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Mama’s Little Baby Loves…

Beware The Lodge (Especially the West Ones)

When we moved here from Birmingham just over a year ago, I was completely smitten with our new little home; West Lodge. The rent was fabulously cheap, the walls were fabulously freshly painted and the house was fabulously empty and ready to go. See where I’ve written ‘fabulously’ there? If I’d known what I know now you would have read them as ‘suspiciously’… more fool me, eh?

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mums world xxx

Tips for saving money and keeping warm this winter.

The winter is fast approaching and a lot of people are dreading the bills that will be soon be landing on the doorstep. Energy prices have risen again and the cost of heating your home doesn’t come cheap. I have been talking with other mums and dads this week about the little and sometimes big actions we take to save money and stay warm during the winter months. It’s sad but true that a lot of families can’t afford to turn their heating on and would rather go cold than go into debt to keep warm. I have put together a list of ways to help save money and keep warm, some are free or inexpensive and some come at a cost but will save you money in the long run.

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Yellow Days

My 5 Liebster Blogs

Yellow Days

Recently I was very kindly given the Liebster Blog award, twice in fact. Once by Motherventing and then again by Mum of One. Lucky me, hey? I had been meaning to pass this honour along to my five favourite bloggers but hadn’t quite got round to it when I saw that this week’s Britmums Blogging Prompt was… you guessed it… to share our five favourite bloggers. Two birds with one stone then. How efficient am I? So here are the five best blogs in the whole world ever:

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Multiple Mummy

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there

Mental health is a sensitive topic. People do tend to shy away from it, even today with the fear of the association and stigma attached. The worry that your making it up, you’re not a coper or ‘it’s all in your head’ make mental health a taboo subject. I think the problem with Mental health is that it is not visible or tangible. However, just because you can’t see it, does not mean it is not there. You can’t see or feel oxygen but we accept it is essential for life.

There has been quite a brave stance on speaking out about mental health issues on twitter recently, with many people posting about their personal experiences of dealing with their condition, whether it be depression, post natal depression, and Bi-polar disorder . I actually haven’t seen anyone write about experiences of suffering from schizophrenia yet but I am sure and hope that it will happen. People need to be more aware.

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Me Plus1 (nearly 2)

Where Have I Been

To sum up the last few months, there has been pain, illness, fights, sleep, enjoyable moments, coursework, eating, shouting, crying, cleaning, preparing, growing, moving and so much more.

As of today I am….. 34 weeks!

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That’s what (mummy) friends are for


My part-time work is in media and today I was forwarded some very interesting findings from some research by Bauer Media into the women’s market. Bauer Media own more than 80 influential radio, magazine, TV and online UK media brands, including heat, GRAZIA, Closer, FHM. The research aimed to help advertisers find new ways to influence the conversation of British women.
The research concluded that five key roles are played in women’s conversation:
• Queen Bee, the direct and unquestioned leader in the conversation – she is independent, strong minded and with lots of outward confidence, friends look to her to organise things, take charge and make group decisions when they are unsure of what to do.

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RillyRoos – Rillyness of the Roo

When things go wrong

RillyRoos - Rillyness of the Roo

You need to go down to ICU quick, Holly isn’t doing to well” I have never dressed or ran so quickly in my life. We were met at the doors in ICU by a nurse named Kate. She kept talking to us but I can’t remember hearing any of it. I just wanted to get to her. Nothing could have prepared us for the sight that met us.
When we turned the corner, Hollys cot was surrounded by every nurse in the place, there was a surgeon there with her chest open. Her heart had stopped suddenly, with everything she had gone through her heart was so swollen, that when they tried to stitch the skin over it it didn’t have enough room to function properly causeing her to go into arrest. I felt as though I was underwater, every movement was slow, all the sounds were muffled, I couldn’t make out what anyone was saying to me. I sat and watched as the surgeon finished up, and numbly listened to Kate tell us that she was OK for now, and that she was still very poorly.

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Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy

Monday Morning = Mummy Fail

I hate Monday mornings, especially if I’ve been working at the weekend. It may only be for 4 hours but I still feel like I haven’t had a “proper” weekend. I’ve also been finding it hard to get up in the morning because it is still dark outside so it just doesn’t feel right.

My alarm droned on at 7am until I picked my phone up and hid it under my pillow. I unwrapped myself from my duvet and dragged myself to the bathroom. I switched the shower on, waited for it to heat up and then carefully stepped in. I stood enveloped in lovely warmth for at least 10 minutes.

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My Mummy Can Lose Weight

Not Friday Already?!?!

Today is Friday. Again? Already? How did that come around so fast? Does it have to be? Can’t I have another day? Just one more, I promise I’ll be good? No?

It is indeed Friday and for me that means apprehension, occasionally disappointment, sometimes jubilation and often relief. Friday always starts this way for me as Friday is weigh in day! I have weighed in on a Friday ever since I made the decision to lose weight. In fairness my scales and I have a more regular relationship as we meet at the same time every day but Friday is the day I record the weight and my measurements and consider my progress.

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Dollys & Daydreams

I’m back with a muslin cloth…

Well, it has been a while!!! In the last 3 months or so, i have given birth to a beautiful baby girl called Molly. I will spare you the gory details of labour but to make a long story short: it bloody killed!!

She was 2 weeks early, so came as a bit of a surprise, but 2 days after my baby shower! I reckon she just wanted to play and wear all her new lovely gifts!!

So my reasoning for not posting…..I have a 3 month old baby! would love to be one of those people who get little sleep, look after their little one and still look gorgeous and organised, however this has not been me. I spent the first month living in my ‘fat pants’!! Thankfully, things are getting easier and i am getting back to my old size….FINALLY!!!

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For every parent who has a teenager

My eldest daughter is 13 years old and don’t we know it at times – like any thirteen year old girl she can be moody and aggravating but also funny, loving and amazingly talented. She decided she wanted to learn to play the piano…

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Boo and Me

She’s Gone

Do you ever look back on moments of your life and wish you could tell yourself something?

You know those stand out seconds that you look back on days, weeks, even years later, and think ‘if only‘. If only I knew then. If only I could have just one second to whisper in my own ear what I know now.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing huh?

Last night, as I lay awake watching the world grow dark and silent from my window, I had one of these moments.

I thought about giving birth. I thought about how easy it is to see tiny things now some time has passed. I thought about how suddenly depression engulfed me, how quickly it took over and left me behind.

Maybe this is where my answers lie. Maybe I need to confront what happened and how I felt.

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Actually Mummy…

I Want A Bra!

Actually Mummy...

Mummy has vetoed this idea on the basis that I do not yet need one. But what I want to know is, why do M&S sell a bra for 6-year-olds if it is not necessary? For 6-year-olds! The one I want is simple and plain, and begins in a size 6-8 years. Alright, it is a crop-top style, but it is still a bra! And they sell it, so I want it. M&S are not the only parent-offenders, either. Primark sell a similar garment in a hotter pink, with sparkly embellishments. I wouldn’t even dare to ask for that one….

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The Diary of a Lagos Mum

Proud Mama

As you may already know, we started going to Mum and Baby playgroup last week. And we’ve been six times so far.

I was so nervous about it, but the first day went well and I now actually look forward to going. And so does Vinay. He gets so excited when we arrive and he realises where we are!

He’s still a little unsure of himself and wants to be reassured that I’m by his side, but he’s getting more confident.

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Thankful Thursday: Being Understood

… today was different, we stayed the whole 2 hours and I was able to have a really good conversations with the other parents there. it’s a small group, but having other people there who know exactly what you’re going through is an amazing thing to have. being able to share and be understood is worth it’s weight in gold. but talking to another parent with a child with the same disability (and abilities!) really makes the difference.

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Romanian Mum in London

About me and new hope

I am not even sure what to say… I feel emotional , enthusiast and i am scared at the same time….
If you read my blog previously you will know that i suffer of depression. I am not even sure if it is postnatal depression (because i had a traumatic kind of birth – after 44 hours of labour i was taken for an emergency c-section because baby Kara was in distress and i was very tired didn’t sleep at all during my labour), postraumatic depression (same as before plus a traumatic episode in my adolescence) or just a clinic depression?!?! To tell you the truth i am not even sure which one is which and why they are not just calling it depression??

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A day in the life of me!

I awoke this morning to my youngest, adorable child sitting on my head with a fully-loaded nappy. My eldest had a ‘pre-teen’ strop and my middle daughter was sent to school looking like Worzel Gummidge – usually acceptable for a busy working mum of 3, but today was her first ever school photo. You know it’s bad when the teacher does their hair when they get to school!
First Stop….. REDUNDANCY!

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Not As Advertised

How Do Your Children See You?

Not As Advertised

Have you ever wondered how you children see you? My 13 year old was watching Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” the other day and pointed at the slightly eccentric but savvy and lovable mum and said, “She’s just like you.”
“What do you mean?” I enquired.
“Mad,” he replied. Mad? MAD?
“I think she’s a cool mum. She’s always one step ahead of her kids,” I said, defensively (Yes, okay, I have been known to watch it with him).
My son, teenager that he is, rolled his eyes and gave a derisive snort.
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A Working Mum

Umbilical Cord, Keepsake or Gross?

A Working Mum

Immediately after you’ve given birth to your new bundle, and you’re still in the labour suite, one of the first things that the midwives will do is to attach an ankle and wrist ID tag to your baby.

These identity tags, for security reasons, must not be removed from your baby until you’ve taken your new bundle of joy home, and that’s probably the first thing that you’ll do once your are back home.

Most parents, if you’re like me, will keep hold of these identity tags, and use them to start a memory box for your child.

I’ve been adding things to our little lad’s memory box as the months have gone by, his scan photographs, the cards that we received when he was born, his first Christmas cards, his first birthday cards, some clothes from his first few days when he was a tiny tot, and not forgetting of course his umbilical cord stump!

Yes, I did say his umbilical cord stump. I have kept it. It’s wrapped in some kitchen roll and kept clean and dry in a small sealed plastic bag.

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Cafe Bebe

My Brave Girl

Cafe Bebe

Today was one of those milestones that no parent wants to endure. JABS! Ella is nearly 3 1/2 and we got the dreaded note in the post a few weeks ago reminding us about Ella’s booster jabs for MMR & Tetanus/Diptheria/Hib. I was dreading it because it was the first jab that she’s had that she would actually be AWARE of.

Hubby and I debated on whether to tell her or spring it on her at the last second. I chose to tell her about it shortly before we left for the appointment and explained that she was going to get 2 jabs in her arms to protect her from bad germs and sickness. I reminded her about how Mummy has had to have jabs (blood tests) and that Mummy was brave and Ella could do the same. And then I held my breath.

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