05-12-11 ‘The Royal Mumness’ Page Three


Things My Toddler Says

I don’t very often get round to doing meme posts, but this one has been making me laugh a lot over the last few days. Helen over at Crumbs and Pegs has tagged me to do a list of things I’ve heard DorkySon say that I would never say myself. It was all started by another Helen, over at The Crazy Kitchen, so if you fancy a giggle at the ramblings of some other toddler types, then head over to her page and check them out.

DorkySon: Do you think ginger cats like to eat ginger cake?

DorkySon, stepping in a puddle at the park: Help, Mummy! Help! I need a wheelchair!

DorkySon: I’m putting bubbles on daddy’s head
Me: Why are you doing that?
DorkySon: It makes him look like a cake.

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A mums internal monologue


I am a deeply cynical person, my husband said I have taken cynicism to a new level. One day (in a fit of frustration) he said that he was a failure, I disputed that, to which he replied, he was a potential failure. In my attempt to reassure, I reminded him of the correct fact that everyone has the potential to fail! So to begin to accept that I may have a psychological illness is…

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Jude Wharton

Becoming a Mum

I read the books during the nearly 9 months of my pregnancy. I read the bits of the magazines my Sister-in-Law had passed on to me that I thought would be interesting and useful. I went to the antenatal classes, midwife appointments and hospital information evenings. I watched the DVD on breast feeding. I chatted to my friends who were Mums about their experiences. I joined all the online Baby Clubs and read their emails. I even watched One Born Every Minute (against my better judgement). Did I think I was prepared to become a Mum for the first time? Yes. Was I? No.

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I Spy with My Little Eye

DorkySon has become a bit obsessed about spelling things recently. We’ll be walking around town and he’ll say ‘Oooh, look at that bus, how do you spell bus Mummy?’. I’ve been getting a lot of odd looks from the good people of Harpenden as I push my son along chanting ‘c-h-e-m-i-s-t’ or ‘C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s-T-r-e-e’ or ‘z-e-b-r-a-c-r-o-s-s-i-n-g’.

Anyway, in an attempt to make the whole thing a bit more fun we decided it was time for him to learn about I Spy. What a mistake that was. Although he’s pretty good at working out the first letters of words – he knows that D is for Daddy and M is for Mummy and Gr is for Granny, just like Gr for Great and Green and Grumpy – he doesn’t seem to have quite grasped the concept of the game. Either that or he just likes winding his mother up…

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent

Mr shark saves the day

Adventures of an Ordinary ParentI love it when children’s toys can be put to a practical use. Let me explain…

A few nights ago we awoke to a cold and misty morning. Sophia and Dexter had a date at a local playgroup that morning so, from the moment they were up and out of bed, the countdown was on to make sure we got there on time.

All was going to plan…I put Dexter into his cot while I finished getting myself and Sophia ready. Again, all seemed fine. But, when I went to get Dexter about 10 minutes later, disaster had struck – one of his socks was missing!

I deduced that the only place this third missing sock could be was behind the cot. I tugged as hard as I could to move his bed (it being an extremely sturdy, wooden thing) and managed to glimpse sight of his sock in the thin gap between the cot and the wall…But how to get it out? I needed to do it soon because we’d be late for the playgroup, but there was no way to reach around the cot. What was I to do?

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Not As Advertised

Coming to terms with parenting teens

Not As AdvertisedTomorrow is my eldest son’s 14th birthday. It already seems like he has been a teenager forever. He now stands a head taller than me and his voice is so deep I am constantly wondering who on earth is the strange man talking downstairs?
These physical changes have taken place over the past year and I, as his mother who has had 13 years of having two little boys, am still struggling to come to terms with the fact that I have one big boy (12) and one young man on my hands.
The job is made more complicated by their Asperger Syndrome. Which aspects of their behaviour are because they have AS and which is just because they are adolescent? It can be hard to tell.

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Dummy Love

GrenglishWhen I was pregnant with Zachy, I decided that I was absolutely, never ever, not in a million years, going to give my baby a dummy.

Then he developed colic, cried a lot, couldn’t settle, became over tired and no amount of soothing, cuddling or verses of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would help.

So, I gave him a dummy.

Silence shortly followed, as did our first 4-hours of uninterrupted sleep in a month.

At first, I gave him the dummy sparingly and in secret, thus avoiding disapproving looks and comments about me being a terrible mother.

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Love in the Nest

The Christmas elves have come to stay!

Love in the NestIt’s been an exciting couple of days in our house! December 1st brought with it the arrival of our Christmas elves! It’s the first year they have come to stay with us to watch over the children and make sure they are being good and confirm their place on Santa’s “Nice” list!

On Thursday morning we brought the children down for breakfast and they were greeted by these lovely little faces.

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A Hell Of A Woman

Becoming : Part 2

I spent many an hour mulling over the challenge I was going to set myself and in doing so, the actual detail of the task started to escalate in my head becoming more and more extravagant. The more complex and detailed my plan became, the more I started to believe it was going to change my life completely. I would discover a new talent; change my career path and generally start to lead a more fulfilled life.

Naturally, the weight of the expectation I was placing on myself caused me to stall. I hit a wall and despite several attempts, I couldn’t find the right words with which to write this post.

The excitement started to fade and was replaced by crippling self-doubt and fear. What if I’m setting myself too big a challenge? what if I don’t see it through? what if everyone expects me to fail before I’ve even started? How will I find the time? 2 small children means I struggle to find a space in the day to blog let alone anything more for myself.

So, where the hell do I go from here?

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Dear Beautiful Boy

Something I Am Proud Of

Dear Beautiful BoyYes, surprise surprise.
I’m super proud of that little guy.
I made him you know.
I grew him in my tummy.
And I’m helping to mould him
into the charming, smiley little guy that he is today.

And just look how much he’s changed and grown.
From one week old
to nine months old.
Isn’t he clever?
Aren’t I clever for helping?

Becoming a parent
seems to mean
that you stitch together a few dozen moments
each and every day
in which you feel stupidly proud.

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Have A Little Patience

Then she started to recognise things such as ‘dog’, ‘turtle’, ‘bike’, ‘car’, ‘docks’ (socks). We were out at the weekend and were standing near a really hairy guy (big beard and long hair), Iyla was staring at him for a good few minutes before saying ‘DOG’! It was honestly one of the funniest moments of my life, luckily the guy didn’t hear but I just love the way her brain must have been trying to work out what he was before coming to the conclusion that he was a dog!

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The Other Half’s guide to what not to say

MummyisagadgetgeekDespite having been ‘The Other Half’ for several years now, the Other Half it seems still has not learned that there are some things he just should not say. Don’t get me wrong, he is a wonderful father and partner, and I feel very lucky to have him. But, I am overtired and hormonal, and so I am allowed some leeway.

So, here is The Other Half’s Guide to What Not To Say:

1. Take a chill pill

If such a pill were to exist, I would imagine that the ingredients would need to be as follows:

four hours of additional uninterrupted sleep
a warm relaxing bath…

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*WORLD EXCLUSIVE* The X-Factor Judges sing System Of A Down

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