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30-01-12 Love Politics Weekly Showcase

Another busy week in politics. I’m looking forward to seeing what our showcase participants have in store for us so here’s hoping the kids will favour me with an extra long nap today.

Most of the chatter has been about money, the economy, bonuses and the benefit cap but I’ve been wondering about the interface between politics and religion (never one to shy away from controversy). This week the Archbishop of York has waded in with comments about his disapproval of gay marriage. I was pretty unimpressed as my feeling has always been that the church is perfectly entitled to make rules for the people who choose to follow them but I don’t think they have a right to try and govern the behaviour of those who don’t. I certainly don’t think they should have an influence on policy over and above that of any other voter. I was however please to see Bishops in the House of Lords speaking out on behalf of those on very low incomes and inflicting an embarrassing defeat on the government over benefit reform. So does that mean I object to the influence of the church or I just don’t like it when that influence is exerted in a direction I don’t approve of? Surely no one can be unhappy with the church standing up for the ‘meek’ but then who’s standing up for the groups the church isn’t so keen on?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and all the other hot topics of the week so you can drop me a line on the blog or via twitter or, even better, linky something up for next week’s showcase. Just click ‘Join In’ above anytime up to Friday to take part to show us what you’ve got and benefit from some extra visits and comment love at the same time. Everyone’s a winner!
Introduction kindly written by Cat from Political Mummy and Yellow Days.

DorkyMum – Wee Eck the Big Numpty

I am nae chuffed.

Let me put that another way. I’m crabbit. Awfy crabbit. So I’ve come on here to have a wee blether about it.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying any attention to the stramash around the Scottish Independence referendum? In my corner of the world, it has been hard not to. There has been a lot going on. David Cameron has been sticking his big old neb in, the Scottish Government have released a draft consultation document, and the tartan blogosphere is talking itself round in circles.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – 15 kids and Counting Part 2

15 kids and Counting Part 2

This week we saw the Lewis family from Bournemouth with their 12 daughters (Carly 28, Tracy, Samantha, Lyndsay, Danielle, Chantelle, Charlotte, Georgia, Candice, Shannon, Shaznay and Porsha, 8) – they have one son, Charles (the latter of which is quickly dismissed from the start). They are expecting their 8th grandchild. The impression is the mother (Tracy) pushes them into beauty pageants, which the father (Pete) works hard to pay for. Without being rude they would be better off using the money to treat their teeth and skin. The mother seems to substitute the word daughters/babies with the word winners.

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Roy’s Bleet – Don’t take our Infrastructure down with ‘The 1%’

The point is, if the rising tide of civic rebellion ruins the banking system entirely, we’re looking at pretty much the same scenario.

What’s the answer? Nationalise the banks to become non-profit organisations and give our distrusted Governments the power?

The 99% should be entitled to make their point, but I urge calm and caution. Indeed, we may well be playing into the hands of the very people who seek to control us. This is not about anti-capitalism, but anti-greed/corruption.

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Yellow Days – Speak Up and Speak Out

The focus of this years Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ and they are asking us to carefully consider the way we use language in person, online or when speaking about other people and to speak out when others don’t. I think it’s important to be aware of the increasing levels of intolerance that we can see being expressed towards certain groups by the media and some political parties which start to make it seem acceptable for people to behave that way too and economic problems are only going to make this worse.

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Evolution Of Insanity – Born In The Wrong Decade

Born In The Wrong Decade

I’ve always thought this, even from a young age.

I was born in 1985 in Oldham, England, moved to Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire at the age of 3, still living with my parents at age 25. There’s nothing I want more than to move out but I can barely afford to buy petrol to run my car, my overdraft in my bank is £1500, of which I am currently overdrawn by £1100.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so stupid to think that there wasn’t debt decades ago, but I doubt it’s as easily achievable as it is today.

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the year i quit my life – my contempt for the sunburnt country

I hate unsubstantiated patriotism. National holidays like Australia Day seem to exist for no other reason than to incite a certain demographic to demonstrate their regard for king and country through donning the relevant flag, adorning themselves with the obligatory southern cross tattoo and drinking beyond excess. Meanwhile, they alternate between sitting, scantily clad, in a toddler’s long suffering wading pool and meandering the streets in a parade of obnoxious and deviant exhibitionism, seemingly mistaking their ignorant and racist chants and exclamations for national pride.

I am very much aware that this stance makes me entirely unpopular…

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