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30-01-12 Love Relationships Weekly Showcase

So last week I mentioned marriage in my intro and guess what?! I am about to mention it again.

The reason being that I read the most beautiful post this week all about love and marriage. It was written by Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy and I actually read it out to Dad2BabyInsomniac so that he could hear all the reasons why marriage isn’t ‘just a piece of paper’ and fingers crossed I think it sunk in a bit. I don’t know that he is going to change his mind on getting married any time soon but he did clean the house and run me a bath that night! For the first time in EIGHT years! So thank you Lucy!

I recommend that everyone reads it out to their unromantic partners to see what the effects are 😉 

Until next week!

Introduction kindly written by Jessica from  Mum2BabyInsomniac and  The Perfect Romance Experiment.

Looking for Blue Sky – I’m almost free

I'm almost free

The deed is done. The court has stamped the second agreement. And once the solicitors have finished their work, my finances will finally be disentangled from my ex. Woohoo? Well not quite.

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The Perfect Romance Experiment – All About The Little Things

All About The Little Things

My OH has never been romantic but this week I think I finally got through to him that he needs to make a bit more effort to show that he loves me, especially as he doesn’t want to get married yet.
What I realised is that it’s not just about the big romantic gestures, the little things can mean just as much. When I got home from college on Tuesday evening the house was spotless, the dishes had even been dried up and put away – something which I never do!

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Dear Beautiful Boy – love and marriage

love and marriage

I love marriage.
I’m a real advocate of it.
And I read something recently that really got me thinking about marriage.

I don’t agree with the comments bandied around by many,
that marriage changes nothing.
Because despite being with my lovely man for more than five years years
by the time we got married,
and living with him for three of those,
It did change things.

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My Rusty Halos – An evil twin

So many threats, awful names, violent movements around me. It was like he had an evil twin that came out, his eyes black and hard. Always forgotten when he turned back to the man that loved me. He used words to make it all better and when he felt me slipping out of his grasp he would cry, tell me he would kill himself, that he was nothing without me.

I let him in to my life and from that moment everything I did, everything I thought, involved him. It feels strange to not have him around…

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