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The nine months that made you

Life before birth can shape who we are and who we become.

This week I watched BBC1′s Horizon – the nine months that made you.

“Horizon explores the secrets of what makes a long, healthy and happy life. It turns out that a time you can’t remember – the nine months you spend in the womb – could have more lasting effects on you today than your lifestyle or genes. It is one of the most powerful and provocative new ideas in human science, and it was pioneered by a British scientist, Professor David Barker. His theory has inspired a field of study that is revealing how our time in the womb could affect your health, personality, and even the lives of your children.”

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If I Could Escape

I’m 41 and I’ve never … but I have …

I’m 41.



And, I’ve never …

1. Been in a flash mob.

2. Rode on a motor cycle.

3. Gone to the movies by myself.

4. Given a hug, unless I wanted to.

5. Had my wisdom teeth pulled.

6. Danced on top of a bar — surprising, I know.

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The Princess Poets Life Adventures

Ethan’s Birth Story

The Princess Poets Life Adventures

The night before, I was giddy yet anxious. I was going to meet my son! I was up at 6.30 as we needed to be at the hospital for 8am. DH & I arrived and a lovely midwife came to take my Obs, I showed her my birth plan and She hooked me up to the CTG machine to monitor Lil Bean. He was happy as larry, They then inserted the propess. I tried my hardest to relax and stay calm. My hubby was so proud of me. Once it was placed behind my cervix, They explained that it will remain in there for 24hrs to ripen my cervix & I was left to it.
Hubby & I just chilled while we waited, The midwives came in and out to monitor me & lil bean. The propess made my frou sore & I tried to walk around to help things along but a combination of my pelvic girdle pain & the effects of the propess made walking a nightmare.

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Mummy Musings

Goodbye bottles

Mummy Musings

At 27 months, C has finally dropped her bottles of milk.

She had one in the morning and one at night, a routine that has been going on for the past 18 months or so. The weekend before last we went down to London for a blogging event and extended our stay until the Tuesday.

Spending a weekend in London is very tiring for a toddler and her routine went out of the window, with one of the things that was forgotten being her bottle of milk.

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Crumbs & Pegs

The day we landed with a bump

The sound of her falling is still in my ears. Just thinking of it now makes my heart beat faster and my stomach turn. She didn’t cry out, but the length of time the thuds continued I knew she’d done more than just trip and fall onto her knees as she so often does when hurtling around the house. It was a horrible moment and – like it’s supposed to at moments like this – time slowed down.

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Bod for tea

The spider and the maypole

Bod for tea

I’ve come to realise that DD is not afraid of anything. Nothing. Nada. Not high walls she can fall off, or wasps that can sting her, dogs that look like they’ll tear her arm off, elephants that could stomp on her or spiders. Even huge ones.

Case in point – yesterday when DD woke delicately from her nap with her usual dulcit tone (MUUUUUUMMMMMMY!!!) I noticed that there was a black saucer with legs sitting on the wall next to her cupboard door. The saucer twitched. I tried to ignore it. DD didn’t.

‘Spiiiiiiider!’ she shrieked excitedly. ‘Good moooorning Mr Spider!’
‘Yes Good morning Mr Spider.’
‘Kisssss it!’
‘Errrr… no, perhaps not. I think he wants to be left alone.’

I have no idea at this juncture how it became a male spider, but there we are. Also, notice that it’s morning in the afternoon. It’s morning whenever DD wakes up. Especially when it’s not. Like the middle of the night.

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A Lime Less Ordinary

About Growing up & Grieving

A Lime Less Ordinary

I wrote this in a very emotional minute or two. Today, as I revise it and add a couple of photos I still feel the same but am not sobbing.

So you are now 13 months and 12 days days old. I look at you and I am amazed at the things you can do already. I know they say you shouldn’t but I do compare: I see other babes who aren’t yet climbing stairs up and down by themselves but they might be saying their first words, something you haven’t done yet but are on the way to do.

They say time flies and you should enjoy every day before it’s too late. I tell you something,…

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Tired Mummy of Two

Woohoo My Tombola is now open for entry

Well I have been tormenting you for long enough, I have tweeted a lot and written to more companies that I want to think about. It has paid off and we have some amazing prizes up for grabs. In fact we have … wait for it…190 prizes!!!!

So how do you enter to win one of my amazing prizes?

First fill in the form below. You can select more than one category if you want, you can even choose all of them. Fill in your contact details so that I can contact you if you win and then use the What prize do you want to win the most? field to tell me your top prize if you came out first or even a few prizes you would like to win if you want, you could tell me the ages and gender of your children or if you want something for you, the information in this field will help me choose a prize for you so be as elaborate or as vague as you want.

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Grace Under Pressure

Window on another world

There’s one day every year to which Grace counts down with shiny-eyed fervour. It’s not Christmas, or her birthday, or the start of the summer holidays, though of course all of these are also preceded by repeated questioning and suppressed thrills.

Her anticipation of this year’s event started one day after last year’s event. On that day Grace drifted dreamily past me, trailing her fingers along the furniture, her mind turning on images of the night before. I asked if she was alright: she barely heard me. When I went upstairs later, I found her in the bathroom, gazing into the mirror, her tortoiseshell eyes lit with the amber light of her imaginings. She turned to me and said, as though continuing a conversation started earlier: “… so then, Mummy, next year I can be – ”

Halloween is the night when Grace can just be. She is able to step into the characters she draws with such skill and wit; into the pictures she summons inside her head to fortify herself daily. She can be the person she conceals so fretfully, existing as if behind a torn veil the rest of the year. Halloween is when freaky is cool.

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The Tunbridge Wells Mum

Mums Making A Comeback To The Working World

The Tunbridge Wells Mum

The stage eventually comes for all stay-at-home-mothers when their children don’t quite leave the nest, but certainly find their own independence upon starting school. New friends, growing interests and no doubt a busy extra-curricular social schedule means that ‘mum’ suddenly has some extra time on her hands. This is usually the time that many SAHM’s begin thinking about re-starting their career. But goodness, where on earth to begin, for unless you are happy or able to go back to your past profession, it leaves the somewhat bewildering and daunting question of ‘What do I do now?’…

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Feisty Tapas


Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers hosts The Gallery every week, I had never participated but I do love reading everyone’s posts every week. A couple of weeks ago she announced the theme for this week, Faces, and I immediately knew that I wanted to take part but what photographic face would I choose? First I thought of the faces I miss, faces that have played a big part in my life and that appear in plenty of my photos but that unfortunately are no longer with us. I thought of a particularly special face I lost at the beginning of this year, my grandad’s. I also thought of our happy faces at our wedding, of that ecstatic first photo taken when my baby was born and handed over to me for the first time… I even considered unknown faces that I have photographed in my travels, fantastic faces that hide mysterious stories. Then I looked in the mirror and realised which face I wanted to write about: mine. I am, after all, a woman of many faces.

{Keep reading, this post might just surprise you}

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Mummy from the Heart…

A letter from Mummy about Daddy

Mummy from the Heart...

To my three wonderful and unique children,

I thought I would pen you a little letter, one you can read later on when you are grown up and understand emotions a bit more. When I fell pregnant for the first time I was thrilled and Daddy was thrilled too, we had so wanted to have children. I especially wanted to have a boy first and then a girl afterwards. How blessed were we to receive you JJ, my big intelligent boy and then doubly blessed to get not just one girl but two special little angels.

You know by now what Mummy is like, I am a talker and I say what I mean and what I feel. You regularly hear me tell you I love you and you see it in the things I do. It is easy for me to praise you and remind you each of your wonderful assets and strengths, this all comes natural to me, I grew up with it. Daddy does not find this kind of thing so easy. He grew up differently to you, loved but not in an outwardly expressive way. So he is still learning…

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Having Fun – Spending Less

How Old Is Middle Aged?

Having Fun - Spending Less

I ask this because my ten year old daughter casually referred to me as ‘middle-aged’ the other day. I laughed along…on the outside.

MIDDLE AGED? I’m 31! I blooming hope I’m not middle aged yet!

I sound age-ist, don’t I?

I can see her point I suppose, her concept of ‘forever’ is 10 years and counting, I can see that I must be ancient by those standards.

I asked her for a ‘better’ word to describe me (hoping for something more flattering). “OK, erm, mature…or sensible”.


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That’s the baby game

You know you have a toddler when…

You have an audience whilst going to the toilet …

… and the audience starts poking your bits and laughing

You discover what its like to poo with someone sat on your lap

You find your jumper, straight out of the clean washing pile, has a glamorous smear of snot down it

Hoovering takes super-human strength because there is a small person riding on it

You start reading stories in a ‘Borat’ accent because if you have to listen to yourself read ‘The noisy ninky-nonk’ one more time you will have a mental breakdown!

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Dear Beautiful Boy

My Best Day

Dear Beautiful Boy

The day that he was born
was without doubt one of the best days of my life.
It was also
the most exhausting day of my life,
the most emotional day of my life,
the most physically painful day of my life,
and the most life-changing day of my life.

I think that my husband and I both have some negative feelings
about how things went over the 6th and 7th of February 2011.
It was without doubt the scariest thing we have been through as a couple.
And it didn’t really go the way that either of us expected it to.

Hindsight, in some ways
instead of dulling the fear
makes it stronger.
Because without the rush of adrenaline
that keeps you going at the time,
things looks far scarier on reflection.

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Mummy’s Little Monkey

SENTIMENTAL FOOL (goodbye baby)

Somehow, due to a strange disruption in the space/time continuum, Lil Sis is nearly one year old.
No longer able to ignore the fact she’s not a baby anymore, I’ve been having a big clear out, and it’s been a bit more than a little emotional.
Some of the baby stuff I was happy to see the back of – things that cluttered up my lounge room floor, and got in the way (plus the money I got for selling them on Ebay meant I could buy more lovely new things to fill those empty spaces with!).
But other things have been surprisingly hard to wave goodbye to…

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Mum of One

Ode to a New Mum

You brought your baby home this week.
Your head is all a haze.
You’re not quite sure which way is up.
You haven’t slept in days.

They tell you you should breast-feed,
And show you different ways.
Your boobs are sore, your nipples raw.
You haven’t slept in days.

The house is full of dust-mites.
“Who cares?” the family says.
It makes you sneeze and wee a bit.
You haven’t slept in days.

Your clothes now all have milk-stains.
“You’re fabulous,” HE says.
You appreciate the sentiment,
But haven’t slept in days.

You finally left the house today.
Resumed some normal ways.
Turns out your top was inside out.
You haven’t slept in days.

Today your baby smiled at you.
“It’s wind,” the others say.
But you know best and now don’t care,
If you don’t sleep today.

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I’m only saying what you’re thinking.

It’s not ALL bad (just most of it).

There are some positives to being pregnant (and remember – these are my views, every pregnancy differs). You can burp like a man and blame it on the baby, your boobs get considerably bigger and attract a lot of glances from the opposite sex (although after a while the veins on your boobs resemble a road map, you can see the M25 on mine), when you cry at nothing one minute and scream your head off about nothing the next minute you can say it’s your hormones (you can practically blame everything and anything on your hormones and the baby).

When you first feel the baby move it makes you smile the biggest smile possible (even if you have a black heart like me), the first kick, the first hiccup, even the first jab in the ribs…knowing an actual person is growing inside you makes you so proud (although after the first few rib kicks you forget about being proud and just want to jab the little devil child back).

I’m struggling here, there must be more……er…….

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But why mummy why?

Toilet training done! Finally!!

You know, I don’t want to speak too soon (joke) but I think that after nearly 2 years Noo may have finally got it. Hurrah!

If you haven’t already then you might want to read my post Toilet Training: The Saga to be fully aware of the dramas and pitfalls we have experienced on this very long nightmare journey!

OK, so now that you know the background you will be able to understand the momentous joy, actually make that joy and a huge sense of relief that hub and I are feeling right now!!

Here’s the story…

Noo finished nursery for the summer holidays a few weeks ago and with that came a renewed sense of desperation regarding our toilet training situation. I just wanted to finally be able to get her to use the toilet without holding on until she was fit to bursting , as it was meaning that she would never quite get to the toilet in time. I also knew that properly managing her toddler diarrhoea would help this.

‘Toddler diarrhoea?’ I hear you say, ‘What’s that?’

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A Mummy Too

Pumpkin carving when you’re too young to wield a knife

A Mummy Too

Joel wanted to design his own pumpkin. Now as much as we try to encourage creativity and independence, we weren’t about to let Joel loose with a massive carving knife, so we came up with a compromise.

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