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30-01-12 Love writers weekly showcase

Hello and welcome to the first showcase for the writer category. For those who do more reading than writing please feel free to look at the selection of blog posts below. Writers are vain and egotistical beasts who are desperate for validation. Every reader is precious. I should know because I am trying to wedge myself into the writer crowd these days. Speak to any publisher and they will tell you that getting in can be a tricky business that requires talent, patience and luck. And sharp elbows.

I once heard a story about a frustrated writer who took this advice to heart. He taped some paper to his arms and barged into a publisher’s office whilst waving his elbows around. As security dragged him out he pleaded for clemency on the grounds that he was just trying to demonstrate how sharp his elbows were. Not being a fan of paper cuts the staff ignored his cries and barred him from the premises.

People always said that my Grandad was an eccentric.

Any writers who have stumbled upon this category please do not be shy with your submissions. Whether you have done a short bit of ‘flash fiction’, ranted about the spellchecker ruining your latest masterpiece or have something to say about why you use DRM on your ebooks then this is the place to be.

Lastly, if you know of any writer-bloggers yourself then please feel free to let them know about this place. All submissions are welcome!
Introduction kindly written by the dashing Michael Cargill

Shaking Away the Cobwebs – Stuck in the Past?

It got me thinking that the advice many experienced writers are giving out is… dated. I think that most young writers would prefer to use their phone. Notes on a device are easily stored, can be copied to another device and accessed anywhere. I won’t forget my phone when I leave the house and I’m not likely to lose it either. At least I hope not!

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Sacred Object – Now to edit my novel. How?

I’m thrilled at the idea that one day soon I will hold a completed, if imperfect, manuscript in my hands. What I’ve come to realise, though, is that I have no idea whatsoever how to begin editing a novel. Really, where do I start?

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The Creative Outpost – “My Beloved”

The day I delivered her was the happiest and saddest day of my life. She was so beautiful. She had a full head of dark black hair and a heart-shaped face. I had spent a lot of time selecting parents for my biological daughter. They were both educated, successful and more importantly kind and ready to be parents. I handed over my baby girl and gave them the heart-shaped locket with the inscription that I had put so much thought into that read, “My Beloved”.

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I Can’t Brain Today; I Have the Dumb – Sometimes, your greatest writing influence isn’t a writer.

Sometimes, your greatest writing influence isn’t a writer.

This past Monday, I was interviewed by Rivera Runs Through It. The topic was “First Book Love.” During the interview, I credited my father with introducing me to “The Hobbit” and starting for me a life-long love of books and reading.
I can credit my father with much more than just introducing me to reading.

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Snoo & Me – Flames


With a deep breath I run down the stairs still cradling my child, look out of the windows, see nothing. Run. I could run, if I scream someone will help I have a baby someone will help me won’t they?
Not breathing I turn the key and a body slams against the door trying to get it, somehow, somehow I force it closed trapping his hand like that one awful time. Could I have broken his hand this time? I had to slam the door, I had to get away, he had a knife our child was still inside me.

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barbicakes – Forever Dancing

She danced in front of the picture window,driving my brother nuts. His friends didn’t care but he did.
She danced for my friends, her grandkids saw her dance, her favorite ex son in law and my sister in law and loved it. She danced at the nursing home, they miss it , so do I. I know they’re dancing, Dad and her, rocking back and forth the way they used to. With goo goo eyes like before.

She is loving it and I am sure they are loving it and she is forever dancing.

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The Writing Asylum – Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Timetravelling has been something I’ve always been interested in. Ever since I stepped into the world of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” at a very young age, I was determined I’d be the first person to travel through time.

To just step into a structure and end up coming stepping out of it yesterday. It’d be a very strange experience as then I’d have to hide for a day until my past self did the exact same thing. Or maybe I could give myself the winning lottery numbers, become a millionaire.

But then you get that whole paradox business…

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Money-Making Magic for Enlightened Entrepreneurs – Hands Off My Favourite Word: ENTREPRENEUR

Hands Off My Favourite Word: ENTREPRENEUROne of my very favourite words in the world, perhaps my No 1 all-time favourite, is ENTREPRENEUR. But increasingly people are bastardising my favourite word. The first culprit was Mumpreneur which has now been officially recognised and added to the dictionary. Next a client wrote to me calling herself a Nontrepreneur. And now, all over the web, people are calling themselves ‘Treps. Geddit? Yes, I geddit. I just don’t want to. It’s my own mission to serve that community of Entrepreneurs but I’m going to have to re-think it if you keep messing with my favourite word, my Lovelies.

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Yellow Days – Publishing your blog on Kindle

People can have all my posts sent automatically to their Kindle to browse at their leisure on a train or while bungee jumping or whatever floats their boat. It will cost the princely sum of 99p a month of which I will get 30%. Don’t get me wrong, I realise this will not make me a fortune. In fact I doubt it will keep me in biscuits. However it has cost me nothing to do it other than half an hour of my time.

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3 comments on “love writers

  1. Top result for the first week of this category – I was worried there would only be a couple of submissions!

    Well done everyone who took part. Make sure you submit something before Friday to be in on Monday’s.

    • I’ve just read them all and really enjoyed it, I don’t generally read writers blogs – after all us mothers who blog tend to hang tight *ahem* however I’ll be reading more – have subscribed to the ones I really loved 😀

      Thanks Michael for your support – you can wear a dress and crap on about how great gin in with me any day of the week 😉

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