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30-01-12 Love Tech Weekly Showcase

 IT teaching in schools is, as some of you know from my Special Needs Jungle blog, something of a thing for me. In case you feel the same, I’ve got some handy resources for you. If your kids are interested in learning to code for computers, there are a number of free web resources that you can point them to. My 12 year old has tried many of them and had no problem making simple animations.

Alice is a 3D programming tool that uses a drop and drag interface – a great way to get started. Scratch is another animation tool that is easy to have fun with – and not just for kids. Increasing numbers of schools are apparently using this resource.

Code Academy is a javascript programming tool – you can try it out right on the homepage as well. And finally, for anyone who fancies entering their animation into a competition, try Codebreakers – the closing date is in March, so plenty of time to come up with something creative!

Introduction kindly written by Tania from Special Needs Jungle .

crankymonkeys in London – My favorite WordPress plugins

My favorite WordPress plugins

I absolutely love having a self-hosted WordPress blog. I have worked in web design&development for over a decade and I love getting my hands on the code and tweak the theme.

If you don’t know CSS or HTML or PHP that well, a self-hosted blog has other benefits – for example it opens up the whole world of plugins to you – little “programs” that make you site run more efficiently, and be more interactive and fun.

Here’s the list of the plugins that I currently use and am very happy with to recommend. …

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DigiToday – Why the Market is Ripe for Apple TV

The television, long the central hub of personal entertainment, has proved resilient to the sweeping changes that have seen the transformation of other devices. Indeed, bar constantly improving visual quality, it is difficult to pinpoint any real change from the typical High Definition TV available at present to original Black and White sets. However, all signs indicate that the humble TV is on the verge of sweeping changes…

… And then there is Siri. This websites initial reaction upon seeing Siri was that it was effectively a Beta for Apple TV; experiences since have not served to dispel that.

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Minibreak Mummy – Why the iPad is a perfect computer for a toddler

Why the iPad is a perfect computer for a toddler

I was fortunate to be able to borrow an iPad from work for a couple of months and it was a big hit with my three year old son Aled. The touch screen interface is very intuitive and he found his way around it very quickly (in contrast to the time we borrowed a laptop PC).

But it is not just the touch screen interface that appeals to Aled, it is the fantastic range of apps that have been specifically designed for pre-schoolers.

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