The Weekly Showcase 26-09-11 8-12 months

The Modern Family

Stay at Home Mums Versus Employed Mums

Mothers today are caught between two competing ideologies, one which adulates parenthood (and therefore rejects the idea of mothers returning to paid work) and one which considers paid employment as the only valid and legitimate occupation. Balancing the needs of work and family is not new, but research confirms that it is an ongoing issue that has not been resolved for families. There appears to be a general feeling that stay-at-home mothers will “redeem family values and restore morality to our citizenry” (Thurer, 1994, p. xviii), so the really good mother is a full time mother, who nurtures her family and considers care giving to be more fulfilling than paid work. The perception is that working mothers, faced with the image portrayed by the media as being neglectful of their children and endangering their emotional development, desperately attempt to be ‘supermums’ who can juggle a career and motherhood while maintaining a blissful marriage. Stay-at-home mothers, in the meantime, are immersed in the ideology of the good mother, aware that her success is measured by her child’s achievement. Even if mothers are in full-time paid employment, the ideological expectation of the “always there good mother” still exists. Like this? Read more…

Mrs Shorties Mind

Time to celebrate?
Should I be celebrating?

In 9 days time my very cute, cheeky and lovable youngest will turn 1, it is a time when I should be celebrating that she has reached her year milestone. I should be getting excited about having a party and sharing in the joy with lots of other people, the same way that I did with AJ & FJ. I am doing the getting ready for a party but the day will most likely be tinged with apprehension and fear of what happened on that day 12 months ago. Like this? Read more…

Mummy Needs

Are They Born That Way?

Are your children the same or is it just mine?

Since having my younger two, my eldest always seems to find any reason he can to fall out and wind up his little sister and sometimes his little brother. My daughter can just walk in the room and he’ll be nasty to her. He is the same with the little one but not to the extent he is with his sister.Like this? Read more…

My Mummy Can Cook

Savoury flapjack fingers

My mummy is not the only one who can cook you know!

100g unsalted butter
300g porridge oats
350g grated cheese – cheddar or gruyere is good
2 eggs – beaten
200-300g grated raw vegetables – carrot, sweet potato or courgette are all good (optional)


Preheat the oven to 180c and lightly grease a swiss roll tin. Melt the butter in a small pan over low heat, then remove from the heat and combine all ingredients in the pan and mix well…Like this? Read more…

Bod For Tea


I wish.

I wish I was a writer. Then I’d have a legitimate reason to spend my days tapping or scribbling away, writing whatever takes my fancy, without a scrap of guilt.

I wish there were more hours in the day so that I could potter about on my blog, online, on Twitter or whatever, free of those nagging, niggling feelings that I should be doing something more productive with my time.

I struggle with my blog/life balance.
Like this? Read more…


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