The ‘Royal Mumness’ 09-11-11 Page Two


Blogging my way back


A couple of months ago I wrote about how I felt like I wasn’t coping very well since having Shine. Writing the post was actually the catalyst for getting back to my old self. I went to see my GP and as he asked why I was there I started to say I felt like I was kind of losing my way. My throat seized up. I felt like I had a mouthful of sawdust all of a sudden. My eyes were burning with hot tears and I could feel heat radiating from my neck and chest. Why is it so hard to ask for help and admit to having a tough time?

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Mummy Plum

Getting my Groove Back with a Piece of Cotton Thread

Mummy Plum

There comes a time in a woman’s life when you stare into the mirror, and have the dreaded realisation that hair is growing in places you wish it wouldn’t. In my case, the upper lip. We all have different approaches to beauty and ‘maintenance’; each to their own. On a personal note, for me, hair on the top lip is a big No No ( or rather, NO! NO!!!). I do not want to be known as ‘Hairy Mother.’ I do not want to talk with my hand over my mouth, suffering with hairy lip paranoia; it’s a completely ridiculous way for a mother to behave. Thus, the only option is removal.

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Cafe Bebe

The one in which a little girl finally becomes a big girl

Cafe Bebe

Ella is nearly 3 1/2 years old. She is the light of my life and a joy to behold 99.9% of the time. Ella has been a bit of a star in the development stakes from birth(I know, I’m her mother, what else am I going to say). Ella’s always been very bright and verbal and has sailed through the developmental milestones well ahead of schedule. She’s rarely been poorly and we have yet to make a trip to A&E for anything. These are good things, I believe.

Back in September of 2010, Ella was still in pullup nappies but definitely knew what she was doing and when and would even go hide behind the couch when she was doing a poo in her nappy. I decided that it was time to introduce potty training. Ella was 2 years 3 months at that time. We got a “My Carry Potty” to introduce the concept, bought pretty pants and talked about potty training. Once we (actually, me) were properly serious about this potty training business, Ella was potty trained within 7-8 days. We had the odd accident but for all intents and purposes, Ella was potty trained. Except for the poo.

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South of the River Mum

Christmas Art Activity: Making Your Own Advent Calendar

South of the River Mum

This weekend, 8yo and I set about our first Christmas activity, making advent calenders. I used to do this years ago when I was at boarding school. If you wanted to give an advent calendar to your Cracks or Crush (this is when you choose an older girl in your house and make fold down their bed each night and changes their sheets and they come and visit you before bed and give you sweets) you had to make one. I got quite good at this as I’d make about 5 each November.

8yo has been learning in DT how to make pop-up books and I thought making an advent calender would be a perfect Sunday morning activity. I was right. Both 8yo and I have had a wonderful time getting creative and festive (after all we’ve had bonfire night).

This is how we did it.

Step one:
Take two pieces of paper or card.

Step two:
Mark out your squares in different sizes (or different shapes if you are feeling confident) on the bottom sheet. These are going the be the squares that you see when you open the calendar.

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That’s the baby game

Toddler tip of the day

That's the baby game

This Halloween, I am not in costume, I have no fake blood streaked over my face and no make-up, but I assure you, my appearance is quite terrifying.
I sit here with my hair on end, deep black circles under my eyes, and an expression on my face that could cause The Hulk himself to cower in fear.
For this Halloween, I am myself …

… Sleep-deprived-mother-of-teething-toddler.

The last couple of days, my beautiful, charming, funny little girl has been replaced (possessed, if you will) with a little monster that screams, hits, moans, whines and does not take NO for an answer.

I. am. exhausted.

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Crazy Daisy Mum Of Two

When did you become so grown up…..

Crazy Daisy Mum Of Two

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already where has the time flown too…
Well this week kicked off with Madison bringing home her first school photos, she was so excited to get home and show me that it was the quickest we have got from school to home ever.
She built the photo showing part up tremendously and I could hardly wait …. then “mummy you wont believe how grown up I look “. Wow! i was not expecting this comment from my 4 year old, it took me by surprise if I’m honest and I did take in the moment for a few seconds, before Jasper proceeded to grab my glasses off of my face. ( our latest great game). The photo was as she said her looking extremely grown up. I can’t help but wonder where the last 4 years have gone and that my little girl is well…… not so little any more .

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Love In The Nest

10 Questions about ME!

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be and why?
That’s a tricky one. I don’t think I’d want to be anyone else for a day actually… Because if I was them I’d never remember it once the day was over would I? And anything I bought with all their money etc would be left behind? So would be a wasted day? Or am I over thinking it? Hah!
Okay, I think I’d like to be……….

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The Good Parent Guide

How Effective Is Time Out

Very – If used consistently – Here are a few pointers on the use of Time Out.

1. Time Out Area – choose an area where it is convenient to use and where your child doesn’t go for a significant task such as to sleep or to eat. This way you are not associating an area where you want them to be relaxed and calm with negative thoughts. We use the bottom step of our stairs in the hallway, other suggestions can be;
■A specific rug
■A particular stool / chair
■A corner of the livingroom away from distraction

This will depend on your accomodation as to where you make your time out spot, however it should be the same place everytime (unless you are not at home of course).

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You’re not from round here.

Women! Know your place.

You're not from round here.

We are our own worst enemy. Fact. Why are parents (and mums in particular) so precious and determined that their way is the right way to bring up children? Why do we judge others poorly if they don’t do things the same way that we do, or if they don’t follow specific guidelines about their child?

We are bombarded with information when we have children. There are so many studies, reports, inquiries and research done with hand-picked statistics specifically chosen to back up the outcome which was wanted all along. If we saw all the statistics, I reckon you could chose an outcome to suit your view on life, rather than the response that the company has come up with.

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Chatty Baby

Top 5 Celebrities I’d Like To Have A Milk With

Chatty Baby

So, here are the five people I would most like to have a milk with:
Paddington Bear
How cool would that be?! He’s so well-travelled, coming from Deepest, Darkest Peru, and he knows what he likes (marmalade sandwiches, for the uninitiated amongst you).

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The Princess and The Pickle

The Wardroble

The Princess and The Pickle

It was late one evening and I misspelt the word ‘wardrobe’ (I can’t remember why I was writing about wardrobes) and instead wrote ‘wardroble’. I asked my husband if he had heard of a ‘wardroble’ and he replied:

“I believe a ‘wardroble’ is a creature that can usually be found within wardrobes. They are shy in nature but have a particular affection for carrots dipped in honey. Though cute to look at, it should be warned that should you take away their food, they can bite.”

And so the Wardroble was born…

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Romanian Mum in London

My take on C-Section

When I heard the news regarding the C-section I was a bit puzzled as I did not expect this to happen in UK.
They are saying the cost will be huge and that this will change the way NHS will work. I am sure of one thing! It will be a big change of course! For someone who had to have an emergency C-section after 44 hours of complete agony I think that this is a good step forward. They only considered me on establish labour only for 24 hours and they insisted that my hips are wide enough to have a natural birth-they already knew that my baby was quite big at 9lbs 11(4.430 kg). At least when boogie was in danger they decided that it was time for a c-section and they had to act fast. Thanks GOD they did! My boogie is now a healthy child now and hopefully she will have a life full of happiness.

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Not Notting Hill Mum

10 Ways of giving when you have no money

It can be difficult to give money when you may feel you are struggling yourself and I don’t think anyone should feel pressure to give more than they can really afford. I have had cold-callers, wanting money for the organ appeal, almost in tears on the phone by the time I have finished telling them my financial woes.
So, Ten “charitable’ things we can do that cost nothing -financially.
1. When people ask for money in the street, look at them and smile- even if you don’t want to give them money. And if you feel able, speak to them – even if just to say “Sorry I don’t have any money today. Take care of yourself.” Unless they are being abusive or threatening I think we should treat them with some dignity and not look through them
2. Don’t throw away old clothes and toys. If they’re in good condition take them to charity shops – if not put them in a clothes bank. I’m sure most people do this already.
3. Explain to your children that you are collecting for the Christmas fair or charity shop and let them choose something they no longer use to give away.

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Older Mum

No Walk In The Park

Older Mum

I knew that pregnancy wasn’t necessarily going to be easy based upon my previous reactions to the contraceptive pill. I’d had no adverse affect to the pill during my early twenties and took a break from oral contraception until I tried it again on two seperate occasions in my late twenties and early thirties. Both times didn’t go very well as within a week of starting the course I had descended into a tearful depression. Both times I stopped taking the pill immediately and within weeks was feeling much better again. I felt certain I had reacted negatively to the pill. This also made me feel uneasy; as the pill releases the same hormones involved in pregnancy how would I react to the real thing? This worry lay at the back of my mind for years to come. How would I cope with an adverse reaction to pregnancy?

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Mama’s Little Baby Loves…

Wot Yow Dooin? (a very pacific post)

Mama's Little Baby Loves...

I often cringe when I hear people use the word ‘pacifically’. Now, I don’t have a personal vendetta against this word in particular, in fact it would be ironic if I did, as I believe it means to do something peaceably or in a peaceable manner. What I dislike so much about pacifically is that more often than not the person using it actually intends to use the word SPECIFICALLY…

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Trouble Doubled

Being a big sister to multiples

When we decided that a third child would be a good idea (!) we thought so very little about the effects it would have on our older two girls. After all, if any parents thought too much about how subsequent siblings would put out the older ones, then there would be less children born to the world, and possibly many more ‘only’ children. The fact is that it is our situation in the sibling order that makes us the people we become, and there are advantages and disadvantages to being an only, an eldest, a middle, or a youngest. Best not to worry too much and just get on with it.

When we found out that our girls’ newest sibling would in fact be twins, and two girls at that, we were too much in shock and concentrating on being prepared for the bumper arrival that we didn’t really think how much being a big sister to twins would shape our girls’ individual life experiences.

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Little Lilypad Co

An ode to the beautiful growing baby

This is an ode to my unborn baby,
now I appreciate that this may sound a little crazy,
but those who know me will appreciate my cause,
those who dont, apologies for the lack of a pause,

A new baby is a gift of happiness and joy,
Whatever the flavour, be it a girl or a boy,
With a growing waistline and glamorous belly band,
I have had to admit to needing a helping hand

At first I thought it was because I had aged another 6 years,
but when the aches in my hips nearly brought me to tears,
I decided to take some remedial action,
To give the control freak inside a little satisfaction

At first I tried antenatal yoga to ease the pain,
But after being stuck on the floor, it was still the same,
I am generally fairly tolerant of the odd niggle,
But this pain is going beyond a giggle

So the midwife referred me for pregnancy physio
And my other half encouraged me to go
So there I was with 5 other women walking like Elvis,
All of us having severe problems with our pelvis,

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Dear Beautiful Boy

Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming

And there is definitely something about the innocence of babies,
the purity,
the trust,
the completely clean slate that they are,
that makes you want everything to be fresh and new.
They put everything into perspective.
They make the world seem small.

Things that mattered before, don’t.
But by the same token
things that scared you before, are now absolutely terrifying.

Having the little guy
and becoming a mummy
has definitely put my life into perspective.

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Red Rose Mummy

10 Things that Bud and I Have Learned This Week…

1. That it is no fun when both Bud and I are ill at the same time. We have a matching hacking cough that Bud is dealing with much better than I am. Mine is worse, in my defence.

2. That there is only a certain number of times that I can play the Party Rock Anthem in a day before it starts to drive me a little insane. This is Bud’s absolute favourite song at the moment and the torture of having it on repeat is worth it to see him dancing to it.

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RillyRoos – Rillyness of the Roo

A Day in the life of a Mum of 6

RillyRoos - Rillyness of the Roo

5.00 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS
5.30 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS
6.00 – 4 starts to shout “MUUUUUUUUM Can I go for a weeeeeeeee” No point ignoring her. It only gets louder if I do. So I get up and tell her to go, but go quietly
6.05 – back into bed. 4 has already woken 3 up, but its OK they are just reading books in bed and playing quietly.
6.40 – 6 wakes up again, but as seen as 3, 4 & 5 are now awake. Its time to start the day.
6.50 – Priorities people… Laptop goes on. Windows eBay, Facebook, Twitter & Blog are opened up. 1st we deal with any eBay questions in the night, only 1 this morning. Check sales. Then onto the fun stuff for a few minutes.

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