19-12-11 The Royal Mumness Page Two

Chatty Baby

Baby Food Portion – Too Small In My Opinion

I’ve long suspected that food in this house is being rationed. Specifically, my food is being rationed. The supply of fruit at any one sitting is limited. Mummy tells me there is “no more” but then there is more at the next sitting, without any trips to the shop. Now, I’m smart enough to know that our personal strawberry crop was rubbish this year, so either the fridge grows its own, or I’m being lied to. A white lie, but a fib nonetheless. Ice-cream, sweeties, all the ‘good stuff,’ comes in small portions!

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A Hell Of A Woman

Missing : a sense of direction

After completing my 12 days of Buffy challenge on Monday, I treated myself to a day off from my blog yesterday and…I felt lost! This really surprised me, as it’s not like I don’t have anything else to do each day. There’s the boys to keep clean, fed, watered and entertained; the house to keep tidy; the dog to walk; and Christmas to prepare for.

Here are some of the highlights of a normal day in my house:

*Drag myself out of bed in the morning after the joy of the baby waking up 2 hourly throughout the night
*Try and fail to have a hot cup of tea
*Breathe a sigh of relief when the toddler has his lunchtime nap and if I’ve got the timing right, take the baby to bed at the same time so we can both have some more sleep
*Berate myself for failing to devise some innovative and educational way of entertaining the boys/for not taking them out (thus also leading to me berating myself for not walking the dog)/for being quite comatose due to a distinct lack of sleep

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Music For Baby

Musical Mooing and Other Moments

Music For Baby

When I was pregnant for the first time back in 2008 I felt like I was floating on clouds I was so thrilled. I wanted to do everything right – I ate healthily (ish), I stopped drinking wine (OK, apart from the very occasional glass), I took naps in the daytime to make sure my body was rested enough to build my baby properly, and I bought one of those lovely gliding chairs with lots of padding and a gliding footstool. We positioned said gliding chair upstairs in the nursery ready for when baby was finally here and I used to sit in it and listen to some relaxation music my husband had composed.

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Here come the girls

100 things I learned from the Tots 100 Party

Here come the girls

It’s not often I get the taste of life as a celebrity. Most of the time my life is a quagmire of washing up and ironing, tantrums and tears (mainly mine), wiping bottoms, noses and any other dirty surface. So to be treated to a night in a hotel, a three course meal and enough drinks to get me tipsy (2 since you’re asking – I’m a very cheap date) was undreamed of luxury.

The downside of celebrity is of course the paparazzi, the intrusion into your privacy and all your dirty secrets in the papers for all to see. Well this week I had a taste of that too. One by one each of the bloggers attending has written their post of the weeks events. The mix of anticipation and fear is, no doubt, how a celebrity feels looking for their reviews, or checking to see if the Page 3 girl they went home with has published a kiss and tell. There are no kiss and tells here but it is a bit scary to read what others first impressions were.

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Dear Beautiful Boy

Christmas In Our House

Dear Beautiful Boy

Which got me thinking. . .
Everyone’s idea of a perfect Christmas is different.
Every family has different traditions.
Every decoration has a story.
Christmas is different in every house
but magic in its own way.

So I’m opening up a “Christmas In Our House” linky.
It will be open from December 1st until twelfth night (because I’m traditional like that!)
So link up what your house looks like at Christmas.
Tell me all about your traditions
and what is special about Christmas for you.

You can consider this your present to me,
because it will make me one happy Christmas fairy.

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Mummy Cool

Entertaining the old Folks

Mummy Cool

I think Teen Twin Two has discovered a little bit of the true spirit of Christmas, or at least discovered Christmas is not entirely about presents and chocolate and, um, more presents.

Yesterday, she was in a group from school that went to the local old folks’ home to sing to the residents and bring a little festive cheer into their lives. She wasn’t entirely looking forward to it, she’s sung in choirs since junior school and they’re quite big on dragging them out to seasonally entertain geriatrics, possibly on the basis that they can’t run away. Old folks’ homes, according to Teen Twin Two, smell of wee and cabbage. But mostly wee.

The school have been running similar visits for years and years, but this year .. for the first time… the unthinkable happened.

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A Baby on Board

Being 31 weeks pregnant

A Baby on Board

This week my friend Nick came to stay, for the day: it was very lovely to see him, and hi Nick! We spent a large portion of our 20′s having lots of fun getting drunk in random places around the city, but how things change; that day neither of us was drinking (me, for obvious reasons, and him because he was driving)…

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My IdeaLife

Catching Fireflies

My IdeaLife

Millions of moments, one half-life (hopefully!) and gone in a flash. There are 6.9 billion humans on earth all having thoughts, moments, times worth remembering and recounting. It’s overwhelming what we’re missing, what we don’t see or understand. It’s humbling and at the same time it’s beautiful to think of the vast preciousness of so many human lives.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

Friday Rant – share the love, not the lurgy

Cheetahs In My Shoes

Selfish, irresponsible and plain thoughtless. I’ve sat through the days of ‘house arrest’ with 2 children being ill – chicken pox, scarlet fever, other sick bugs. It’s not pleasant by any means but it’s the right thing to do. Don’t share the bugs – you don’t know what they might do to the next person.

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Casa Costello

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Casa Costello

We’ve had a busy day. The first picture was taken of Violet yesterday before she went to her school party. Notice the difference when the second picture was taken today. Yes, both front teeth have fallen out within a couple of hours of each other, leaving the cutest gap.

The tooth fairy is being very busy tonight but we can’t stop singing this song with only a week to go before Christmas … Not sure if Violet can actually say ‘Sister Susie Sitting on a Thistle’ but I do know she’d blinking LOVE one of those dresses!

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