The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop

Writing about your personal experiences of mental health is not only empowering and therapeutic for you but also an invaluable source of inspiration and support for those reading.To show our support of Ruby Wax’s recently launched mental health social network Black Dog Tribe, Love Mental Health is inviting bloggers to link up every single mental health post they have written – covering anything from depression to PND to eating disorders and anything in-between.

Black Dog Tribe promotes people talking – and writing – about mental health issues and personal experiences, helping people help themselves. The aim of
The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop is to show just how many people have been affected and have found comfort through blogging about their experiences.

Please join in via the Linky list below – all entries to the Linky List will also be listed on this page underneath to make is easy for folk to find them – please show your support !

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My journey down the rabbit hole c/o Medicated Follower of Fashion

An open message to PPD (aka PND) c/o Not Just the Blues

Glimpses of Hope c/o Not Just the Blues

My PPD – Not as seen on TV c/o Not Just the Blues

I missed my connection c/o Not Just the Blues

Warrior Mom in Training c/o Not Just the Blues

Taking out the garbage c/o Not Just the Blues

Do something that makes a difference… c/o Expatlogue

The thing with depression c/o

Desperation in the City of Dreaming Spires c/o Expatlogue

Life in Pink Pyjamas c/o Life in Pink Pyjamas

Coming sonn…Breaking the code of silence c/o Expatlogue

An Interview With My Husband c/o Mums Help Mums Network

The Priory c/o Mums Help Mums Network

Breakdown c/o Mums Help Mums Network

I’m Fine c/o Mums Help Mums Network

A Blank Page, A New Day… c/o Autonomous Education

Coming out of the fog and finding a smile c/o Nearly Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Mental Health Carnival: Stroking the Black Dog c/o In a bun dance

You’re Beautiful Week 4 c/o Cheetahs in my Shoes

Sweet Cranberries and an amazing father xo c/o The Communal Pantry

Not Just a Parent c/o Smile and the world with smile with you, sparkle and they will smile at you

That’s Not Normal c/o I Want My Mummy

Crazy Curly Mum c/o Curly Mum

Mums Help Mums c/o Mums Help Mums Network

Perhaps… c/o Medicated Follower of Fashion

Un-medicated follower of fashion? c/o Medicated Follower of Fashion

A scale of sanity c/o I Want My Mummy

A letter  c/o Older Mum (in a muddle)

No walk in the park c/o Older Mum (in a muddle)

PND: My Story c/o DorkyMum

Mental Health c/o Random Ramblings of a SAHM

A devil, an angel and a mummy c/o I Want My Mummy

Barely surviving c/o I Want My Mummy

And so it’s hold becomes stronger c/o I Want My Mummy

I am so angry c/o I Want My Mummy

I miss my baby c/o I Want My Mummy

The hardest thing to be honest about c/o I Want My Mummy

You ungrateful bitch c/o I Want My Mummy

Tears and Auld Lang Syne c/o I Want My Mummy

I’m so sorry c/o I Want My Mummy

No more lies c/o I Want My Mummy

Effects and escapes c/o I Want My Mummy

Raw edges c/o I Want My Mummy

Bitter and twisted c/o I Want My Mummy

Dead end c/o I Want My Mummy

66 minutes c/o I Want My Mummy

Why I am a bad mum and a worse wife c/o I Want My Mummy

You can’t choose, you are chosen c/o I Want My Mummy

Laid Bare c/o I Want My Mummy

Two huge problems c/o I Want My Mummy

Depression, despair and defence c/o I Want My Mummy

Forget the jigsaw puzzle, I’m in love c/o I Want My Mummy

Stop. I want to get off c/o I Want My Mummy

The hardest lesson was all for nothing c/o I Want My Mummy

Like a bitch wading through treacle c/o I Want My Mummy

Thank you mystery new doctor c/o I Want My Mummy

She’s gone c/o I Want My Mummy

Scary thoughts and a spinning head c/o I Want My Mummy

Thanks. But really you shouldn’t have. My anti-depressant story c/o I Want My Mummy

A mini breakthrough c/o I Want My Mummy

Designer Shoes and panic attacks c/o I Want My Mummy

The drug’s don’t work c/o I Want My Mummy

When you need armour but have to make do with a pillow c/o I Want My Mummy

It’s all my fault c/o I Want My Mummy

Never stopping full of nothing c/o I Want My Mummy

I miss you reality c/o I Want My Mummy

I’m angry c/o I Want My Mummy

On a scale of 1-3… c/o I Want My Mummy

I spoke too soon c/o I Want My Mummy

We avoided disaster c/o I Want My Mummy

The making not the breakingc/o I Want My Mummy

All by myself c/o I Want My Mummy

Well there’s a surprise… c/o I Want My Mummy

I want to slam a door c/o I Want My Mummy

Missing Memories c/o I Want My Mummy

I COULD JUST GO…  c/o I Want My Mummy

A Flashback to a new start c/o I Want My Mummy

Post-natal depression – The Day I Lost My Mind c/o Cupcake Mumma

Preparing for the future c/o ProjectChantelle

The Intruder c/o Expatlogue

Safe Place… 19/366 c/o Softthistle

My story c/o ExpatBabyAdventures

Darkness c/o ExpatBabyAdventures

Forgetting Important Dates c/o ExpatBabyAdventures

Depression c/o Bringing up Charlie

Post-natal Anxiety c/o That’s the Baby Game

Baby blues or something darker? c/o CrankyMonkeys in London

You’re Beautiful – Week Three c/o Cheetahs in my Shoes

You’re Beautiful – Week Two c/o Cheetahs in my Shoes

You’re Beautiful c/o Cheetahs in my Shoes

Glittering Images c/o Cheetahs in my Shoes

A Labour of Love c/o Smile and the world with smile with you, sparkle and they will smile at you

Of blood and other matters c/o A Hell Of A Woman

Call it what you want c/o Romanian Mum

Meeting Katrina c/o Romanian Mum

About me and new hope c/o Romanian Mum

Black Dog Tribe – My Contribution c/o Romanian Mum

Loo loo land or something like that! c/o Romanian Mum

Black Dog Tribe – for all us normal people c/o Mother.Wife.Me

Pink Pyjamas… c/o Life in Pink Pyjamas

Anxiety and disordered eating c/o Tweeting Instead of Eating

Sanity is the destination, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in c/o Tuckies Tales

Who stole my cheese? c/o Tuckies Tales

Stiff Upper Lip c/o Tuckies Tales

“Hello, my name is Alex and I get angry sometimes…” c/o Medicated Follower of Fashion

Something BIG c/o I Want My Mummy

Shine a light into the darkness c/o Dippyman

Slowly Slowly The Cloud Is Lifting c/o PurpleMum

Mind Numbing Music Class c/o PurpleMum

Waking Up In Hospital c/o PurpleMum

The Fat Pill?  c/o PurpleMum

I think I may be developing OCD c/o PurpleMum

Mental illness: hilarious, eh? c/o Dippyman

Anti-depressants: friend or foe? c/o Dippyman

Why a nutty pop-star is my idea of a real man c/o Dippyman

New year, new start? c/o Dippyman

Tired of insomnia c/o Dippyman

Can brains explode? c/o Dippyman

Upgrade your thinking to colour  c/o Dippyman

A panto tale of self-esteem versus depression c/o Dippyman

Extreme worrying: not for the faint hearted c/o Dippyman

Stress, depression and Star Wars c/o Dippyman

A year on… and NOW I can’t cope? c/o Mum of One

Mood over matter: when depression strikes c/o Dippyman

Blogging… The New Self Help c/o Inside the Wendy House

Scared? Try utterly terrified c/o SAHDandProud

Self-Harm…My Dark Secret c/o Inside the Wendy House

A carer’s cry for help: The reality of living with someone with mental distress c/o Typecast

Dealing with the Darkness c/o Mum’s The Word

Letting the Light in! c/o Mum’s The Word

The Fear c/o Mum’s The Word

God Help Me… c/o Not Even a Bag of Sugar

Memories and Flashbacks – What’s the difference? c/o Not Even a Bag of Sugar

Life Insurance c/o Typecast

What’s the difference – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder v Post Natal Depression c/o Not Even a Bag of Sugar

I was, I am, I will be c/o I need curtains for the windows in my head

Can blogging help you cope with depression? c/o Black Dog Tribe

The End. Final words and a Linky c/o Mammasaurus

When I left my children c/o Mammasaurus

And then my father died… c/o Mammasaurus

Pulled from beneath the rug of shame for a jolly good beating c/o Mammasaurus

Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land c/o Mammasaurus

The Day a Police Helicopter found me c/o Mammasaurus

“You have 8 kids but only 2 are living with you – why?” – abandoning you children in the name of self preservation c/o Mammasaurus

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 You can also tweet support to @followBDT.

If you are interested in reading more Mental Health posts we run a Weekly Showcase for Mental Health posts here on Love All blogs. you can find it here.

We also have a private community network which has an active  Love Mental Health Group where you can find other non-judgemental folk who blog about Mental Health, you can join the private community here.


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