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23-01-12 Love Video Weekly Showcase

I don’t know about you but this last week has been a busy one for me. I’ve had something pretty big and potentially life-changing on my mind for a while and thankfully, this was the week I finally managed to get it written down on paper (or rather, my blog). In some ways, I wish I had bypassed the written word and made it into a video instead – at least I could have submitted it to this showcase!

Video is a pretty cool medium to work with and I have the beginnings of an idea about how to turn more people into film-makers, hopefully even the more reluctant amongst us. I’m thinking a video meme of some kind is in order, what do you reckon? It’d be great to spread the word of vlogging throughout the blogosphere and then link up all the posts afterwards. In the words of Blackadder, “…I have a cunning plan”. Let me work on it and I will reveal all very soon…Ooh, the suspense!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s video-rific offerings.

Introduction kindly written by Laura from  Chez Mummy.

Mammasaurus – Challenge Annie-Ka Episode 1

Challenge Annie-Ka Episode 1

Do you want to challenge me? Well do ya punk?

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Diane Gets Crafty – TA DA! My first Market stall in full technicolour

You may have to crank your head to the side in parts, apologies! But I thought I’d let you have a peek at what I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy , hence the hiatus. I’ll be back soon with lots of new stuff and updates.

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