The Weekly Showcase 26-09-11 1-3 months

Jellybeans Music

Gluten free baking

When Tobias was diagnosed, I really struggled with the news and almost tore myself apart stressing over the genetic implications – as a mother, I assumed immediately that I was the carrier despite no proof! However, almost 2 months on, as a family we are slowly adapting to a gluten-free diet and seeing him grow well and strong again makes it all worthwhile, I’ve managed to face up to my fears and his brothers and myself have all been tested and we are awaiting the results. But, and this is a big but. How can I put it nicely? When you take gluten out of flour the results are not always that good and as someone who loves baking with a family who just love cake, we have struggled!
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Pie And Bear

Facing The Fear, Take Two.

After facing the fear last week, I was feeling quite brave when this morning, finding ourselves on our ‘family day’ with no concrete plans and a threenager that was driving us mad already by 9am, we decided to take BOTH kids swimming. When I say take both kids swimming, I meant Sophie and I would be in the water, and Logan would be sitting with Adam ‘on dry land’, watching.
We thought we’d try the ‘no pressure’ approach, telling him that we were going to the swimming pool to take Sophie for a swim, and that he could either join in (“no I don’t want to go in”) or just watch, it was up to him, and either decision was fine.

I packed his and Adams swim stuff just in case.Like this? Read more…


Captain Carter carnage!!

Well today has just been one of those days! Tamsin has been teething so has been a bit of a miserable sod – man who swapped my little angel for this little monster drama queen! So whilst trying to sort out Tamsin who was having a little screaming fit, Carter was playing unsupervised in the lounge.

The saying “when it goes quiet they are doing something they shouldn’t” generally applies in my house so off I went to see what he was up to. In I walked to see this… Like this? Read more…

Mish Mash Mum

Toddler Groups: Love ’em or Loathe ’em?

I have a confession to make. It’s not something that I’m proud of. Some of you may even view it as a little selfish and a tad pathetic. You see, I worry about this a lot. My head is consumed with thoughts such as: ‘Should I go?… Shouldn’t I?… What’s the harm?… No way am I setting foot inside… Get over yourself, it’s not about you… What happens if they don’t like us though?… What happens if they do…?’

I am, if you hadn’t already figured out by the title of this post, talking about TODDLER GROUPS (yes, the caps are necessary)- the final frontier of parenting, well in my case at least. Over the years, I seem to have developed an irrational fear towards them. In my head, I conjure up images of signs that warn ‘here be monsters’ before you cross the threshold into the unknown. I imagine clique parents (lets not exclude the dads here!) who barely give you a second glance as you take those first few precarious steps through the door.
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Nearly Perfect Mother

The Play House

This morning I found Iggle Piggle in my knicker drawer. I don’t recall reading that he’s a cross-dresser. Perhaps he was looking for The Tombliboos’ trousers.

In the bathroom, my entire collection of candles had been lined up along the edge of the bath, with a single Immac upper lip wax strip balanced carefully on top of each one.
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We are wild things

How not to grow cress!

 I bought some cress seeds a while back because I wanted to do some cress-heads with Kit. Weeks later I still had the seeds, in the packet, on my shelf. I wanted to grow them! I’m not the most organised person in the world, and the key to growing cress-heads is having some cotton-wool (which I don’t have in the house generally). So I thought I had a brainwave. I thought, stuff cotton-wool, I’ll just use wool (and maybe if I try cotton yarn it will be better). So me and Kit planted some cress seeds in little bundles of wool! Like this? Read more…

Yellow Days

Look it’s Daddy!

I think I could easily be mistaken for many gorgeous short blonde women, Kylie for example, but strangely this has never happened. Maybe it’s because I tend to only break out the giant blue feather headdresses on special occasions. I fear that as time goes on I actually stand more chance of being mistaken for Anne Widdecombe.

Hubs however has for the last year or so been doubting E’s paternity as he has on numerous occasions declared that Jamie Oliver is his Dad. What do you think? Separated at birth?Like this? Read more…

Let's Go Life

Living with Less

…Following the trip, I started to cast a critical eye over my possessions back home to see if there were things I could cut out. There were a lot. The first change was in my office where I condensed 2 full shelving units down to one and I was able to turn my desk round so it looked out at the garden. Less stuff meant more space to play with and hence a nicer view whenever i am working. Next I started on my wardrobe. Obviously, a long bike ride is a bit of an extreme situation and if I were to only have one change of clothes in real life my wife might have something to say and friends would probably become a little thinner on the ground. I did however get rid of all those clothes that ‘I might wear one day’ realising that in all probability I would never wear them. In order to maintain the increased space I decided to adopt a new policy of getting rid of (recycling) an old piece of clothing every time I buy a new one… Like this? Read more…

Education Recycle

How to make your community smarter by Recycling Education

This is the latest news report from the Education pages of the BBC News and it is not a pretty editorial; “Many pupils living in poverty come to school hungry, tired and in worn-out clothes, a survey by the ATL teachers’ union has suggested.

More than three-quarters of 627 primary, secondary and college teachers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who responded to the survey believed they taught pupils living in poverty. About 40% said the problem had increased since the recession. More than 85% of the teachers who responded to the survey said they believed that poverty had a negative impact on the well-being of pupils they taught.”
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Emmys Mummy

Paper Mache Pig

Emmy is a huge fan of Peppa Pig and Arts & Crafts so this week we combined the both making a paper mache pig. It was extremely messy but great fun was had by Emmy and I (well until the cleaning up at least).

This is how the mess happens:Like this? Read more…

Feisty Tapas

Feisty fear

Something happened 20 years ago that means that still now, at the tender age of 38, my driving confidence goes up and down all the time. I can drive, I have a driving licence but I also have a constant daily reminder, in the form of pain, of a serious accident 20 years ago. I feel pain every day but I get on with it but some days it just hurts that little bit more and all I want to do is chop my head off. Today is one of such days, I am in pain and doing my best, as is my feisty usual, not to reach for the painkillers.

Of course, it doesn’t help that in the UK they drive and sit on “the other side”, with everything in the “wrong” side of the car (sorry guys, I know for you is standard but I grew up “on the other side). I now have an automatic car which has made driving much easier but I still only seem to drive to those places where I have been a million times and where I know exactly where I am going and more or less what to expect. I still don’t want to drive on motorways or to the centre of Cambridge and none of this is helped by the fact that to get out of our driveway I have to drive onto a very busy A road. Like this? Read more…

Mummy vs Work

Blogging to help others

It’s that grand old question, why do you blog? Is it for the freebies or a financial gain? Do you just enjoy expressing yourself or is it to help others?
Until last night I enjoyed just blogging out about how our life was with a few reviews and competitions thrown in for good measure, hoping people enjoyed reading. Then something changed.

I attended Kayleigh’s pre-school meeting last night for the first time and one thing that came up was the fundraising. Now the pre-school is a charity run so they rely on the parents to help fund raise and any donations they may get.Like this? Read more…


In the sticks

The past couple of weeks when we go to the playground, the slide and swings hold little attraction for Sun. It’s all about the sticks. From twigs to massive branches, if they are there then Sun will hunt them down and run around waving them about in a dangerous manner. I spend my time swiftly following him, Shine bobbing along in the sling, urging him to be careful. In fact, ‘be careful’ is definitely my most used phrase these days. Hmmm, think that’s telling me something right there.Like this? Read more…

A Welcoming Hearth

Cherish Your Cherubs Project: Write

My Children

I love the fact that you are all so kind and all so filled with empathy for others. You are amazing children and I count myself extremely blessed that you are mine. I have this important job of raising you to adulthood, to impart my knowledge of the world to you and guide you along lifes journey.

I hope that as you grow and mature you are able to accomplish your dreams and desires. I hope that the road isn’t too bumpy and you continue to develop your incredible qualities and strengths.Like this? Read more…

Pictorial Mum

Guilty Pleasures – but why?

Is there anything wrong with the fact that I like to sit down with some biscuits in front of Neighbours to do some blogging each
lunchtime? The obvious answer is ‘No’. There is no reason why I
shouldn’t sit down for half an hour of Aussie soap and enjoy surfing
the net with a few biccies at the same time. However, that doesn’t
stop me feeling guilty. It’s one of the main things I debate as a
stay-at-home Mum – when am I allowed to relax? Like this? Read more…

Melksham Mum

Look, it’s Mummy!

The awesome SAHDandproud has very kindly tagged me to take part in his meme. Now, the SAHDandproud’s son has spotted some people, cartoon characters & images that he has pointed to and said “Look, it’s Daddy!” I have thought about it long and hard to recall who my children have pointed at and said, “Look, it’s Mummy!” This took a while. And then I remembered….Like this? Read more…

Tired Mummy of Two

Child friendly swimming pools

I dont know about you but when I first started taking my children swimming they hated it, the water was too cold and too shallow. So what did I do? Did I give up?

No. Why? because these things could be changed, it was not my children who did not like swimming but that the swimming pool we took them too was just not very baby friendly.

We tried quite a few different swimming pools and living in Manchester there is a fair few to try. Eventually we found Hyde swimming pool, which was such a lovely temperatute it was almost like getting in a semi warm bath. The kids loved it and we have been going back ever since. Now a days however you dont need to test all of your local pools to find the best one for babies, Huggies little swimmers have a great website called swimbuddy you pop in your postcode and up comes the baby friendly pools near you. To get on to this list all pools must meet a set criteria regarding temperature, depth and changing facilities.
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A Thoroughly Modern Mummy

Dear So and So…..

Yes! I do exist – I am Oliver’s mummy but unfortunately I work full time so don’t get to take him to school as often as I would like. No, me and Ashley arent separated, we are very happily married – he just works evenings so can do the school run easier than I can.

That doesnt make me a bad person, I promise!! I am actually very nice and so is Ashley

so how about you crack a smile every now and then??


The full time working mum

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The Mummy Blogger

Being A Parent Is….

One of my closest friends is pregnant at the moment, I couldn’t be happier for her as I know this is something that means a lot to her. She will be a fantastic mum and I cannot wait to see her little one next year. It got me thinking thought about what being a parent is all about. Everyone has their own opinion about what being a parent is for them and how it changes their lives. However, when I was pregnant back in 2007 I really had no idea whether I would be a good mum or what being a family was going to be like. Like this? Read more…

The Princess And The Pickle

Sleep Is For Girls!

I’ve read a lot of articles and blog posts recently about Controlled Crying. Some people swear by it while others think it is cruel and nasty to leave a baby crying. I’ve never been a fan of the idea myself and whenever I’ve attempted to leave The Pickle crying in his cot, after only a couple of minutes he has started to scream, gag and make himself sick. Not pleasant for any of us, especially him. However, when you have a baby (actually almost a toddler) who refuses to go to sleep unless he’s rocked and cuddled, then suddenly one day refuses to be rocked and cuddled – what on earth do you do?

I needed to do something about this, not only for my own sanity (and my poor back, which is completely knackered even before the age of 30!) but for The Pickle’s own good. If he isn’t settling himself to sleep at a year old when is he going to learn the skills he needs to do this and will he have sleep problems as a child, or even as an adult, because of it?

So off we headed down the Controlled Crying track….
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  2. lplatemummy says:

    Some great excerpts this week. Well done everyone. I especially enjoyed Mish Mash Mum’s post on toddler groups as it is something I can totally relate to. I’m so glad I’m not alone with ‘the fear’. x

  3. Well thank you for that! Made my day!

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