love sex & erotica

30-01-12 Love Sex & erotica weekly showcase

Rebel’s Notes – The fitting room

She walked into the huge branch of a well know lingerie store, feeling very self-conscious. Even though she knew that it was not the case, she felt as if everyone was watching her and everyone knew the real reason for her visit to this store. To calm her nerves and to look the normal customer, she wandered between the racks with lingerie, women’s wear and other sexy things. On her second tour of the store she took a black dress from one of the racks.

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Modesty Ablaze – Modesty Ablaze

Over the past few years my personal life has exploded from a wonderful liberated, but monogamous, marriage . . . into an amazing journey of occasional lovers and, most recently, experiencing a full “swinging” lifestyle.
I hope this will serve as an inspiration for people to understand that to express one-self, to completely open-up and admit all those inner sexual desires and emotions and fantasies . . . is not only a simple, basic part of your human nature, it is also your basic human right !!!

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