Introducing the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ !

Introducing the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ award ! A little bit of kudos for one deserving newer blogger each week…

Next week begins the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ award. All you have to do is submit an excerpt , then when the Weekly Showcase is published leave a comment on the Showcase post with the name of your favourite post from the weeks showcased list ! Who ever has the most ‘votes / comments’ by the Friday at 8am will be awarded the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’!

If you are the Bloggers Blogger Of The Week you’ll get the ‘badge’ to display on your blog for the following week – and also you’ll will be featured in the following weeks Weekly Showcase post with a little write up. This write up will include bits and bobs about you, how long your blogs been running and why you love blogging. You can also include links to 3 posts that you have written that you are most proud of !


10 comments on “Introducing the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ !

  1. catparrott says:

    Another great idea but cripes woman, you’re going to be busy! X

  2. In complete agreement with catparrott, but well done.

  3. God you’re good at this! Move over Britmums, Mammasaurus takes over the world!

    • Mammasaurus says:

      I bet BritMums don’t sit there with a coffee in front of them, memory card in one hand and ginger biscuit in the other then proceed to dunk the memory car into the coffee before going to eat it though…
      Nope – moments like that are reserved for muppets like me !
      In my defence though at least I didn’t try and ram the biccy into my laptop…

  4. emmysmummy says:

    You have been busy, fantastic! Love this

  5. wow, when do you get to sleep woman, personally nit so sure Im liking this idea, but thats just me…dont write posts to be judged on, write them cos they feel right to do at the time…but good luck all

    • ps love the wee logo picture thing

      • Mammasaurus says:

        Do you know i did think that too after moaning about Klout and Tots100 grading us too. But I did want to highlight a newer blogger every week – but I didn’t want it to look like I had ‘favourites’ and wasn’t quite sure I could pick just one so this is my easy way out !

        Thank you very much though for the feedback – it all helps x

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