19-12-11 The Royal Mumness

School is finished. Forever, apparently. I think the Bug may be in for a shock come 6 January when he is made to truss up turkey-like in his uniform and haul his tiny ass back up to school! For now though, it is 6 sleeps until Santa arrives, and we are firmly glued to the sofa in our PJ’s the minute the sun is past the yardarm. Sky has a Christmas channel full of old or never-made-it festive films, I am feeling lenient and lazy, and the cold and wet brings on an impossible-to-resist urge to unscrew the cap on another bottle of mulled wine.
Discussions never abate over the politics of which family members to see on which day of the Christmas holiday, and the queue outside the main post-office is too daunting to contemplate. I mean, seriously – surely it is not difficult to predict a swell in customer numbers at this time of year and draft in a bit of extra manpower? And to add insult to injury I neglected to secure one of those oh-so-precious pre-Christmas delivery slots from the supermarket, and must battle the crowds myself, with kids in tow if I am to get my hands on sufficient sprouts to get through the day itself!
So as I drag the family around the vegetable aisle at the crack of a Monday dawn tomorrow, my mind will be firmly focused on the return home, where my favourite bunch of bloggers will be waiting for me to peruse. Coffee in hand I will settle back on the sofa, whilst the kids re-watch Santa Paws the movie, and indulge in a bit of blog-reading. And if I can muster the energy to slosh in a bit of Tia Maria so much the better. There’s always another film on later 😉
Happy Christmas Mums, I’ll be seeing you very soon!

Intro. by Actually Mummy


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