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30-01-12 Love Travel Weekly Showcase

If you could travel in time where would you go? Would you go forwards and have a peek at what life is going to be like or would you go back in time and re-live some of the world’s greatest historical moments. Could you see yourself as a Cleopatra? Or would you like to see that apple moment of Sir Isacc Newton?

Time travel has been written about extensively – The Time Traveller’s Wife for example makes a fascinating read. Doctor Who has been going since 1963 and still fascinates fans all over the world and Star Trek still lives on even after the show was pulled.

I’m reading the Aleph by Paolo Coelho and he’s traveling on a train from Moscow on the Trans Siberian Railway. It’s a ‘double journey’ as not only is he visiting new places and experiencing new countries, towns cities and sights, he’s also on a journey of self discovery and each place he visits awakens new emotions in him and so his self-knowledge deepens.

Aleph invites us to consider the meaning of our own personal journeys: Are we where we want to be, doing what we want to do?

I once spoke to a clairvoyant and she told me we revisit places we have been to in a previous life, that stuck with me as sometimes when I’m on holiday or visiting somewhere new, I get a feeling, a comfortable feeling like I’m at home. Could there be any truth in her words I wonder?

Have a great week, we have some fab travel posts for you to visit and help you decide where you’re going to this year and do come and visit us in our Travel Group and discuss the above and lots more, see you there !

Introduction kindly written by Marianne from Maris World.

Hello Wall…. – Around the World in 80 Words

Around the World in 80 Words

SAHDandproud has arranged a linky about travel and I thought I’d shove my two penneth in.

Hidden, down a long winding lane on the south Devon coast is a place that looks and sounds like it belongs to Blyton. Hope Cove is a small sheltered beach housing a craggy spring, numerous rock pools and puddles of contended families. There is a pub, a loo and a tiny shop at the top of a steep, sandy incline forcing you to stay put rather than stray back to reality.

Five go down to the Sea. We did indeed.

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Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife – Mummy road show

Mummy road show

The Strictly Come Dancing Road show at the NIA was the focus of our trip. I have to confess to not ever having watched an episode of strictly before, but I was in good company and I knew we would have a laugh so I counted myself in!

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A social grumble – It’s a fairytale town, isn’t it?

It’s a fairytale town, isn’t it?

After preventing my girlfriend from eloping with the young, dashing and suspiciously helpful bus driver, we dumped our bags and hotfooted it straight up the imposing Belfry tower while the weather was clear. We’ve learnt all too well that if you want to go up something high and the weather’s clear, go now. Nearly falling off the side of Table Mountain once in fog thicker than a whale omelette had taught us that. The remaining sights were ticked off as we negotiated our way through the cobbles, canals and horse crap – each gothic street more endearing than the next.

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KidsTravel2 – Will My Suitcase Fit the Ryanair Cabin Baggage Rules?

Will My Suitcase Fit the Ryanair Cabin Baggage Rules?

Get to grips with the Ryanair cabin baggage rules once and for all and read our top tips to make sure you comply here.

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Tales of The March Hare – Hej Stockholm!

Hej Stockholm!

Stockholm is not the city to visit if you are struggling with a low self image due to too many chrimbo cheese platters and have no permanent job. You need to be thin and rich in this town baby! However, we did have an exceedingly great 5 days away but now its back to reality, off to boot camp and then to find some work to pay for the trip. I had heard that Sweden was one of the most expensive places to visit but thought that nowhere would be more pricey than London, but that was a lie.

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Romanian mum in London – Family Days Out-Thomas the Tank Engine and Camping

My husband i and always enjoy camping! Before we had our lovely daughter we use to go camping quite often but since she was born we avoided camping until this year when she turn 2 years old.
We were quite scared to how she will react to the joys of camping like sleeping in a tent or being outside for 24 hours. The first time we went camping she was so tired that as soon as i lay her down on

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Actually Mummy… – Around the world in 80 words

Blue ice-cream. Azzurro, like the sky. Never seen it before, but it tastes like holidays. A beach littered with cafes and stalls selling said Azzurro confection. Sea that never gets above my shoulders, perfect for making Mummy swing me round on my Tinkerbell lilo. Rockpools when I’m bored with that, trying to keep up with Daddy as we scoop urchins from hiding places into our bucket. Beach bars at sunset who serve mocktails to pretty girls in best dresses. Corsica.

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from fun to mum – La creperie de Hampstead

There is an amazing place in my neighbourhood, one that is worth going to, even if one is in Central London and has to get out to zone 2 for it. La Creperie de Hampstead does genuine French crepes and galettes, they are delicious, they have been going for over 20 years and there is always a queue, because they are that good. My favourite is the belgian milk chocolate and coconut one, it is divine and less than £4. Yum yum yum!

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Goa: Sun hats and beach huts

Whooosh! I love that hairdryer-in-your-face feeling that you get when you first step out from the plane. You immediately forget the hours spent getting there, the numb bum syndrome that kept you wiggling in your seat and the curry that your 2-year-old accidently dropped into your lap. MORE…

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