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23-01-12 love reviews weekly showcase

In my new role as Review Overlord* at Love All Blogs, I’ve been paying a bit more attention than usual to the reviews on blogs this week.

After exhaustive research I have decided that being a reviewer is the perfect opportunity to try out things you would never, in a million years, think of buying. I remember once being given a battery-operated soft toy that spurned its own young out of a flap on its undercarriage. I know. Special.

Last week I had to take one of those cards to the Post Office to collect a parcel. The guy behind the desk handed over a huge box, wrapped with a purple bow. Inside there was a sea of shredded tissue paper and a small white box, containing… a testing kit for a common sexually transmitted disease. Not having an IMMEDIATE need for such a contraption, I chucked it on the back seat of the car and thought no more of it – until this weekend, when I collected my parents to take them to a family dinner.

Try talking your way out of that one.

* Not an officially-sanctioned job title

Introduction kindly written by Sally Whittle from  Who’s the Mummy? ,  Tots100 MAD Blog Awards and  BlogCamp.

Living it Little – My Farm

I bet you didn’t know I’m a farmer, did you? Well, I am. Sort of.

I was lucky enough to be picked by the Mumsnet Bloggers Review team to trial and blog about a very interesting website called My Farm. It’s run in conjunction with the National Trust (who we’ve been members of for years) and is a unique and novel way for people to get involved in the running and management of a real, working farm.

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Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! – Quicksmart Easy Fold Stroller

Quicksmart Easy Fold Stroller

My least favourite part of the day is the school run. Getting three children out of the house, then a drive to school, a fight to park the car and then a walk to school is not easy. I was getting very frustrated pulling my big pushchair in and out of the car several times a day. So when Mookie asked if I wanted to review their Easy Fold Stroller I jumped at the opportunity.

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The Real Supermum – The Pink Pixie Maternity Range

The Pink Pixie Maternity Range

I received these gorgeous stretch indigo skinny fit maternity jeans.They are unique,comfortable and stylish.

The waist is adjustable at both sides via button and elastic, so your new jeans will grow with you, and shrink back with you too!

These jeans can be worn dressed up or dressed down they are very versatile.

I was also lucky enough to receive a dress that is only available at Pink Pixie Maternity.The stunning maternity gown is available in Blue, Black and Red.

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Mum of One – Davina for Next: Mum of One hits the road

Davina for Next: Mum of One hits the road

Ok, so it would seem that the fates are conspiring for me to get fit this year. First, the wonderful folks at Next gave me the lovely Davina for Next gear to try out.

Then, the two people I know who actually HATE RUNNING MORE THAN ME, namely my lovely mum and the wonderful Cat from Yellow Days, BOTH suggested running the Race for Life with me. This is on my Day Zero Project list to do again so am keen to get it ticked off involved.

Then, yesterday,

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Jennifer’s Little World – HiPP Organic Stage 1

Weaning Harry was not the easiest thing in the world, and so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to weaning Mia. But she’s been eating her purees for a couple of months now, and I have to say (with fingers firmly crossed) so far so good! She’s still on very simple, mainly homemade purees and only just starting with finger food, so when HiPP Organic asked me if we’d like to try out some of their Stage 1 weaning products I was interested to see what Mia thought of them.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – 15 kids and Counting

15 kids and Counting

Some people know when they’ve had enough children, some make the decision to stop, and others just keep on having them until nature decides otherwise.

The title of the show is about Sue and Noel Radford, from Lancashire, who are expecting their 15th baby and already talking about their next child. With her children saying that having children is Sue’s drug – she’s just addicted! Both the parents were adopted at birth and Sue was 14 when they had their first child.

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Mammasaurus – NEXT Blogger Event and Next Seasons Looks

NEXT Blogger Event and Next Seasons Looks

Prior to the event NEXT sent us a NEXT gift card in order to buy the children a special outfit for the Event. This was a great idea as Queen Scamp and Ozzy loved visiting our local store and choosing themselves some clothes ready to ‘save’ for the big event! Queen Scamp was particularly fond of the dress she chose and had been found on many an occasion stood in her wardrobe stroking the corduroy fabric of the dress!

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Seasider in the City – A filling lunch with a hole

A filling lunch with a hole

Bagels have a very special place in my heart. When I was aged 5 (back in 1984) and living in Blackpool I used to help out on a Sunday in my Dad’s delicatessen. It would be my job to count out the bagels for the many Jewish customers that came in, I was quite the novelty, and had my favourite customers! Shortly before my wedding Dad found a newspaper cutting that mentioned that first career of mine!

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Romanian mum in London – Fireman Sam Application

hope you are not bored of me moaning about my love for iphone/ipad applications. My daughter happends to love them too so when is about receiving a free code to download a funny application for my daughter i will never say no. This time is about Fireman Sam. We receive the request before Christmas but i wanted to give my daughter the chance to give this application a fair test drive before i go on and i post my opinion here.
P2 Games launched this application in december

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An Essex Wife – Every girl deserves to sparkle! GOSH Nail Glitter Review

Perfect nails are a wonderful way to make you feel fabulous even when you are pottering around the house in your most comfortable chunky jumper and winter jeans. I love to have perfect nails and manicures, along with eyebrow shaping, are beauty treatments I could never go a month without.

The GOSH nail glitters I received to review, available exclusively from Superdrug, are rumoured to be a must have this Autumn/Winter.

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The Princess and The Pickle – Photography from a 6 year old

Photography from a 6 year old

Here is a selection of photos taken by The Princess with a Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera on a recent trip to the beach.

The camera is just the right size for little hands, it’s chunky enough to grip and the buttons are large enough to press easily.

It isn’t the best camera in the world, but it doesn’t claim to be. It is a child’s first camera and is great for that purpose…

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Educational Games Guide – Educational Monopoly Review

Educational Monopoly Review

Monopoly has some great learning properties as well. Gamers learn how aquiring assets, such as aquiring properties, are important in aquiring wealth instead of collecting cash. When mortgaging and selling houses back to the bank, you may have to break out some pencil and paper to calculate the percentages. There is addition and subtraction properties that are valuable to the younger kids playing the game. They are able to learn new mathemetical skills and review skills they may have already learned.

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Mummy Loves – The Boomerein

The Boomerein

I think it’s genius and would definitely recommend it! It’s ideal for anyone with a toddler! Especially those of you who have a toddler and a baby… the Boomerein leaves you hands free to push your buggy whilst still being in control of your toddler! A big thumbs up to the Boomerein from us :O)

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