12-12-11 ‘The Royal Mumness’ Page Three


I Think I Might Be Developing OCD

I am still in the Mother and Baby Unit for my Post Natal Depression. As it turns out this place is a little bit of a ‘buy one get one free’ of mental health problems for me.

There is a winter vomiting bug rife in the country at the moment. Some of you may be vomiting as you read this in fact (though don’t because you will get puke on your iPad). Anyway it has struck the ward, big time. To date we have had three babies and around nine members of staff down with this bug.

Now this situation is kinda my own personal paranoid hell. Firstly I hate sickness bugs-more than your average person. You might even say I am slightly phobic of them. Secondly, generally speaking if there is a sickness bug to be caught, I will catch it (it’s like the germs are attracted to purple or something). I have had six separate virus/food poisoning incidents in this year alone.

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The Tunbridge Wells Mum

My London Weekend Treat

The Tunbridge Wells Mum

Since having children, it has been a rare occurrence for me to spend much time away from them. I can usually hear them from the second I wake up and they are the last thing on my mind before I go to bed. Which is why I so very much look forward to my annual weekend away in London with the girls. As I sat on the train, it struck me how peaceful it was…I could actually hear myself think. I was able to string a sentence together without any interruption. I could sip away at my coffee (as opposed to gulping it down at record speed)…It was boiling hot instead of its usual lukewarm. The list could go on as to the many things we took for granted before those little angels entered our world….

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Chatty Baby

This Toddler Does Not Eat Breakfast

I think breakfast is over-rated. These days, I won’t eat it, whatever they give me. Any of it. If I’ve been asleep for hours (and sometimes I have, sometimes for really a very long time!) I want to get up and make the most of the day! Why waste time eating? There are toys to be played with, pictures to be drawn, not to mention the attention that must be lavished on Hairy Dog when I’ve not seen him in so long. So, to assert my authority, I, the toddler, won’t eat breakfast.

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Minibreak Mummy

Minibreak Mummy Loves: Bambino Beads

Minibreak Mummy

Who says boys can’t wear beads? My son Aled has been fascinated by my necklaces and bracelets since he was a young baby. And when I recently bought a couple of bracelets for my nieces, Aled was disappointed that they weren’t for him.

So I was very pleased to discover that Bambino Beads make bracelets and necklaces specially designed for boys, as well as a lovely range for girls. One reason for this is that the mum who created Bambino Beads has twin boys, so she knows how much boys love beads!

The item I chose for Aled was a ‘George style elasticated bracelet with a pirate charm’, which is perfect for a budding surfer dude.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

How Clean Is Our House? BritMums Vlog Prompt

BritMums asked how clean my house was – here’s what I said.

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A mums internal monologue

noise is so noisy these days

Why is everything so noisy these days. My recently acquired fear of any kind of noise has a direct correlation with my (light sleeping) baby’s, sleep times.

Does the term “sleeping like a baby” mean, despite being exhausted, drooping eyes, floppy, basically asleep with his eyes half open, yet still protesting, moaning and groaning for 10 minutes when put to bed, then waking when the kettle clicks off or I rustle something in the kitchen?

Microwaves are so noisy. Buzz buzz, beep beep beep, ping! It could just stop, I know how long I put it on for…

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Actually Mummy…

Things they Teach in School these days!

Actually Mummy...

I was having a chat with Mummy the other day about school in the olden days. She laughed when I asked her if they had school when she was young and if she went. I thought it was a pretty reasonable question given how little she knows about the things they teach in school. I am 7 and I already know more than her. This is a synopsis of several post-schoolday interactions we have had over the last few weeks:

Mummy: What did you learn today?
GG: Oh just Symbolism in Hindu worship….

GG: I was sad today because I didn’t get a go with the camera
M: Oh, are you learning to take photos?
GG: No! *eyeroll* We’re learning to capture a digital image….

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A Hell Of A Woman

12 days of Buffy : the puppet show

There’s something incredibly creepy about a ventriloquist’s dummy. For me, it’s the eyes. They’re so big and static and simultaneously lacking in life whilst having too much life. ‘Tis a freaky combination.

Fortunately, the twist in the 9th episode of season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that Sid the dummy isn’t a demonic denizen of hell. He is in fact a demon-hunter cursed into dummy-form. Phew! Now they only have to deal with the demon-possessed magician that’s decided to harvest Giles’ brain.

Now I know I should be writing about something that this episode has inspired in me but you’ll have to forgive me because I’m a bit distracted.

Remember me mentioning about a month ago….

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from fun to mum

Fashion Friday: Kids Xmas Outfit Blog Hop

from fun to mum

Little Miss G was about 10 weeks old last Christmas. It was her first Christmas and we wanted to get some cute cards printed. We went to John Lewis and bought her a little Santa velour outfit. She wore it for the card photo and then again for dinner on Christmas Eve to the surprise and delight of my Italian family who had never seen such a thing.

Whilst I surely wouldn’t have put it on her for Christmas lunch, I must admit that I got some really fun pictures of Miss G dressed as Santa and the rest of the family on Christmas Eve. Mr H made a fun calendar and sent it over to the Italians who thought it was hysterical. Please remember that in Italy Santa has to face very tough competition from baby Jesus as Christmas star attraction so a Santa outfit on a 10 weeks old baby had everyone shocked as well as amused.

This year Mr H and I have been wondering if we should buy her another crazy outfit and surprise my Italian family again, maybe with a little Elf or a cute Rudolph.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog

Words of Encouragement

Pinkoddy's Blog

I found a lot of people weren’t encouraging when I started breastfeeding. It felt like I was doing something wrong.

Go feed him in the backroom, or even on the toilet floor!

Feed him for 10 minutes on each side every 4 hours – what your baby is screaming? There must be something wrong with your milk!

Thing is there is rarely (less than 1 % of the population!) anything wrong with anyone’s milk – in quantity or quality – but I hear it oh so much!

I found certain people were supportive in different ways, and here’s who I’d like to thank:

Some by supporting me and standing by my decisions – like my husband. I couldn’t have done it without him – especially the night times – and not just when they were babies but at the toddler stage he was amazing with helping them to wean at night.

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More Than A Mum Blog

How to talk to little girls

More Than A Mum Blog

I read a really thought provoking article this morning which really challenged my thinking completely. It was by author Lisa Bloom in the Huffington Post called How to Talk to Little Girls. Now I see myself as a liberal, forward thinking, bordering on feminist woman who feels strongly about girls celebrating their brains as well as beauty; having a healthy all-round self-image. However, when I read the article I realised that I too have often been guilty of employing ‘flattering’ tactics of little girls in order to boost their self-esteem. All little girls want to be a princess and love to be complimented on their pretty dress, hair or smile – something we never really grow out of! But what Bloom challenges in the article is the idea that teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything. This really did make me stop in my tracks!

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Gossip from the Weekend

After the meal a small splinter cell of the ‘hardcore’ went off to the late night pub/music venue. Actually Mummy was on fire, dancing like a woman possessed and I stand by my comment ‘She has a C battery shoved up her arse’. It was a surreal time that followed with some very random people around us – think of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and you are halfway there. Do you recall the bit in the film ‘The Shining’ where the two little girls are stood in the hallway? Well I walked back from having a pee only to be faced with a gangway with no one but a dwarf dressed as a Hells Angel, hands on hips staring at me. I did check with the others and they saw him too – it wasn’t just in my mind.

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