‘The Royal Mumness’ 23-11-11 Page Two

Adventures of an Ordinary Parent

What’s in my bag? Come and see…

This week I have had a close encounter of the very random kind.

Over on twitter, some very lovely mummy bloggers have been egging each other on to show the world what on earth they carry around in their handbag…The idea spread and Britmums, the parent blogger network site, threw down a video challenge for bloggers to show off whatever is in their handbag.

Crumbling under the pressure…I finally agreed to make a video…So, what on earth do I have in my handbag? You might be surprised…

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The Good Parent Guide

Surviving Returning To Work After Having A Baby

The Good Parent Guide

I am a working Mum, not from choice though! I wanted to be a stay at home Mum (SAHM), which is something I was promised by my husband if I moved up to Scotland. So I moved to Scotland, had babies and I am still working 😦 but hey I am not bitter!

Our circumstances changed once we moved to Scotland and our roles reversed with me earning the larger salary, therefore when I was pregnant with my first child the prospect of me being a SAHM was bleak………

I dreaded going back to work, however how I got through it. It is now nearly 4 years on and I am still in the same job. So here are my survival tips for going back to work:

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Yellow Days

Was NaBloPoMo a good idea?

As you might have guessed by the flurry of activity on the blog, I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo. Yep, you read that right, it’s short for National Blog Posting Month. It just means that I’m challenging myself to post at least once a day throughout November. Well I’m half way through now and so far I’ve managed to keep up with posting everyday. I’ve taken the easy option occasionally with a Silent Sunday but there’s also been the contentious issue of elective C-sections, how to publish a blog on Kindle and my thoughts on my birthday along with a few memes, some photos and even a music video. Variety is the spice of life after all. But was it a good idea?

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Missing: One Pair Of Boobies


On the day my milk came in, I stood looking at them in the mirror in shock, it honestly looked like I’d had a boob job. They were MASSIVE (for me) and full and pert.
NOT ANY MORE. They are so empty now that I am surprised Iyla actually gets any milk out of them. No more leaking, no more breast pads, no more waking up drenched in milk, no more getting full. They just feel empty ALL the time.

Is this it?

Are they gone forever?

Do I need to do ‘I must increase my bust’ exercises or use special creams?

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A Hell Of A Woman

Becoming : Part 1

A Hell Of A Woman

I haven’t had an opportunity to post over the last few days as husband hurt his back (bending to lift the baby of all things!) so I’ve had to fill the void left by his shoes as well as wearing mine. Lets just say that bedtime has been quite fraught without an extra pair of hands to help with the boys!

I have been thinking a lot though about this post; something that I’ve found frustrating if I’m honest because I’m great at thinking…..and thinking….and thinking…….and then….nothing! This has been my M.O for years and, as a result, it’s a deeply ingrained habit that I haven’t yet managed to break.

One thing I do know is that I want my blog to be about finding myself. That’s not to say that it won’t ever include other things; just that I want the main focus to be about the steps I am taking to make myself more than a mum, wife and daughter.

The other thing I know is that I want my blog to have a healthy focus on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So the question becomes, how do I marry the two? and when am I going to get started?

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

Police Cheetahs Do Children In Need

Cheetahs In My Shoes

It was with great delight he brought home a cardboard box on Tuesday. Beautifully painted – as was his school jumper – “look mummy, I’ve painted my jumper lots of colours”. That was completely true. Lots of colours. Thankfully the washing machine is currently behaving itself. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t press THAT button. Yes, THAT button – the one only he and the Cheetahs can see – you know, the one in that corner. If you do press THAT button you may be zapped or put in jail, or shot, or killed. How I dislike the Cheetah Keeper’s current obsession with killing things. I’m assured it’s a boy thing and completely normal but I still don’t like it.

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Five Go Blogging

Snap Slappers Week 1

Five Go Blogging

Welcome to the inaugural Snap Slappers blog hop, inspired by a little competition I set on Twitter with Mammasaurus, Motherventing and BlueBirdSunshine and the fantastic photo-editing site Picnik.

This is where you can get as creative or artistic as you can with your photos.
Post up a before and after editing photo on your blog and link up here.
If you would like to reveal the processes you used to create your image so others can have a go to create the same effects, feel free. If you wish to keep your creative tools a secret, that’s your privilege.

So my entry this week is a fun one. I threw some lovely effects at it and then had a little doodle too.

Here is Misty Moo looking gorgeous, slightly suspicious and definitely ready to be pimped!

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Dear Beautiful Boy

It’s the end of an era

I’m feeling sort of nostalgic today about my little man’s life so far.
And a bit melancholy
There is a really good reason.

Tomorrow, he will turn six months old exactly.
And I can’t really believe where half a year went.

I can’t believe how much he has changed in that time.
How much he has changed me.
And hubby.

But none of that makes me feel so melancholy.
That makes me extremely happy.

We’ve come so far from those early days.
When hubby and I probably looked like rabbits caught in the headlights.
It felt a little like we were “playing” at being a family.
We were guessing at everything.
And getting things wrong.

But now we just get on with it.
We all know each other,
and we’re getting to know what works for us.

No, the reason for my melancholy
isn’t the passing of time.
It’s the fact that time passing means that things have to change.

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Multiple Mummy

Top five things about twins!

Multiple Mummy

It is a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be the most hardest work ever. It is also a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be easy – two babies in one go, job done. To have twins is neither of these thing – it is not either of these extremes, it is like any moment of parenthood, and has its joy, trials, triumphs and moments of despair. Like any parent it is a learning curve and like many parents, it is all I know, so I could not honestly tell you comparatively whether it is harder or easier than close together age gaps or not (I actually have both!) but what I can tell you is it is a true blessing and something I feel is a real privilege.

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Mummy Big Bum

Disgusting things a mummy does

I was struck by the sudden realisation of how much I have changed since having a child…

• I give Sam a new snack to try; he does an experimental chew and then spits it out in my hand. Depending on the extent of chewage, the price and tastiness of the food, and the location of the nearest bin…I sometimes find myself eating the snack myself. In the words of my builder friend: ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’!

• Instead of being horrific, it is amuses me that Sam once had diarrhoea whilst having some nappy-free time, and ran the length of the flat to get to the potty, leaving a dirty trail as he went.

• But the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done? ….when Sam was tiny he had a horrendous cold and was really struggling to breathe. I had read about a device where you could either syringe the nostrils, or use a tube to suck the snot out. With both of us absolutely desperate for some sleep, but without either of those already gross-sounding devices…I put my mouth to Sam’s nose and sucked the snot out myself. Not my proudest moment – not one that’ll ever be repeated – but it worked!

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More Than A Mum Blog

Parents’ evening: an insider’s guide

More Than A Mum Blog

So far here at more than a mum, we have focused on toddlers and Mums. That is where Loretta and I are at with our own parenting. Today, I want to discuss something for parents of older children: school parents’ evenings.

As you may know I (Ruth) am a secondary school teacher and recently when attending a Mums get together, I chatted to a number of women with older children. Something that they all said was that one of the toughest parenting challenges they faced was school. In part, this was due to finding they didn’t understand “the system”.

One area where many parents can feel lost is parents’ evening…

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