The Weekly Showcase 26-09-11 BRAND NEW! (under 1 month old)

Mums Guide To Insanity

A Happy Memory of living in Swaziland!

We are all in a hurry, have so much to do, but if your reading this, then when next outside going somewhere then take a moment, look around at the people and see if you can see anyone smiling, then do something special, smile at random people, for a smile costs nothing, but can so brighten someones day unknowingly!
This photo brings back some very happy memories, of my time living and working in Swaziland!
On this day I was very privileged to be part of the King’s ceremony, it was totally spell binding and I got to see behind the scenes as I was accompanying a UN ambassador, being her Nanny and this little lady was my charge.
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Three Little Flowers

Some scary numbers . . . .

As we enter week 32 the planning phase has moved into top gear and Amazon would appear to be profiting nicely. The Purchasing Department (K that is) is going to be very busy. The scary numbers are as follows:

3 children under 13 months equals:

192 nappies a week: 3 babies with 8 changes a day. That’s a jumbo pack less than every 2 days.

18 bottles a day: The twins with 8 each and L with 2. That’s an average of a bottle every 1hr 15 minutes or 500 a month.

658 scoops of formula a week: 8 x 4oz bottles for the twins and 2 x 7oz bottles for L.

That’s the equivalent of a 900g box of formula every 2 days: Each box contains 183 scoops of formula apparently.

Thats 3 kg of formula a week.

I did try to calculate the amount of washing we would be doing but as yet the field of mathematics has not turned itself to this thorny problem. All of the calculations I tried just came out with the same answer ….”A lot”.
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Rose-tinted spectacles

I love my mother. She is my best-friend and confidante. She is the woman who brought me up. She is an excellent Grandmother and a fantastic emergency, child-minder. I value her opinions and trust her judgement… most of the time!

Recently, however, there has been one thing I have to disagree with her about and that’s the terrible-twos.
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Yes We Do Have a TV!!!!!!

Keeping Up With The…….Kids

On a recent trip into town to buy them an new outfit, I noticed how, now, they are drawn to the clothes which feature a diamante logo or a top which (shock, horror) shows their belly button! Where, before anything withPeppa Pig on the front or aDisney Princess, was their idea of ‘heaven’. Now, of course I don’t let them choose their own clothing (if I did, they’d be shuffling around like PearlyQueens!), but it struck how it’s becoming more and more difficult to talk them into liking what I want them to like……….
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Musings of a stressy mummy

Remembering that I am very lucky!

I have definitely had one of those weeks this week! If it could go wrong, it went wrong! The children are getting tired (already!) and as usual they take it out on me proclaiming at different times that I am the world’s worst mummy! My tentative steps into the world of child minding is utterly exhausting – who knew that looking after someone elses children could be so tiring! And then on Friday afternoon, when the end of the week glass of wine and takeaway are fondly beckoning, my daughter has to be rushed to casualty! She is fine and has a chest infection but dragging all of the children to any medical establishment is always an effort an I feel like an episode of Supernanny waiting to happen! When I finally sat down at nine o clock to sew Beaver badges on to my sons jumper, I did sit and shed a quiet tear feeling very sorry for myself!
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Hart Of The Munchkin Patch

The things I miss ….

I was browsing the chat boards on Gurgle this morning and saw that one of the popular chat topics was “What you miss most about life before babies”. I thought about it, and as much as I adore my little girl and would never be without her now, I think every parent could think of (at least) one thing that they miss, something you enjoyed doing which isn’t as easy to do since the arrival of your children. After all, they say that your life will never be quite the same after childbirth, and they’re certainly right!!

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Flossing The Cat


There are few things I hate more in life than the school run.

1. The mindless tit-fest that is The Sun ‘newspaper.’
2. Gwyneth fu**king Paltrow. Don’t get me started.
3. People who don’t pick up their dog crap (why is it always fluorescent?)
4. Going to the dentist (don’t mind needles and pain – just don’t like being told how to brush my teeth, ‘in a circular motion’, when I’m 42)
5. The Royal Family.

The reason I hate the school run is because I AM LATE for every pick up, for every drop-off, for every appointment. I say this to other mothers and in a well-meaning gesture of sisterly solidarity they usually say something like, “So am I. It’s a nightmare!” To which I should say: NO. YOU. ARE. NOT. Like this? Read more…

...And PND Makes Three

The Magic Pyjamas (aka Walk Away)

My son has magic pyjamas. If he wears a particular set of pyjamas, he sleeps past 5.30am. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s TRUE. For the past 6 months, my son’s been waking up at 5.30am. I’ve tried a ridiculously large volume of methods to try to fix this – pick up/put down, a lighter room, a darker room, ‘wake to sleep’ (ugh), 2.5 tog sleeping bag, 1.5 tog sleeping bag, 1 tog sleeping bag, 0.27344553 tog sleeping bag, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, shorter nap, longer nap, more milk, less milk, more food, different food, no bloody food, controlled crying, gradual retreat, no retreat…must …fight……never…give..up..control…ARRRRGH! BUT (shhhh) for the past two mornings, he’s woken up at SIX, ooopps, shhhhh…six. After much analysis, I’ve calculated that the crucial difference is some new pyjamas. Thus they’re clearly magic. If I control the pyjamas, I control the world. Taa daaaaa.
But today, my power was challenged once again. I’ve just spent the last half hour on my hands and knees cleaning up bits of regurgitated sausage. Before that, half an hour following my son around with bits of sausage on a fork. Before that, trying to shove bits of sausage into his mouth whilst he was trapped in his highchair. After he’d tipped his entire plate onto the table and then employed that super-fast ‘wiping/whisking’ movement with both his hands to whoosh it onto the floor, I found myself actually trying to force feed him. I’d reached my limit – I lost it. I bloody hated my opponent.
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Alive and Blogging


Yes it is currently a taboo topic. Sharing breast milk. Many of my friends turn their noses up at the merest mention of it. And they are definitely not alone! The way I see it, the fact that someone would produce milk for another child is a beautiful act. But far too rare. I mean seriously people, you are happy to share the milk from a cow… And most often you don’t even personally know the cow!! What’s more disturbing?!
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I’m a full-time Stay at Home Dad and I see my son at playgroups and playgrounds, toddler events and the like, with other boys of a similar age. In fact, some kids I see him with were born within the same few weeks as we’ve kept in touch with people from our antenatal classes. I see him, and I see other boys, and it seems to me if there’s a thing to not touch, my son will touch it, a thing not to be done, my son will do it. And guess what? He’s the only one. All the others play nicely and heed their parents. My little boy? Seemingly not. And this has worried me. Why isn’t my son like other children?
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A Right Royal Icing!

Welcome to the Sugarplum Cupcakes blog. This page will aim to inform, discuss, comment and even educate on the art of cupcakes. I’ll be including the latest news from the world of Sugarplum Cupcakes and giving you my opinions and experiences on all things cupcake!

Last week I had the honour of visiting the queen of cake-makers or should I say, cake-maker to the Queen, Mich Turner MBE. I attended her Hand Piping Masterclass at her studio in London and was put through my paces to decorate some stunning mini cakes using my most feared medium for decoration, ‘royal icing’. Mich’s tuition was excellent and despite being a little star struck I tried to remember every hint and tip throughout the day.
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Australian Picture Books

Australian Picture Books

This site is all the picture books I love for my children. They are all by Australian Authors. I have been reading books to children in preschools, schools and in my home for over 30 years now. In the future there will be more info about literacy for parents.
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My Mummy Can Be Fabulous


So I posted yesterday wondering if anyone had any bright (ahem) ideas for how to brighten my eye sockets – my lovely daughter “Pieface” has woken up four nights running (but not last night – yay!) and decided to have a rave up in her cot with her good friend Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail. I never liked the look of that Mopsy, I knew he’d be trouble!

As a result, I can feel my eye balls sinking deeper into my skull, and my eyes getting darker and darker. Like p*** holes in the snow, as my very polite grandmother used to say!

I’m a great believer in prevention being better than cure…so other than sedating my small child (joke), I’ve been researching what causes dark circles, with a hope of finding a magic prevention – seeing as a magic cure doesn’t seem instantly forthcoming. Like this? Read more…

Rollercoaster Mum

The Gallery – A Happy Memory

Sri Lanka was everything we had remembered and more and we collected a whole new set of happy memories and these are the pictures I have chosen to use here for the Gallery this week. There is no doubt it was a huge culture shock for the girls but they loved it and are still talking about going back. It was hot, steamy, friendly, colourful, fragrant, hectic, peaceful and amazing once again. One day hopefully we will all go back again. Anyway, enough waffle, on with the pictures – here are some happy memories! Like this? Read more…

Purple Mum

Circus Festival part two

As you know we are spending this week at a circus festival. Louie has started reception class, as this is only his second week we have been driving him to school each day. Luckily the circus festival is only a 30 min drive from school. Unfortunately I have been arriving at school muddy, hungover and slightly smelly. This is not the first impression I would have planned for the teachers and other families.

On Monday having dropped Louie at school I headed back to the festival. I went straight to the festival cafe for lunch. Now having attended a lot of these types of events in my lifetime I have made a discovery. I can tell you I now know why traveller, hippy types have a distinct smell. If you have ever been to Glastonbury Festival you will know the smell I mean. Its a combination of slight unwashedness, joss sticks and and turnips. Like this? Read more…