12-12-11 The Royal Mumness

Well, I am freshly back from the Tots100 Christmas Party, at which many lurid digital images were captured (as GG would say!) to which you will be party over the course of the week. Watch this space (and @LoveMummyBlogs on Twitter) for up-to-the-minute developments. Thrown straight into a ‘make it up to the kids for going away’ tree-decoration session (at which Actually Daddy was free-flowing with the mulled wine) I staggered through the afternoon before collapsing in front of the X Factor final!

About a million tweets from Mammasaurus later I remembered at the eleventh hour that I have a job to do, and so you find me here writing to you, tired but happy from the party, emotionally exhausted with the X Factor. Go Little Mix!!! Don’t we all secretly imagine swelling with pride one day as we watch our own sons and daughters achieve their dreams?

Ok, tears aside, I have to declare with heartfelt convinction that I am incredibly privileged to be on this blogging journey, to be part of such an amazing community of women, of parents, and of support. I have read such a variety of posts, found the answers to questions, had a giggle, and been given support along the way from the online connections I have made.

In the last 3 weeks I have been lucky enough to meet the online characters I have been chatting to in real life, and I am more in love with blogging than ever as a result. People are rarely exactly as you imagine them to be when you actually meet them, but they are never a disappointment. I want to thank Sally from the Tots100 for allowing me to attend at the last minute, and Mammasaurus for dragging me along. Everyone I met was a treat, and I am excited to delve further into their blogs. And those of you who I haven’t yet met, watch out, because I have the social bug now – and a video camera to go with it.

Anyway, enough of the sentimental guff, you will find me safely back at home with my sarcasm next week, but for now, go and meet some Mummy Bloggers in the Royal Mumness!!

Intro. by Actually Mummy

Congratulations to the winner of the Lamaze Stacking Ring  from the give-away last week…@blubirdsunshine !


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