The Love Blogs Team

Love Cookery Blogs -?

We are looking for a cookery blogger to help with Love Cookery Blogs. This would involve helping run the @LoveCookeryBlogs Twitter account and writing a short introduction to The Weekly Showcase.

Interested? Please get in touch @MammasaurusBlog  /

Love Craft Blogs- Red Ted Art

Maggy Woodley is an Austrian mum of two living in the UK and married to a Brit. She started her craft blog Red Ted Art in order to share her craft ideas for both children and adults – hoping to inspire others to “have a go” and “have fun” with their children or to discover new crafts and ideas for themselves. Passionate about crafts, she feels that crafting is something for all and that everyone can have a go! Her weekly How To s are aimed to be “easy to follow” and inspirational for both adults and teens, whilst her kids craft aim to please toddlers – 10yrs olds! She also write at The Good Life Bloggers about all things in Life that are Good.

Love Dad Blogs – SAHDandProud

I’m a 39 year old Stay-At-Home Dad (SAHD) with two amazing children under 3. I’m not a writer, I’m not a journalist. I’m a Dad and a Husband and I hope I’m doing well at both. Sometimes I’m not sure.I can be grumpy.I suffer from depression. I love what I do. I have fun with my kids. Sometimes I hate what I do. Sometimes I feel lonely. My children’s well-being is more important to me than my own. All in all, I’m a fairly normal parent. I’m told I’m not a normal person but I’m working on that one. My wife, the esteemed Dr B, and my kids, T and K, are all helping to shape me into the person I’ve always wanted to be.
I’ve been asked to look after NewDadBlogs and its an honour to do so. There are so many amazing Dad bloggers out there who fill me with inspiration and who also intimidate the hell out of me. Talented bastards all and I want to be them when I grow up. This is their forum. A way of promoting the very great and amazingly good. And so, in the words of someone truly tremendous, ‘enough of my yakkin’ whaddaya say, lets boogie!’

Love Mummy Blogs – Actually Mummy

Hi, I’m Helen from Actually Mummy… I am so excited to be on the Love Blogs team and look forward to meeting you all in the showcases. I have been blogging about my children since March 2011. I started a diary when my daughter was born, and for some bizarre reason it sounded better coming from her than from me – it still does today! 7-year-old GG is loquacious, garrulous, verbose – any words you can think of for ‘talks too much’ really! The Bug is her cheeky younger brother. Together they inspire me to write, tweet, explore and everything else, actually….!

Love Photo Blogs –Sonia Thorpe

My name is Sonia & I have three gorgeous kids Liam age 15, Maisie age 5 & Maxwell age 1.
I live in Nottingham with my other half James and I run my own photography business Sonia Thorpe Photography.
In my “Spare time” I am a Mummy Blogger at Mummy Loves . I love blogging and social networking for personal and business reasons! There is a wonderful blogging community out there and it is awesome to be part of it :O)

Love New Blogs – Mammasaurus

RAWR I’m Mammasaurus, Evil Mastermind of Love Blogs MWHAHAHAAA! Actually I’m really Annie, mother of 8, wife of 1, lover of gin… I write stuff, I draw stuff. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s nonsense and on the odd occasion it’s sad and thought provoking – but if I had to sum it up in word that word would be ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’. Make of that what you will.
I love blogs but finding new ones is my passion, I write ‘Newbie Tuesday’ over on BritMums. I run Love New Blogs and the Love Blogs Group, but I could not do any of it without the help and support of this team of Superhero’s that you see here.


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