s reforestation programme. To participate includes three easy steps and you get an ace badge/logo to proudly display on your blog.Like this? Read more…

Three toddlers are hard but three toddlers are great!

If I amreally honest with myself I had probably been feeling tired frustrated low from about June time. Three toddlers were hard!A shift had occurred in their needs from May and it was a shift into a tough tiresome phase. Noah just seemed to whinge for everything and forgot all his manners, they squabbled over everything and I felt I was constantly being shouted at in a demanding way. As for going out, I began to shy away from it thinking it would be easier and less embarrassing to keep them home, worrying that everyone would think me a parent out of control. The twins were not content to be strapped into the buggy anymore and three out and about…well I just don’t have enough hands, especially if they all begin to refuse to hold it. It just seemed too dangerous near roads. Like this? Read more…

Mummy Moment

Hello everyone.I hope you are all well and enjoying the so-called Summer we are apparently having. I’m not a sun-worshiper but enjoy it best when the weather is warm and dry. I have never been one to be able to sit and sunbathe,I’m more likely to be found sat in the shade or indoors during the hottest part of the day. I wanted to add some photo’s showing how quickly the children are growing up and changing; Especially my youngest son,who is soon to be 8 months old. It has flown by so quickly and he doesn’t seem to want to stay a baby. He was crawling by 6 months,not long after he started pulling himself into a standing position either using furniture or whilst in his Travel cot. He is now the proud owner of 5 teeth, definitely the quickest cutting teeth but has seemed to suffer the most with it unfortunately. Thank goodness for teething necklaces,teething granules and teething gels. Like this? Read more…

Weekend Dads

So as I’m sitting there at 2am this morning, when Olivia was having a break from her bottle, concentrating on squeezing my finger with her whole hand, I realised how awful it must be for dads in my working position who are not able to help out with the feeds. I totally understand why you hear about guys who feel totally left out, surplus to requirement or even depressed. Without my feed time at night, I wonder if she’d remember who I was, other than a weekend dad. Like this? Read more…


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