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30-01-12 Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase

My inspiring, bloated handbag

There is something terrifying, surreal and yet strangely enlightening about the moment you realize your toddler has emptied the entire contents of your handbag onto the floor of the “personal products” aisle of the supermarket.  Especially when you see that the mini bottle of apple-strawberry schnapps has not survived the treacherous journey and is now turning the trolleys of your fellow shoppers into hurtling, over-sized ice hockey pucks.  Because it makes you wonder.  Where did that mini bottle of apple-strawberry schnapps come from?  I certainly don’t remember putting it in my handbag.  I wouldn’t even know where to buy a mini bottle of schnapps!  And how ironic that it would let me down when I needed it the most? 
 I briefly gaze at my toddler, who is laughing hysterically.  But then I turn to the newly decorated supermarket floor and feel nothing… but awe.  How did that much stuff fit into such a small handbag?  And now that the apple-strawberry schnapps has gone, what other surprises are there to behold?   Well, for a start, approximately 4,583 toy cars, which if I had used wisely instead of leaving them to lurk quietly in the depths of my handbag, could have averted this crisis…
 A booming voice rudely interrupts my reverie.  I look up to see the Store Manager telling me to stop typing into my iPhone as I am “holding up proceedings”.  Sigh.  So, I guess this means I must leave you dearest blogoverse.
 But before I do, I want you all to know the feeling of relief I am enjoying right now.  Yes, relief.  Because often late at night I stay awake and just… fret.  What if I will never, ever have inspiration for a blog post again?  What if the last blog I wrote was, in fact, the last one?  What if my well of inspiration now runs bone dry?!?!   Well, if nothing else, the handbag incident has reminded me that inspiration is everywhere… sometimes hiding like a cheeky bottle of schnapps in the bottom of a bloated handbag.  But still, it’s always there.  Somewhere.
So now while I rediscover even more lost treasures as I tidy up this mess, please enjoy these engaging New Blogs, which are clearly not lacking in the inspiration department!

Introduction kindly written by Misha from The Bling Buoy

Brand new! 0-2 months

Mummy of many talents – 20 things that make a successful mummy blogger

20 things that make a successful mummy blogger

Passion is what keeps a blog floating, without it… your nothing… you will sink quickly and disappear!
Be honest, it’s the key to gaining a good readership
Join up to twitter, tweet your post, find like-minded bloggers, most importantly interact as well as promote, this way others get to know you and are more interested in what you may have to say on your blog (you will also uncover truly lovely and talented people along the way)

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Snoo & Me – Malnourishment…The Newbie Bloggers Stat Addiction

I believe I have a sickness. A sickness which enslaves me to my master… The Stats button.
My poor Snoo has turned her back on me, realising that Peppa Pig will be her carer now, Mummy has sold herself to the laptop and cannot be dragged away .I fear days from now I may be found, collapsed over my laptop, my thumbs blistered and worn away from refreshing my phones twitter app, weak, malnourished, howling as I lust after the online interaction I desperately crave.

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The Perfect Romance Experiment – Welcome To The Perfect Romance Experiment

Welcome To The Perfect Romance Experiment

So basically if you don’t already know me then I blog about my life as a first-time mum over at but I wanted to start a new site to focus on relationship-based issues as this is the area that I find especially interesting.

You can click here to read about The Perfect Romance Experiment

As part of The Perfect Romance Experiment I will be welcoming lots of guest posts.

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Tales of The March Hare – I hate Motorbikes / ‘TT3D: Closer To The Edge’

. . . But all these years later there is still one thing that no amount of P.M.A is going to change my opinion of. Motorbikes. I absolutely can not stand them. Or people that ride them, even though I don’t actually think I know anyone that rides one. As the mighty Bobby Brown once said ‘Its my Prerogative’ not to like Motorbikes. The reason being that the man that my mother left us for, worked at the local Petrol Station (this point particularly aggravated my father) and drove a Honda Gold Wing. …

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Eljae – A blog from El and Jae – Text Speak – a guide for grown ups written by a kid

Text Speak - a guide for grown ups written by a kid

My 12 year old daughter explains what kids mean when they’re texting

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3-6 months

Hello Wall…. – The Rise of the Mousewife

The Rise of the Mousewife

I was chatting with some other mum bloggers yesterday and we appear to be mousewives….forget the house, click the mouse! (Not a euphemism!). Our children are watching Waybuloo whether they like it or not whilst we blog our troubles away. I admit, I am terribly guilty of overusing Cbeebies in exchange for some quiet time with the macbook because blogging makes me feel like, well me – I claim an identity as a person, not just a wife/mother. I have a bit of a thing about this. Yoo hoo! I’m here too!

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musodad – What do you want to be when you grow up?

I asked my 4 year old daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. She thought about it and then replied ‘I don’t know’. I totally relate to her answer – I’m 32 years her senior and I still don’t know!

I am a Media Planner at a Media Agency in London. My mum still thinks I make the ads on the telly, in the newspaper etc but I just plan where they go. What I’d really like to be though is a Rock Star, failing that, I wouldn’t mind choosing what music is used in TV programmes.

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Older Mum (In A Muddle) – Clearance

When it comes to storing personal history I find people tend to fall into one of these two camps; they are either hoarders or throw away-ers. There doesn’t seem to be an enlightened middle way approach to managing ones belongings. It’s either keep it or chuck it. Black and white. Well Younger Dad is a sentimental hoarder while I on the other hand am a self righteously proud throw away-er. However on this grand occasion of the super sized sort out the roles appear to be reversing.

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Ju’s musings on life – Fabulous Friday – Birthday girl

Fabulous Friday - Birthday girl

There is really no contest today as to who or what is fabulous on this fine Friday. One of The Friends has a special birthday today…she is 40! You know who you are lady 🙂

This very dear friend of mine is my longest standing friend. We met on our first day at secondary school when we were eleven years old. We have been through thick and thin together. From giggling like loons during maths lessons to leaving home and starting our first jobs. Our lives are so entwined now it feels as if we are family.

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A Hell Of A Woman – 12 days of Buffy : prophecy girl

Yes, there were a lot of tears. Yes, I probably am quite loopy for how emotionally involved I was and still am with this programme. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s not real. BUT, all of those emotions translate into real life, and into my life.

I never particularly thought about my own mortality until I had children. Now I am scared by death. I don’t want to leave my boys without a mother or my husband without his wife. I don’t want to die.

This feeling extends to my wider family as well…..

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – Behaving Yourself – Sometimes Known as “Doing the Right Thing”

Behaving Yourself - Sometimes Known as

This term in their ICT lessons they’ve been learning about staying safe online – about how not to put your surname on any websites and checking with your parents before navigating away from a site that they’ve said you can go on. Awesome (although explaining that I have to put my surname on online payments/orders was a tad tricky). They’ve also been learning about sending emails; not just the principles of putting a name in the ‘to’ box as an email address and clicking ‘send but also remembering that you need to be polite, and use words properly.

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A Mummy Too – Learning about charity with Action Aid

Learning about charity with Action Aid

Last week I attended an Action Aid UK bloggers event. In case you don’t already know ActionAid is one of the UK’s largest international development charities, helping poor children, families and communities in over 40 of the world’s poorest countries – amounting to over 13 million people.

So why did I attend? Well mainly I wanted to find out how I could use this blog to help support the work they do, but also I wanted insight into how I can educate Joel (4) about charity and its importance.

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from fun to mum – the job interview

I sent my CV to a company I would love to work for on Wednesday and, yesterday, a mere 24 hours later, they called me asking me for an interview today! Wow, I was flattered and wow, I was panicking! I managed to find a nanny who I meet on Tuesday at our library group and so I confirmed the interview for this afternoon.

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Mammasaurus – The good, the bad and the accident prone

The good, the bad and the accident prone

He’s crushed his fingers a in a wardrobe door and sprayed perfume in his own eyes and had some near misses in his time as he has a mischievous, inquisitive nature (that’s tactful motherly code for ‘a bit of a sod at times’). For example take the time that I smelt burning rubber only to enter the kitchen to find an Eddie Stobart die cast lorry rotating in the microwave, melting plastic wheels and sparks galore not to mention a totally defunct microwave – but miraculously no one hurt.

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A mums internal monologue – The Fear

I’ve got the fear, its rumbling inside me, making my heart flutter with nerves and my hands week. I’m breaking out in eczema and tears prick my eyes at the slightest noise. I’m alone with my baby, my husband has gone away for 2 weeks, gone all day and all night for 2 weeks. What the hell am I going to do?

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7-12 months

fun-as-a-gran – Food Allergy and Intolerance Week – The real impact

Food Allergy & Intolerance Week runs from 23rd to 29th January and is looking to raise awareness not just of the physical effects of these conditions, but the social impact they have. Allergy UK will be providing help and support throughout the week for the millions of sufferers in the UK.

Well with having a Bob in the family I really thought that by writing a post it might just help one other struggling person to realise that its not really quite the end of the world.

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Here come the Girls – Fabric Printed T-shirts

Fabric Printed T-shirts

Looking for a bit of sneaky blog promotion? Of course you are. I’m always looking for ways to get my blog into a conversation, so I decided to make a hand painted T-shirt. I can just imagine how it will go tomorrow at the school gates:

SCHOOL RUN MUM: Ooooh I love your T-shirt. Where did you get it? Versace? (note to self: check Versace make t-shirts before I post.)

ME: What this old thing, no I made it myself.

SCHOOL RUN MUM: Wow, it’s lovely. It must have taken ages to do the hand painting.

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HPMcQ – tea porn

spotted a chat topic on mums net this evening that was about teapot porn

i get that

i like tea

i like teapots

i most definitely like tea cosys

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Dear Beautiful Boy – inspired – words

inspired - words

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise
that someone who spends a large amount of their free time writing a blog
would quite like words.
When you enjoy writing words are beautiful things.

Words can be powerful.
They can bring you to tears
and make you laugh
or do both at the same time.
And I for one, find words really inspirational.

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Actually Mummy… – L’Inspiration


I am loving this linky by Dear Beautiful Boy, which inspires me to spend ages on Pinterest. Today I was searching for craft (nice easy stuff only) that I can use for the upcoming #Pinaddicts project, whereby I have to pick a craft from my Pinterest boards, make it, and write about it. Do you see why it has to be easy now? As you know, Mummy is apparently allergic to craft. In the same way that I am allergic to tomatoes, if you know what I mean.

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House With No Name – The house that wasn’t called anything at all

The house that wasn't called anything at all

It’s five years since I first clapped eyes on the House With No Name. But even so, I can remember every detail of that first extraordinary visit. As the tyres of our car crunched up the pot-holed track I took one look and gasped. I hadn’t expected to fall in love at first sight but the tumbledown farmhouse ahead was a shock. The place looked more like Alcatraz, California’s infamous jail, than the blurred photograph on the particulars. It had an intimidating wire fence, three satellite dishes stuck wonkily to the front and a barn with no roof.

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