The ‘Royal Mumness’ 09-11-11 Page Three

Not Notting Hill Mum

10 Ways of giving when you have no money

It can be difficult to give money when you may feel you are struggling yourself and I don’t think anyone should feel pressure to give more than they can really afford. I have had cold-callers, wanting money for the organ appeal, almost in tears on the phone by the time I have finished telling them my financial woes.
So, Ten “charitable’ things we can do that cost nothing -financially.
1. When people ask for money in the street, look at them and smile- even if you don’t want to give them money. And if you feel able, speak to them – even if just to say “Sorry I don’t have any money today. Take care of yourself.” Unless they are being abusive or threatening I think we should treat them with some dignity and not look through them
2. Don’t throw away old clothes and toys. If they’re in good condition take them to charity shops – if not put them in a clothes bank. I’m sure most people do this already.
3. Explain to your children that you are collecting for the Christmas fair or charity shop and let them choose something they no longer use to give away.

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Older Mum

No Walk In The Park

Older Mum

I knew that pregnancy wasn’t necessarily going to be easy based upon my previous reactions to the contraceptive pill. I’d had no adverse affect to the pill during my early twenties and took a break from oral contraception until I tried it again on two seperate occasions in my late twenties and early thirties. Both times didn’t go very well as within a week of starting the course I had descended into a tearful depression. Both times I stopped taking the pill immediately and within weeks was feeling much better again. I felt certain I had reacted negatively to the pill. This also made me feel uneasy; as the pill releases the same hormones involved in pregnancy how would I react to the real thing? This worry lay at the back of my mind for years to come. How would I cope with an adverse reaction to pregnancy?

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Mama’s Little Baby Loves…

Wot Yow Dooin? (a very pacific post)

Mama's Little Baby Loves...

I often cringe when I hear people use the word ‘pacifically’. Now, I don’t have a personal vendetta against this word in particular, in fact it would be ironic if I did, as I believe it means to do something peaceably or in a peaceable manner. What I dislike so much about pacifically is that more often than not the person using it actually intends to use the word SPECIFICALLY…

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Trouble Doubled

Being a big sister to multiples

When we decided that a third child would be a good idea (!) we thought so very little about the effects it would have on our older two girls. After all, if any parents thought too much about how subsequent siblings would put out the older ones, then there would be less children born to the world, and possibly many more ‘only’ children. The fact is that it is our situation in the sibling order that makes us the people we become, and there are advantages and disadvantages to being an only, an eldest, a middle, or a youngest. Best not to worry too much and just get on with it.

When we found out that our girls’ newest sibling would in fact be twins, and two girls at that, we were too much in shock and concentrating on being prepared for the bumper arrival that we didn’t really think how much being a big sister to twins would shape our girls’ individual life experiences.

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Little Lilypad Co

An ode to the beautiful growing baby

This is an ode to my unborn baby,
now I appreciate that this may sound a little crazy,
but those who know me will appreciate my cause,
those who dont, apologies for the lack of a pause,

A new baby is a gift of happiness and joy,
Whatever the flavour, be it a girl or a boy,
With a growing waistline and glamorous belly band,
I have had to admit to needing a helping hand

At first I thought it was because I had aged another 6 years,
but when the aches in my hips nearly brought me to tears,
I decided to take some remedial action,
To give the control freak inside a little satisfaction

At first I tried antenatal yoga to ease the pain,
But after being stuck on the floor, it was still the same,
I am generally fairly tolerant of the odd niggle,
But this pain is going beyond a giggle

So the midwife referred me for pregnancy physio
And my other half encouraged me to go
So there I was with 5 other women walking like Elvis,
All of us having severe problems with our pelvis,

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Dear Beautiful Boy

Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming

And there is definitely something about the innocence of babies,
the purity,
the trust,
the completely clean slate that they are,
that makes you want everything to be fresh and new.
They put everything into perspective.
They make the world seem small.

Things that mattered before, don’t.
But by the same token
things that scared you before, are now absolutely terrifying.

Having the little guy
and becoming a mummy
has definitely put my life into perspective.

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Red Rose Mummy

10 Things that Bud and I Have Learned This Week…

1. That it is no fun when both Bud and I are ill at the same time. We have a matching hacking cough that Bud is dealing with much better than I am. Mine is worse, in my defence.

2. That there is only a certain number of times that I can play the Party Rock Anthem in a day before it starts to drive me a little insane. This is Bud’s absolute favourite song at the moment and the torture of having it on repeat is worth it to see him dancing to it.

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RillyRoos – Rillyness of the Roo

A Day in the life of a Mum of 6

RillyRoos - Rillyness of the Roo

5.00 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS
5.30 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS
6.00 – 4 starts to shout “MUUUUUUUUM Can I go for a weeeeeeeee” No point ignoring her. It only gets louder if I do. So I get up and tell her to go, but go quietly
6.05 – back into bed. 4 has already woken 3 up, but its OK they are just reading books in bed and playing quietly.
6.40 – 6 wakes up again, but as seen as 3, 4 & 5 are now awake. Its time to start the day.
6.50 – Priorities people… Laptop goes on. Windows eBay, Facebook, Twitter & Blog are opened up. 1st we deal with any eBay questions in the night, only 1 this morning. Check sales. Then onto the fun stuff for a few minutes.

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Here come the girls

The Rise of the Mummy Blogger

Here come the girls

Five months ago I had never heard the phrase “mummy blogger”. I knew people wrote blogs, had stumbled across a few through Google and heard about bloggers getting book deals in the news. I watched Julie and Julia, a film about a cookery blogger although that was mainly because it starred my favourite girl-crush Amy Adams but the blogging side didn’t really have an impact on me. I fell in to writing a blog and for the past few months have just sort of done it without really thinking much about why or where it might be going.
A number of things have happened in the last week which have made me question how I was blogging and what I hope to achieve. Last week the blogosphere (Is that a real word or have I made it up?) was filled with controversy and heated debate about just what it means to be a mummy blogger. Lines were drawn, lines were crossed, sides were chosen, territory was staked, bloggers were staked. Or maybe not.

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How Clean Is Your House?

If the shelves are dusty and the pots don’t shine,
it’s because I have better things to do with my time.
~Author Unknown

As some of to may know from my housework rant the other week, it’s not a job I particularly enjoy doing. Its probably not a job very many of us love is it? I do get a sense of satisfaction once I have done it and I can see the results and smell the cleaning products I have used as I walk into a room – this does make me feel pleased with my efforts. However, as we all know such pleasure soon turns to frustration when within a few moments of having a toddler and / or his daddy reappear on the scene, total chaos resumes and everything is turned out onto the floor, and items are left on window sills or the dining room table or the kitchen counter etc..

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Mallorca Mum on the Run!

Dealing with a sick Toddler

Mallorca Mum on the Run!

I was very worried about dealing with a sick toddler. I googled everything I could about sickness bugs in toddlers and posted on every baby site I was a member of on Facebook and got some very good advice, which I think it is only right to share. The most important thing is to stop them from getting dehydrated as it can occur very suddenly in infants and toddlers and become very serious, very quickly. In between vomiting I made sure that she had a drink of water and kept offering water to her when ever I could (she decided that she would only drink iced water out of the glass that I was currently using, but anyway to get it in her was fine by me!) I was advised by the health visitor that if she was hungry to let her eat (she did have a piece of bread at about 7.30pm) and it was probably just a viral thing that had to run itself out of her system . If she had a temperature, to give paracetamol or ibuprofen for kids and if it continued for more than 48 hours, get her checked out by a doctor….

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Stories About Orange Children

My eldest son said that he was white the other day. He has said it to me before, but it never stops me from panicking about so many different things all at the same time: has he rejected his ‘black side’; do we visit my partners family enough; has someone said something to him at school; is the area we live in suitable for mixed-race children to grow up in; should we move?! After about five minutes, I generally calm down and start to think logically (i.e. that he is only four!). I had shown my son a picture in a magazine of a young mixed-race boy (brown skin, brown eyes, hair in cornrows) and a white boy (blond/brown hair, blue eyes, slight tan) and asked him who he felt he looked most like. He had pointed to the white boy.

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Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife

Bonfire Magic with Country Kids

Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife

We had a lovely Bonfire Party here at Coombe Mill today. The evening began with a BBQ in the car park while the sun went down and the children played, then moved to the front lawn for a ceremonial effigy burning – The EU came in for the smoke this year, headed by Guy Fawkes on his horse! Farmer Nick then turned out a magnificent firework display for all the children.

Bonfire Party highlights captured on Video for Country Kids

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Toilet humour

What is it with toddlers and their fascination with finding everything poo or wee related funny or is it just mine?

We are a little wee and poo obsessed in my house at the moment as I have all three using the potty! There is constant praise and now all three will applaud each other when one is done. It however does not stop there, we have poo heads, poo pies, and yesterday I was shocked to hear Noah say let’s have a squirt fight, to which Little Madam attempted to hold her pretend willy and pee like a boy!

I hope I am not the only one who has experienced embarrassing toilet antics but here are some of mine for you.

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Boo and Me

Forget The Jigsaw Puzzle, I’m In Love

Boo and Me

The way I am feeling at the moment does not translate well into writing. Not because it’s not interesting or in fact, a HUGE deal, but because I can’t allow myself to think about it too much. Not long enough to write a coherent paragraph anyway.

You see, I feel fine.

I don’t know what it is – I honestly can’t put my finger on what has changed in my mindset or why I feel fine. And that is mainly because I won’t allow myself to.

Right now I’m not only making it through each day but I am making it through each day with a smile on my face.

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Hazel Nuts

Naughty Rendezvous – new rubenesque title by Victoria Blisse

Hazel Nuts

To me sexiness is a state of mind, not a dress size but it took me a long time to work that out! That’s why we created the Ultimate Curves erotic romance range which celebrates curvy girls and the people who love them.

Victoria Blisse is a excellent writer who specializes in writing rubenesque erotica. Her latest book Naughty Rendezvous, has just got a fantastic 5 out of 5 review.

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The benefits of wooden toys


Hello all!

Bake and Decorate Cupcake SetThis week I thought I’d take a closer look at some of our toys and you’ll notice that many are wooden toys. This isn’t just because the they look good (though they do!) but because there are many benefits to playing with wooden toys.

Firstly, wooden toys are beautifully crafted and durable – the very best can be handed down from generation to generation. And as they are much harder to break than plastic toys, their playing shelf life happily extends through several children (and their friends!)

Construction vehicleThere is also something wonderfully warm about wood, being an organic, tactile, natural material. No one could ever …

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But why mummy why?

Changing Tracks: Fix You by Coldplay

When my husband and I were dating we went to see Coldplay on their arena tour for the album X & Y. We had a fantastic night, despite having to stand for hours in the cold and rain. The most memorable part of the night was when they played Fix You. We were lucky enough to be there on the night that they were filming for the video!
It was one of those moments that I will remember for the rest of my life. A goosebumps moment. It was just so epic, the song, the pyrotechnics, the atmosphere, everything. I remember turning around and looking at Butwhydaddywhy with tears in my eyes and a big grin on my face. In that moment I was so happy.

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